FPD Chapter 261

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Shock, Pain, and Tears


“F-Father is here.” Louise whispered in panic. I nodded and looked at the earl and the other man that entered the office with him.

Louise’s expression turned pale. She pressed herself against my body, closed her eyes, and hid her face on my chest trying to not be discovered.

But when she realized that her father seemed not to have noticed us, she opened her eyes timidly and looked towards the earl.

“W-We were not discovered?”

I smiled and kissed her lips. “I told you to be silent. This illusion doesn’t work for sounds.”

At that moment, Earl Carson stopped.

“Master?” Asked the other man confused.

The earl looked around the room with furrowed brows. “… How strange, I think I heard something.”

Louise’s face turned pale white. She seemed able to see the moment when her father discovers us and turns crazy, trying to kill us.

Feeling her nervousness, I felt rather mischievous.

Softly, I moved my weapon up and down.


Louise’s expression changed. She hurriedly brought her hand to her mouth to stop herself from moaning.

But perhaps because the stimulation was too intense, her love juices flooded out of her cave uncontrollably.

“Ughh…~” Louise muffled groan sounded while she shivered.

I gasped. At this moment, Louise’s vagina was tightening incredibly hard around my stick. I could feel it wrapping and sucking on my penis as though it wanted to devour it.

Instinctively, I continued thrusting, softly, very softly, so the earl could not hear the sound of our flesh slamming each other.

“Master?” The man beside the earl asked.

Earl Carson looked around before shaking his head. “It was probably my imagination.” He then looked one last time around the room, finally confirming that everything was where it should be.

Thus, he sat behind his desk.

In my arms, Louise slowly recovered from her orgasm. When the pleasure finally faded, she glared at me with a gaze of reproach. I smirked sheepishly while moving my waist.

Louise’s face turned red. She could feel a new round of pleasure accumulating inside her body. Moreover, because she just orgasmed, her body was currently very sensitive.

Instinctively, Louise moaned again. When that happened, Louise turned pale and used her hand to block her mouth.

But when she realized that was not working as she expected, she put her head on my shoulder and bit down.

“Hiss!” I hissed before the sudden pain. Instinctively, my pistoning became faster.

At the same time, my fingertips started to roam through Louise’s body, tracing her beautiful figure and sliding down her glistening skin.

Silently, I thrust once and again, piercing Louise deeply with each blow.

“Claus…” Louise groan was muffled by my shoulder. Her teeth bit my skin deeply, while her tongue licked and sucked the small bits of blood.

I grunted and turned around, putting her back against the wall, then, I accelerated my pistoning while trying to be as silent as possible.

Meanwhile, the two other people in the office started to speak.

“Master, are you not going to take action against the prince!? That brat dared to take advantage of your daughter to humiliate you! Master, if you give the word, I’ll bring my men to give the prince a lesson he will never forget!”

The earl grunted in displeasure. “Shut up, fool! What kind of idiot do you think I am!? If something happens to the prince in my house, I’m sure that for tomorrow the empire’s entire nobility will be screaming for my execution!”

The man beside the earl paled. “I’m sorry. This subordinate is useless and unable to see the big picture… But master, are you going to allow Prince Claus and Miss Louise’s relationship then!?”

When these words sounded, Louise instantly tensed up.

She then opened her eyes with a worried face and looked at me. Understanding her intention, I stopped my thrusts to hear the conversation.

Louise sighed in relief and put her cheek on my chest. Her flushed face slowly recovered its normal color while my hands stroked and rubbed her back gently.

Just at that moment, the earl replied.

“Don’t worry, their relationship will not last much longer. As for that prince, he will soon stop being a bother.”


“… I have not told you about this, but the plan to kill Prince Claus is already in course. Lilia and I will make sure that he did not return from tomorrow’s expedition!”

When she heard these words, Louise’s body shook.

Immediately after that, her face turned pale and her body turned weak.

I hurriedly held her body and covered her mouth in case she let out an unexpected sound.

However, today’s revelations were not just these.

“What about the young miss, then?” The other man asked.

A ruthless light flashed through the Earl’s eyes. “That fool is completely infatuated with the prince, and I’m sure she will suspect something about his death. Thus, after the expedition is finished and while she is grieving for the prince, I’ll make arrangements to send her to a monastery. She probably will not resist due to her grief.”

“This… But master, the young miss…”

“Stop calling her like that. Louise, that girl, I had great expectations for her, but she has disappointed me. She doesn’t deserve to be a daughter of the Riea family. She is not worthy of being my daughter!”

These words were like an arrow that pierced Louise’s heart.

For an instant, her eyes opened wide, and big drops of tears slid down her cheek. Louise’s beautiful green eyes carried an expression of disbelief.

Then, she closed her eyes and started to sob. A silent, soft sob.

I sighed. I was planning to use the presence of the Earl to make our lovemaking more exciting. But instead, he ended destroying the atmosphere completely.

Helpless, I could only hug her gently while patting her back.

Louise cried bitterly. Although her cries were silent, they were filled with such a pain I could not help but feel pity for her.

For an instant, a powerful filling intent filled my body, to be honest, I had the impulse to just jump out and slash that earl in half.

But it was just that, an impulse.

Moreover, when Louise felt my killing intent, she opened her eyes and grabbed my hand. Between tears, she shook her head pleadingly.

‘Please, no…’ I only needed a glance to understand her meaning.

Even when hearing how her father thought of her, Louise still did not want to hurt him.

Thus, we could only continue hiding in silence, hugging each other while hearing the earl’s hurtful words.


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