FPD Chapter 267

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Hey guys, a lot of questions!
Sorry if I didn’t answer your question, I probably didn’t see it. Anyway, a lot of questions, almost the length of a chapter.

Pochinium asked: Does Marana has sex experience?
A/: Actually, yes. I never specified it, but when you take into account her background and personality, it’s easy to reach that conclusion. Akilah, on the other hand, is still a virgin.

Dioscaido12 asked: Well … I understand that Claus is immortal and his laws are of reincarnation. Will there be any way that he uses the magic he learned in his past lives to give him more power?
A/: Claus is an Immortal, and the two sets of laws he specializes in are [Space] and [Soul]. Until now, though, he has mostly used space to fight. In fact, Claus has not shown his true strength yet. Guys, Claus is very, very strong. So strong that he can easily destroy the world if he desires. Of course, he is injured by the backlash of the Universe’s laws now, but he is still very strong.

BayuRay asked: Will Christine join his harem? Is any Milf other than Evelyn and Mia coming?
A/: This is an R-18 novel. Thus, although not every girl will join his harem, most of them will. As for the ones he will fuck… Yeah, I leave that to your imagination.

SirVec asked: How big is Claus’s world? How many kingdoms and how many races? Looks like it has elves, beastmen, humans, and demons.
A/: The world is like the real world. There are many kingdoms, but most of them will not be explored in the story. As for the races, only the four you mentioned.

Sun_On_Yeet asked: Do you already have an ending in stock? Do you have another WN in mind once FPD is over?
A/: Well, there is still a lot until the end, but I already have a draft of the entire story. I modify it constantly, but it’s mostly already decided.
As for the novel after Fourth Prince? Well, currently I’m already writing Science/Magic, but it’s not R-18. Besides, I’m also writing another story. This story is R-18, and I have around 15 chapters done (They are not edited and I have not published them). I only write it occasionally (one or two chapters per week, sometimes none). If I continue writing after Fourth Prince, I probably will continue with this.
By the way, the name is [Hey, Why Do My Skills Seem R-Rated!?]

Yourfriendlydaoist asked: When is he f*cking his sisters and daughter? I’ve been waiting for 266 chapters.
A/: Man, I’m sorry for you. After this arc and the one that comes later, it comes an arc with Dina as the main heroine. I’m planning her scene by then.

Azu_Noira asked: Will Claus take the Empress into his harem, or do you have something else in store for her other than death? Will Claus take Alan’s fiance Christina?
A/: As I said before, this is an R-18 novel. You already know what to expect. As for the empress, though… Too much spoiler, so no answer.

Ssnake23 asked: How does Claus immortality work? I think he was so since birth, right?
If everyone has a way to rise to that level, how did he do it? or is it something different? tbh, I would not be surprised if all of this was the plan of some greater being, that made Claus the way he is for some reason.
A/: Well, Immortality will be the focus of the later arcs, so I don’t want to talk too much about it. Claus was not Immortal since birth, though. He said before that he became Immortal by accident. The only thing that I can tell you is that Claus’s Immortality is related to the soul and his title as an Immortal (I mentioned it in the first one hundred chapters).

Jrribbook asked: Will his Reincarnation immortality when it is upgraded by inspecting Raven’s soul make it so he and his important people reincarnate together? Will it also work as a group Horcrux that none of the people he connects to will die unless they all die at once (as how can they reincarnate together unless they die together)?
A/: Okay, again asking about Immortality. Mmm, let me put it this way, Claus’s way to Immortality is not reincarnation, instead, reincarnating is the way his Immortality manifested for the first time. I don’t want to say much more about the topic to not give spoilers, though. Sorry…

Mihari asked: Is there any pregnant girl for the next arc?
A/: Sorry, nope. There will be pregnant women eventually, though.

Gang_Ryong999 asked: How long will this novel continue?
A/: I’m aiming for around 600 or 700 chapters, but I’m not sure. Although I already have a draft of the entire story, I’m not completely sure how long it’s going to take.



