FPD Chapter 258

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Going to Dinner (2)


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I could feel a pair of eyes stabbing on me. The gaze of Earl Riea was filled with such killing intent that someone with a faint heart would have had a stroke long ago.

Thus, I returned the greeting with my brightest smile.



I think I heard something breaking. Oh, it was his chair, nothing important.

Trying to save the situation, Mia stood up quickly and greeted me.

“Prince Claus, welcome. Please take a seat.”

“Thank you, mother-in-law.”

“Oh my, such a polite young man.”


This time, I think I heard something being crushed.

Mia twitched her lips and looked at her husband with an angry look. Earl Carson Riea returned the gaze with an indifferent look and closed his eyes.

I sat on the table with Louise at my right and Claire on my left. I then looked across me at the young man who was glaring daggers to me.

“Hey Al, long time no see you. How have you been?”

Al paled and lowered his gaze with a look of fear.

Mm, I like your attitude. You pass.

After I sat down, the table was enveloped by a very heavy silence. Earl Carson had his eyes closed, Al was avoiding my gaze, Mia had a stiff expression and was thinking about how to alleviate the situation, and Louise seemed a bit ashamed with her father, perhaps by the fact that she betrayed his expectations.

Only Claire was relatively normal, but even she was unable to speak easily in this tense situation. I sighed helplessly and grabbed Louise’s hand under the table to show her I was with her in this.

Understanding my intention, Louise flashed a brief smile before returning to normal.

Just like that, the dinner was served. But even the servants seemed uncomfortable in this heavy silence. It was such that when a servant walked slightly louder than normal accidentally, everybody looked at him sharply.

Under the gazes of the Earl and his family, the poor servant was at about to cry. He quickly apologized and escaped the dining room as soon as he had the opportunity.

Finally, after almost ten minutes like that, it was Mia who spoke first to break the silence.

“So, Prince Claus, can you tell me how Louise and you became lovers?”

I smiled with an expression of reminiscence. “It was during the welcome party of the institute. Louise and I meet there and started to talk. A lot happened after that. In the end, we ended fighting. Thinking about it now, that fight started everything.”

Louise blushed beside me. She probably was remembering how fierce that fight was.

“So it’s the classic turn of enemies becoming lovers, huh. I remember sister did not like you much before.” Claire interjected.

“You can put it that way. But Louise is a very sweet and beautiful girl. It’s inevitable coming to like her after you spend some time with her.”

Louise lowered her head in embarrassment and curved her lips up. “Idiot.”

Mia smiled seeing that interaction. “I’m relieved to see that you two like each other.”


Suddenly, a hand was slammed on the table.

“Are you planning to continue with this farse, little bastard?”

Not only I, but every person in the table frowned.

“Father-in-law?” I feigned politeness with a fake smile, but Earl Riea just snorted displeased.

“Don’t call me like that. I’m not your father-in-law and I’m not planning to be it ever. Little bastard, why don’t you get lost from my house right now?”

“It looks like father-in-law is not happy. Could it be I made a mistake?”

The sarcasm and irony coming from my voice were obvious for anyone on the table, even more so for an old snake like the Earl. He narrowed his eyes and shot me a look of disgust.

“Trash like you should not bring your filth to my home.”

A freezing silence filled the room.

I chuckled. With a leisure smile, I grabbed a knife from the table and started to play with it.

Head or heart? Mm, the neck is also a good option. What about his little brother? I’m sure he will hate me thousands of times more than now if I put this knife there.

“Earl Riea, I don’t like it when people call me trash.”

“Hehe, great news. I don’t like you either!”

With a bellow, the Earl’s aura assaulted my body.

Powerful pressure surged towards me. The aura of an eleventh-layer powerhouse was not something anyone could endure.

Louise and Claire paled, and Al fell from his chair and started to shiver in fear. If not that I protected Louise and Claire with my aura, their reactions would have been the same that his.

As for me, I narrowed my eyes and swung the knife.

Razor-sharp sword intent erupted from the knife, slicing the aura into two and protecting me from it. But I had to act the part of a fifth-layer practitioner, so I let out a feigned grunt of discomfort and paled slightly.

The Earl’s eyes turned freezing cold. With a harrumph, he doubled the pressure he was emitting.

But then–


A voice colder than freezing ice interfered.

Instantly, the temperature of the dining room fell below the freezing point.

Mia’s ice-cold eyes stared at the Earl with a look of rage. Her ninth-layer mana was ready to attack at any moment.

Even although her cultivation was two layers lower than the Earl, her aura was not a bit weaker. It seemed like she was ready to fight her husband regardless of the consequences.

Earl Riea’s expression turned ugly. “Mia, are you going to oppose me due to him!?”

“Shut up! Where is your shame!? He is the boyfriend of your daughter!”

“Daughter!? Hahaha, that girl that ruined the reputation of our family does not deserve to be my daughter!”

“Carson! How do you dare to say that about your daughter!? Are you crazy!?”

“She ruined the rep–”

“Reputation!? Reputation, fame, power! That is everything you care about! What about the happiness of your family!? What about us!? Will you kill us as well if it is necessary to achieve your ambitions!?”

Earl Riea fell silent.

Mia looked at her husband with a disappointed expression. She then shook her head sadly.

“You… I wonder when you stopped being the man I fell in love with.”

Earl Riea stared at his wife with a complicated gaze. He then shot me a disdainful look and stood up.

“I’m already full.”

Then, he left the living room.

Of course, he did not notice the little trick I played on him when he was leaving.


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