FPD Chapter 264

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“… Brother-in-law? Are you awake.” Claire’s muffled voice resounded in the room.

When she saw that I did not answer, she hesitated slightly before making up her mind and coming inside.

Then, she walked towards my bed and climbed on it.

“… Brother-in-law?”

“Little princess, what are you doing here?” I asked in an amused tone.

“So you are awake.” Claire smiled happily and lay down beside me. “I came to see you. Sister hoarded you the entire night, so I wanted to spend a bit of time with you.”

I patted her head softly and sighed while I observed the cute and sexy fairy in front of me.

Because she was already ready to sleep, Claire was wearing a cute white nightgown. The nightgown reached until her thighs, leaving her knees and legs discovered.

Moreover, she was also carrying a teddy bear on her arm. I was slightly surprised to know that she still used one to sleep.

To be honest, Claire looked pretty tempting. More than sexy, she seemed like a doll that tempted you to commit a crime.

In fact, I’m holding myself back to not pounce and devour her completely.

But as though she did not know of my difficulties, Claire smiled and leaned towards me, hugging my neck and pressing her body against mine.

“Mou… I’m upset. I had been waiting for brother-in-law to visit me, but when you came, you only had eyes for sister.” Claire said with a pout.

I was amused by her show of dissatisfaction. “Well, Louise is my lover. It’s my duty as her boyfriend to spend time with her.”

“What about me then? We already k-kissed before. A-Are we not lovers yet?”

I chuckled. “Do you want to be my lover?”

Claire lowered her head with a blush.

A few seconds later, she spoke in a soft tone.

“Brother-in-law, do you like sister?”

“I like her.” I replied without hesitation.

“Then, what about me? Don’t you like me too? Why do you only pay attention to sister then? I want to be your lover too!” Claire said with an expression of sadness. “… Mother said that I can’t marry you, but, why can sister marry you then!? Could it be that you like her more than me?”

I caressed her head softly. “Silly girl, if you want to marry me too, I don’t mind.”

“… Really?”


“Then… Let’s kiss…”

I looked at the adorable shy expression on Claire’s face and shook my head. Then, I moved my lips towards her and pecked her lips softly.

Claire blushed and put her head on my chest, Then, she hugged my body more tightly.

“… Brother-in-law. You already did that with my sister, right? Can… Can we do it too.”

I fell silent for a moment. Then, I sighed.

“… Not today.”

Claire was startled. “… Why? Brother-in-law, don’t you like me?”

I smiled and kissed her lips again before shaking my head. “I like you, but today is not the best moment for it.”

Claire put on an expression of disappointment.

I smiled and then used my body to hug her tenderly. “Little devil, don’t be stubborn. There is a reason we can’t do it today. Let’s just cuddle like this until tomorrow, okay?”

Claire hesitated for a moment, but she finally relented in the end.

Then, she put her face in my neck and sniffed softly.

“Brother-in-law, I like your smell. It calms me down.”

I smiled wryly. This girl, she is tempting me in purpose, right?

Sigh, how troublesome.

To be honest, I did not mind eating Claire tonight. In fact, originally that was my plan tonight.

However, I changed my opinion after what happened to Louise.

Don’t misunderstand me. I don’t mean I will change my ways and suddenly become a better man. Instead, I just don’t want to sleep with her sister the same night she learned of her father’s thoughts about her.

If I do that and Louise learns about it one day, I’m sure she will feel betrayed. Imagine, the day you learn your father is disappointed in you, your lover goes and sleeps with your sibling instead of consoling you, how are you going to feel?

Even if this is a world that allows polygamy, nobody will like something like that.

I’m a scum, and I’m not ashamed of that. To be honest, I don’t mind sleeping with any kind of girl or woman, married or not, relative or not, in-law or not, older or younger. Moreover, I don’t mind using dirty tricks to get them. Perhaps it can sound egocentric, but while I have the power to make them happy, it’s alright for me regardless of how our relationship starts.

Therefore, if I like a woman, I just go for her. Without complications and without caring about morals. I stopped caring about that long ago anyway.

But if sleeping with someone leaves an unhealable injury in one of my current women, I don’t think it’s alright to do it. Not when this time I’m truly planning to spend an eternity with them.

If I succeed, this reincarnation will be the last. And as one of the women that will accompany me for eternity, I need to take care of Louise.

So, although I’ll eventually sleep with Claire, I will do it in a way that Louise feels not betrayed.

Claire and I chatted for a while on the bed, mostly talking about her daily life, or she asking me questions about cultivation. I took advantage of our conversation to pass her the cultivation technique I created for her, and at the same time, I checked up the state of her soul.

Besides, I tell her about Louise and her father’s situation. Claire will become my official lover soon, so the sooner she learns about what she is going to face, the better.

But during my conversation, I detected something in my senses.

When I looked into it, I smiled at the little girl in my arms.

“Can you do me a favor?”


I then whispered something on her ear. Claire was surprised, but she nodded and followed my words.

Thus, she got down the bed and walked towards the door.

Just when she reached the door, someone knocked on it.

Claire opened her eyes wide. She then looked at me in disbelief. I smiled with a smile and nodded, indicating to open the door.

When Claire opened the door, Louise was on the other side.

“… Claire?” Louise was stunned.

Claire grinned. “Wow! I thought it was a joke when brother-in-law told me you were coming, sister. Brother-in-law, how did you know?”


Claire pouted. She then grabbed Louise’s hand and pulled her inside. “Anyway, come in, sister. It’ll be bad if someone sees you entering this room.”

Still confused, Louise could only follow Claire inside.

But when Claire closed the door, Louise finally reacted.

“W-Wait a minute, Claire. W-What are you doing here?”

“Don’t worry, sister. We did not do anything wrong. Well, I wanted to, but brother-in-law refused.” Claire replied with a mischievous grin.

“T-That… Claus, explain what is happening here!”

I chucked and walked towards Louise, pulling her on my arms and carrying her to the bed.

“Stop asking about that… Let’s sleep instead.”

Then, Claire lay down on the other side and held Louise’s hand.

“Big sis, don’t worry. Even if our father is like that, I’ll support you. But you must support me later too, okay?”

“Claire… But what do you mean about supporting you later?”

“Obviously, to marry brother-in-law too! Mm, you will be the big wife, and I the small wife. What do you think?”

Louise was stunned speechless, too dumbfounded to even reply.

I chuckled amused and hugged Louise tightly.

“Stop paying attention to that little devil. Let’s sleep, tomorrow will be a busy day.”

“Brother-in-law. What do you think about eating two sisters tonight?”

“Little devil, sleep.”

“But don’t you think that is exciting. Hey big sis, what do you think?”

“Claire, Claus is my boyfriend, not yours.”

“Tsk, why so cold? It’s not like I want to steal him. I just want to share. S.H.A.R.E!”

“Claire, he is MY boyfriend.”

“Brother-in-law, did you feel that chill?”

“Just sleep and stop teasing your sister…”

“Okay okay… but sister, if I marry brother-in-law too we can make a team against the other lovers of brother-in-law.”

Strangely, this time Louise did not reply immediately.

“… I’ll consider it.”

“That means that you agree!?”

“I’m just considering it, okay. Hey Claire, don’t hug my boyfriend!”


Just like that, the three of us spend the night together.

The next day, Louise’s mood was much better.


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