FPD Chapter 262

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Hiding in the Office (2)


Fortunately, the earl did not stay long in the office. After he revised a bunch of papers and gave some orders to the man beside him, they left.

With the door closed, only Louise and I remained in the room.

I dispelled the illusion with a sigh and carried Louise towards a chair, putting her on my lap.

“Are you alright?” I asked.

Louise nodded and wiped off her tears. She then put her head on my chest.

“Claus… it’s very painful…”

I kissed her head and held her delicate body gently. For some reason, it felt as though she was about to break.

“Sorry, this is in part my fault.” I said with a bit of guilt.

“No.” Louise shook her head. “I already knew this was going to happen when I decided to go on this path… It’s just that… I never thought father would be so merciless…”

I fell silent. To be honest, although Louise was shocked by her father’s words, I found them normal.

This is not the first time I’m seeing something like this. Through my many lifetimes, I have seen things even worse than this. I once saw a mother that ate her children during a famine, and a father that sold his three daughters to get gambling money. Parents sacrificing their children to pagan gods, siblings betraying each other in front of an inheritance, best friends killing each other due to petty jealously.

I have seen the best sides of people, but also their ugliest sides.

In the end, when there is a big enough interest, even the most righteous person can become evil. Very few people can keep their integrity under any circumstance.

Thus, I learned that if you don’t want to be betrayed, the best way is simply don’t giving your loved ones and allies a reason to betray you. If you are always the best option, others will naturally choose you.

For Louise, though, this is the first time she is faced with this painful truth.

Only after five minutes like that, Louise finally calmed down.

“Thank you…”

“It’s nothing. I’m just doing my duty as your lover.”

Louise smiled thinly. For some reason, I found her melancholic smile extremely attractive.

Then, she lifted her face and looked at me with her emerald green eyes.

“Claus, love me. I-I want to forget everything…”

I smiled softly and kissed her face.

“As you command.”

Then, I slowly untied her dress and slid it down her body.

Her perfect naked body was exposed to my eyes in its entire glory.

“So beautiful…” I whispered dazedly while observing her pale white skin. My hands then moved, going towards her breast and massaging them.

Then, I used my teeth to bite her nipples softly.

“Aaa…~ It feels god…~”

While allowing the welcomed pleasure to flow over her body, Louise let out a comfortable sigh.

The feeling of Louise’s nipples filled my mouth, and the scent of her body hit my nostrils. I happily enjoyed the pleasure and feelings of her smell and skin.

My nose was stimulated by her pleasant scent. I released her nipples and used my tongue to lick her skin, sliding down until her pussy.

Her love juices mixed with my saliva and dripped down the ground.


Louise’s cave was incredible. Perhaps due to her desire to vent her emotions, her secretions were flowing crazily, sliding out and wetting her lower body completely. Louise grunted and leaked out sounds of ecstasy.

I moved my tongue, invading her vagina, licking her soft folds gently, and rubbing her clitoris.

Louise’s answered by rubbing her vagina on my face, using it to get as much stimulation as possible.

Soon, Louise’s moans started to turn louder and longer, and her breathing turned heavy. Knowing that this was the time, I carried her to the desk and put her on it.

This time, I did not care if we mess the desk or not. Consider this a little revenge towards the earl for his words of before.

And if he suspects something? Why should I care?

While the papers and accessories in the desk fell to the ground, I looked at Louise’s body greedily.

“Louise, I’m going in.”

Louise’s answer was a soft hum.

Without hesitation, my penis entered her.

“Here I go!”

With these words, I thrust my hips fiercely.

Instantly, Louise had her thoughts thrown into oblivion by the sudden stimulation.

Even although I was a bit rough in my movements, Louise was so wet that she did not feel the slightest discomfort. Instead, my fierce movements helped her to forget everything that happened with her father.

And even when she felt a bit of pain, the incredible pleasure washed it away instantly, erasing it.

The pleasurable sensation was incredibly great. Much greater than the last time that we had sex. After all, this time Louise was venting all her frustrations without regard for the consequences.

Even the fact that the place we were dirtying with our dirty fluids was her father’s desk did not matter to her. Currently, Louise only wanted to feel good.

I moved my hips fiercely. My huge penis went in and out repeatedly, and I felt as though Louise’s insides were being drawn with it. Instinctively, Louise bit her lips and moaned while the foreign body continued invading her, filling her up.

It was as though my penis was being fused with her vagina. My thing and her insides were getting accustomed to each other, making the pleasure even greater and creating this amazing feeling that permeated our whole bodies and stimulated our souls.

Pleasure flooded Louise every time my penis rubbed her vaginal walls. As our sexual organs rubbed each other, she was being pushed to the greatest heights of pleasure.

“Aaa…~ Aaa~ I-It’s bad…~ I can’t take it anymore…~ I-I’ll become crazy.”

In front of the evergrowing pleasure, Louise started to leak erotic voices while she gasped and moaned unconsciously. Even a bit of drool was leaking from her mouth due to the pleasure my penis brought her.

Louise’s cave felt absolutely out of this world. It was so wet and soft and tight. I could feel her slimy folds of flesh throbbing and tightening around my weapon.

To be honest, I was not expecting to feel this good. Louise’s walls were tightening so hard around my weapon that it seemed as though they wanted to suck my juice.

I looked at her face and saw a lewd and intoxicated expression on it. Her eyes were out of focus, and her breathing was mixed with ragged moans and gasp. Each time I moved, her body reacted incredibly erotically.

I grunted and grabbed her waist, holding it firmly in my hands, Then I sped up and increased the rhythm of my thrusts.

Louise screamed and hugged my back, pressing her nails against my back and bitting my shoulder again. At the same time, I brought my mouth to her nipples and bit hard.

Louise’s shivered. Her lower cave tightened even more, and her legs wrapped around my waist.

“Claus… Claus…~ Aaa…~ I-I’m coming!”

I grunted and thrust even harder. Her body was completely nailed to the desk, unable to do anything but twist and shiver from my attacks.

“Aaa…~ S-So good…~”

With a loud cry, Louise curved her back up and her love juices erupted out.

Then, she collapsed in the table with heavy breaths.

I could feel her body quivering and spasming repeatedly. Her skin was flushed red, and glistening drops of sweat slid down her neck and breasts.

Louise’s orgasm was so fierce that she had drenched the earl’s desk fully, including some documents. I wonder what he will think when he finds about it tomorrow.

When she finally exited the afterglow of the orgasm, Louise let out a satisfied smile and stared at me.

“Claus… Never abandon me, please…”

I kissed her lips tenderly and put my forehead against hers.

“Never, I swear.”

Satisfied, Louise closed her eyes and fell asleep.

As for me, even although I had not ejaculated yet, I could not bear to wake up my sleeping angel.


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