It was curiosity, just curiosity. When I felt a gaze on me, I could not help but look back.

But I was not expecting to see her.

Is it the point where I have to curse my bad luck?

I could see a smile on her face, filled with pure happiness, and perhaps a little bit of guilt.

Her smile was truly beautiful, enough to stun the world itself. It was such that it had already transcended the human concept of beauty.

Unfortunately, I could not feel good about it.

Instead, I felt a headache coming.

Damn, I thought things could not turn messier.

But to my surprise, she did not approach me.

Instead, she moved her gaze towards another place of this world and frowned.

Then, she disappeared.

This time, I was truly startled.

That expression. I’m sure she only uses it when she sees something truly troublesome.

But what in the hell can be so troublesome to make her prioritize it over me?

I should learn about it. It could be useful later.

Sigh, for some reason, I have a bad presentment.

Well, nothing good can come from having her here.

For an instant, I considered going after her. But when I thought about the current situation, I hesitated.

Should I leave a projection here? But in my current condition, perhaps a projection won’t be enough to take care of everything and guarantee my loved ones’ safety.

However, I need to use my true self if I want to chase after her.

Fortunately, a message reached my ears at that moment.

[Don’t follow me, I’ll find you soon. Don’t worry, I won’t mess with your affairs.]

… Wow, now this is truly strange.

However, I sighed in relief. Now that she has spoken, I can put my entire focus on this expedition.

After all, if I chase her and she doesn’t want to see me, I will take days before I can catch up. I can’t afford that in the current situation.

Plus, although my relationship with her is not the best, she is more of a friend than an enemy. She is not someone that will try to harm me. Quite the opposite, she will probably try to help me.

… Although the best result is still she leaving without meeting me.

I sighed again. We only made eye contact for a few seconds, and I already feel tired.

Shaking my head, I stopped thinking about her.

Instead, I focused on the task at hand.

I know that this expedition is, in fact, a trap for me. But I don’t know much about the specifics of the trap. I only know about the powerhouses they will send.

Learning about the rest is my current priority.

Thus, I extended my consciousness to cover the entire forest and activated one of my favorite techniques.

[Akashic Sight].

Instantly, I found several suspicious points.

But to my surprise, there was someone else besides the crown prince and his group messing with this expedition.


I frowned briefly. Then, I smiled widely. How interesting.

Mm, but although their presence here is unexpected, now that I know about it, I can imagine their goal.

Mm, if I know how to use it, it can be beneficial for me.

I left a bit of my consciousness on them to pay attention to their movements and continued using [Akashic Sight] to scan the forest. Soon, I found what I was searching for.

With a step, I compressed space upon my feet, moving in an instant to my intended location.

When I reappeared, I was in front of a young man.

“Huh?” The young man was startled, but in the next second, he reacted. “P-Prince Claus.”

I smiled. “It looks like you know who I am, huh.”

The young man stared at me nervously. I could understand well his nervousness though.

He was, after all, one of the pawns of my two older brothers in this forest.

The young man took a step back involuntarily. Maybe it was his instinct or his guilt, but it seemed like he understood that my intentions were not good.

“W-What do you want?” He asked.

“Simple.” I said as harmlessly as I could. “I only need to ask you a few questions, what do you think?”

The young man’s face paled. The next second, he turned around and tried to escape at full speed.

But to his surprise, I appeared in front of him once more.

And before he could run away again, I grabbed his forehead.


The young man tried to move, but his body was completely paralyzed. Even speaking became impossible.

I patted his cheek with a friendly expression. “Don’t worry, it won’t hurt… Well, only a little bit.”

The next instant, a scream of pain and despair reverberated in the forest.



At the same time, in the Beastkin Alliance’s recently constructed Emperor Hall.

A fox-eared girl was seated on a throne, hearing the reports of the people kneeling before her.

Strangely, though the young girl was smiling playfully, all the other people in the hall were shivering in complete fear. They seemed to dread the terrifying existence before them.

But at that moment, the beautiful young girl frowned.

