FPD Chapter 259

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If You Have to Choose


When Earl Riea left the room, Mia turned towards me with an apologetic expression.

“Prince Claus, I’m sorry. My husband, he…”

I shook my head with a smile. “Don’t worry, mother-in-law. I was already expecting something like this.” Besides, I already took a bit of revenge.

I wonder, how will he react when he tries to have sex again and his little brother betrays him?

Beside me, Louise held my hand tighter.

Mia smiled in relief hearing my answer. “Prince, I want you to know that I support your relationship with my daughter. I can see that Louise likes you very much, and you also like her. Don’t worry about my husband, even if he doesn’t agree, I’ll force him.”

“Thank you.”

“Thank you, mom.”

“What are you thanking me for?” Mia reproached us with a light tone. “As a mother, it’s my duty to seek the happiness of my children. Prince Claus, I hope you make my daughter happy. Otherwise, I’m going to turn you into a popsicle.” Then, she made some cute gestures with her hands to illustrate her intention.

Claire and Louise giggled while I shook my head amused.

After the atmosphere relaxed thanks to Mia’s words, we continued conversing for a while. Finally, Mia looked at me with a smile.

“Prince Claus, why don’t you sleep here tonight and go to the institute with Louise tomorrow? I can send a message to the palace to notify them.”

Just what I was waiting for.

“Great. Please give my maid a message as well. Tell her to prepare the things I’ll need for the expedition tomorrow and take them to the meeting place.”

“Okay. I’ll get the guest room ready then. Louise, why don’t you show Prince Claus the mansion meanwhile?”

“Yes, mother. Claus, let’s go.”

Louise then held my hand with an intimate expression and pulled me away.

Claire was going to follow us, but Mia stopped her with a frown while she whispered something to her ear.

“Where do you think are you going?”

“Uh? To accompany brother-in-law, of course.”

Mia shook her head speechless. “Stop being the third wheel. Louise is going to marry him in the future, so she needs to spend time alone with him.”

Claire lowered her head in disappointment.

“Then, mother, can I marry brother-in-law too?”

“You… What stupidity are you saying!? You can’t!”

“Why? Sister married him, so I can too!”

Mia was speechless. In the end, she just shook her head with a tired expression.

“Just… You can’t, okay? Don’t ask for the reason.”

Claire pouted in dissatisfaction. Her eyes, however, were shining with a crafty light.

Walking beside Louise, I did not know whether to laugh or to cry after hearing that conversation (using my enhanced vision).

I wonder how Louise would react if she learns of her little sister’s plans.

Noticing my gaze, Louise tilted her head curiously.

“Why are you smiling like that?”

“Nothing important. I was just thinking about something interesting.”

Louise narrowed her eyes with a suspicious expression. “Claus, I don’t know why I have a bad feeling about your smile.”

“You are just imagining things.” I feigned ignorance.

Louise looked at me with an ‘I’m-not-believing-that’ expression.

I, meanwhile, continued constructing a scene in my mind.

4P with two sisters and their mother. It’s the enhanced version of oyakodon.

Louise and I continued walking through the hallways. She introduced to me the different rooms and places of the mansion happily while I took advantage of each and every opportunity to flirt with her.

Finally, after she showed me most of the mansion, Louise put on a complicated expression.

“Claus, I’m sorry.”

I shook my head with a smile. “You don’t have to.”

“But, father behaved like an idiot! He even used his aura on you! I know that he is unhappy that I’m going out with you, but even then, he–”

“Silly girl, I was already expecting something like that.” I smiled gently and combed her beautiful blonde hair with a smile.

Louise nodded and put her head on my chest.

I looked at this pretty girl and a complicated feeling filled my mind. This girl, she has given up so much for me, but I’m probably going to kill her father someday.

“Louise, you know that one day, your father and I will turn into complete enemies, right? We are probably going to try to kill each other.” I said with a sigh.

Louise bit her lips and nodded.

“What are you going to do when that happens? If you have to choose, where will you stand.”

Louise fell silent and thought for a while.

“… I don’t know. Claus, if one day you are about to kill my father, can you spare his life?”

I sighed. “Do you think he will spare mine if the situation is reversed.”

Louise did not answer.

I sighed again and caressed her cheek with a gentle expression. “Let’s not talk about that. There is still time until something like that happens. Who knows, perhaps it will never happen.”

Louise nodded, but it was obvious she knew it was a lie.

However, she did not want to face that situation now.

With a smile, I lifted Louise’s chin and kissed her lips. Perhaps trying to forget the conversation of just now, Louise returned my kiss passionately.

Still in the hallway, I hugged her waist and pressed her body against mine. My lips sucked her sweet lips greedily, and my hands started to roam her body.

Louise and I had not done it since that time at the welcome party. Thus, Louise’s suppressed desire soon started to burn.

With a fiery gaze, she bit my lips and hugged my neck hungrily.


“It looks like my little wife wants to play, huh.” I chuckled.

Louise bit her lips and flushed briefly, but her expression was one of pure lust. Despite it, though, she still had enough clarity to know the right time and place.

“Not here, let’s find a room…”

I smiled and closed my eyes. Using my perception, I searched for a room nearby.

At that moment, a certain place caught my attention.

Instantly, my expression turned evil. I then kissed Louise deeply and took her towards that room.

When Louise saw the door, her expression changed.

“W-Wait, it’s my father’s office!”

I kissed her again and opened the door regardless of it. “Don’t worry, there is nobody inside.”

Then, I pushed her against the wall.


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