FPD Chapter 257

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Going to Dinner (1)


The trip to the other world ended with a satisfactory result.

Not only I did advance my relationship with Evelyn, but I also got valuable information about the immortal behind the dark seeds.

Mainly, I got a general idea about the laws he is proficient in,

starting by the fact that he is not very good at space-related laws, or at least when it comes to the aspects of space related to teleportation and movement.

How do I know? Simple. By the fact that he did not chase after us after we left that world, and by the fact that his true body did not arrive immediately after he discovered us.

It doesn’t mean that he is completely incapable of teleportation. If I’m not wrong, he must be able to use some kind of instant movement skill, but it’s limited to smaller distances. In fact, he probably needs to make ample preparations to move between worlds.

Moreover, if I’m not wrong, he is busy with something in that world. Most probably, he is studying that world’s destruction.

Yes, that is the reason why he destroyed it.

When I clashed with his avatar, I got a brief grasp of the laws he wields. It’s a mix of time, space, and energy laws. If I must give his laws a name, it would be [Destruction].

Plus, he also understands another set of laws that grants him his inhuman regeneration. I’m not sure about what kind of law it is, but it’s very powerful. The fact that he managed to regenerate his avatar so quickly even after I cut it into pieces is proof of that.

Hell, I bet his path to immortality is related to that monstrous vitality of his.

Lastly, he has a bit of understanding about soul laws, as shown by the dark seed he used to create the avatar. After seeing that, I think I got an idea about what he is planning to do in our world with these seeds.

On my side, I only showed him my [Reality Render], which is a purely a manifestation of space laws. As for the most important soul laws, I managed to keep them hidden.

Unfortunately, I can’t know how much of his laws he showed during our fight and how much he hid.

I shook my head, now is not the time to think about that.

I looked at my reflection in the mirror with a smile. Behind me, Daisy was tidying my clothes gently.

“It’s done, your highness.” Daisy observed my appearance with a smile. “You are ready to go to meet the parents.”

I smiled wryly. “I doubt my clothes help to change their impression of me.”

“Your highness, be positive. How bad can the dinner with your in-laws to be?”

Well, when your in-laws are the enemies of your family, very bad.

Yes, I’m currently getting ready to visit Louise’s parents.

Today is Sunday, and tomorrow is the expedition the institute organized. As I promised Louise, I’m going to have dinner with her family today.

I’m not exaggerating when I say that there is a non-zero probability of Earl Carson poisoning my food.

Not like that can kill me though.

Plus, the fact that my father-in-law hates me makes things much more interesting. To be honest, I’m dying to see his expression when he sees me kissing her daughter.

“I’ll be going then, Daisy.”

“Be careful, your highness.” Daisy caressed my cheek and kissed my lips. I smiled and kissed her back.

I boarded a carriage and ten minutes later, I arrived at the Riea’s mansion. A butler received me and led me inside the mansion respectfully.

Soon, Louise came out to receive me.

“Claus.” Louise rushed towards my arms and greeted me with a deep kiss. “You came.”

“Well, I promised you.”

Louise blushed and grabbed my hand. “Let’s go, father and mother are waiting for us.”

“And how bad is the situation?”

“… Father has not spoken to me in the last week.” Louise said with a wry smile.

I chuckled. Well, I was expecting something like that.

Not much after Louise appeared, a smaller silver-haired girl followed after her. It was Claire, Louise’s sister.

“Big sis, you are already hoarding cousin to yourself. Oh right, I should call him brother-in-law now.”

“Well, I’m his girlfriend so it’s natural, right?” Louise smiled.

Claire pouted. “What about me then, brother-in-law? Could it be that you are the kind of person that forgets the old after getting the new?”

I smiled in amusement and flicked Claire’s forehead. “What are you speaking about? I’m the kind that hoards both the old and the new.”

Claire blushed and looked at Louise with an embarrassed look. “Big sis, control your boyfriend. I think he is flirting with me.”

“Is it so?” Louise smiled brilliantly and pinched my waist. “Could it be that your highness is not satisfied with this beautiful lady so you also want to put your claws on my little sister.”

I feigned a look of surprise and opened my eyes wide. “Louise, you know me too well.”

Louise rolled her eyes. “Of course, I have experienced your womanizer ways myself.”

“Giggle… You two are very funny. Anyway, let’s hurry up. Father is already angry, and if we make him wait I don’t know what he is going to do.”

Louise and I shrugged and followed Claire to the dining room. In the way, though, Claire winked stealthily to me.

Then, she pouted as though asking me why I forgot about her.

I smile in amusement and shook my head towards this little devil’s antics. Do you truly think I forgot about you? How can I give up on tasting a sisters’ sandwich?

No, I was just waiting for the right opportunity.

While I was planning how to get the two sisters together, we arrived at the dining room. And as soon as we arrived there, we felt the change in the atmosphere.

Three people were seated around a huge and luxurious table. One of them was Al, Louise’s brother, and Earl Carson’s son; the second one was the silver-haired, green-eyed Mia, Louise’s mother.

As for the last, he was a middle-aged man seated at the head of the table with a stern look.

He was Earl Carson Riea. One of the people I have to kill.


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