The next instant, her blood-red eyes turned ice-cold, and her playful expression disappeared completely.

“Everybody out!”

Her words were like an edict that forced everybody out of the room.

As soon as the hall was left alone, the small girl looked at a corner of the hall and spoke in a chilling and hatred-filled voice.

“Are you not going to appear before me, slut!?”

The next second, a ripple appeared in space, and another woman emerged.

The newcomer was the polar opposite of the girl on the throne. Instead of red eyes and golden-red hair, she had pure black hair and eyes. Instead of small and delicate features, she had a mature and well-developed body able to bring forth people’s deepest desires.

If one was a tyrant able to make any existence kneel to her will, the other was a sage able to guide the universe according to her wishes.

“You have not changed anything, have you?” The black-haired woman sighed.

The small girl in the throne snorted, making the entire palace shake.

“What are you doing here? Don’t you fear I kill you in the next instant!?”

“You don’t need to make a strong front, little girl. I can feel that his seals are still strong on you.”

“Hahahaha, and what about it? Even if I can only use one-hundredth of my true strength, it’s more than enough to kill a scheming slut like you.”

The black-haired woman frowned. As much as she wanted to deny these words, she knew well how frightening the girl in front of her was.

Even although both of them were Immortals, the small girl was near the top when it came to raw power. As for herself, her specialty did not lie in direct combat.

“Thinking about it, it’s good that you are here.” The small girl smiled brilliantly. “Mm, If I catch you and put a collar on your neck, I can use you to find dad.”

The black-haired woman’s eyes turned ice-cold. “Emilia! How long are you going to chase after him!?”

“Hahaha, is that a question? No no. The question should be, how long ARE YOU planning to continue bothering dad? Could it be you are still not clear that dad doesn’t want anything to do with you anymore?”

The black-haired girl fell silent. Emilia, on the other hand, continued speaking with a smile.

“You and I are different, Ysnay. You are a witch, a scheming and ambitious woman that betrayed dad for a fleeting interest. How can you still dream of returning to his side? As for me, I’m different. Dad and I only had a slight disagreement, but despite everything, I’m sure dad still loves me.”

The black-haired woman, Ysnay, sneered. “You seem very confident, Emilia.”

“Of course.” Emilia’s expression was full of longing and love. “Just think about it. In your case, dad killed you how many times? Twenty-seven? Or was it twenty-eight? I, however, was different. When father dealt with me, he just sealed me, even when he had the ability to kill me completely if he wanted. Moreover, I only needed a few hundreds of years to escape that seal. Is that not proof enough of his love for me?”

For an instant, Ysnay did not know how to answer.

Finally, she just shook her head.

“You are crazy.”

“Do you think so?” Emilia’s smile was full of innocence.

Ysnay shook her head again. “Anyway, I just wanted to check on you to learn about your situation. But now it looks like you have not found him yet.”

Then, Ysnay turned around to leave.

Unfortunately, Emilia had other plans for her.

“Hehe, do you think you can leave so easily? Stay to play with me~”

Then, the energy on her body erupted.

Ysnay sneered. The next instant, fate was rewritten, putting her thousands of kilometers away.

But Emilia was not discouraged by that.

“Fate, such a disgusting thing! Another reason to get rid of you!”

She took a step forward, tearing the space between them using pure brute strength. Clenching her fist, she attacked her most hated person in the universe.

Suddenly, the world trembled. The will of the world shouted in rage and fear trying to suppress the terrifying being causing wanton destruction.

Emilia was enraged. “Damn world! Why are you suppressing only me!”

“Did you forget? Fate is always on my side. As an entity that wants to escape its fate, this world will never go against me.” A smile appeared on Ysnay’s face.

But almost instantly, her smile froze.

Even more energy erupted from Emilia’s body, crushing the will of the world into smithereens. Then, she continued her attack towards Ysnay.

“Today is the day I kill you!”

Helpless, Ysnay could only use fate to move as far from the world as possible and avoid destroying it while Emilia chased after her.


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