FPD Chapter 269

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Should I Be?


“Claus!” Iris’s surprised voice sounded behind me.

I looked over my shoulder and winked. Then, I looked at the two young men in front of me with a righteous look.

“Guys, are you not ashamed about using numbers to bully a girl?”

The two young men’s expressions turned grave, and the young men whose sword I grabbed jumped back with a wary look.

“Prince Claus.” He hissed.

“Yours truly. Why? Surprised to see me here?”

“You shouldn’t be here.”

“But I am.”

“Damn it.” The two young men looked at each other before nodding. Then, both of them decided to retreat.

“Do you truly think you can escape?” I smiled in amusement and took a step forward.

Then, my sword intent flooded the forest.

The grass, the trees, the wind, the rocks. Everything became part of my sword. Then, they attacked the two young men!

Before they could react, their last protective barrier was activated.

I raised an eyebrow. “Rather durable. As expected of something able to receive one ninth-layer attack.”

The two young men were pale. After seeing my last attack, they felt like insects that could be stepped on at any time.

“P-Prince Claus, w-we are p-prince Bryan’s men! You better not touch us!”

As soon as these words sounded, my gaze turned ice-cold.

“Bryan, huh. Is he related to the abnormality in the forest?” Although I already knew, it was necessary to put a show in front of Iris.

The two young men looked at each other with frightened looks, unwilling to mention a word.

I smirked. “Well, your expressions tell me everything. Let me think, if Bryan is behind this, then surely his goal is not limited to Iris, right? What is it then?”

The two young men looked at the ground unwilling to say a word.

But then, I smiled. “I see, it’s me.”

Instantly, their bodies shook.

I continued. “However, Bryan is unable to orchestrate something like this. Mm, was it the crown prince? No, even he doesn’t have enough power. He needed help. The Empress? Earl Carson? Both of them. If I’m not wrong, they bought some teachers from the institute just for this, right?”

With each word I said, the two young men turned paler and paler. Towards the end, they seemed as though they were looking at a demon.

God, fooling idiots is so easy.

“You are surprised, right? Well, I have more. If Alan’s only goal is to kill me, then something like this is not necessary. Thus, he must have another goal. Revenge? No… It’s more than that… I see, so it’s what he is planning.”

“W-What?” One of the young men asked frightened.

“He will let some young nobles die and rescue the others. Thus, when this end, he will appear like a savior and get the loyalty of the survivors and the gratitude of several families. Mm, there are probably some other goals, but I have not thought of them yet. What do you think of my deduction?”

The two young men were completely terrified.

Actually, even Iris behind me was completely pale, although for a completely different reason.

“P-Prince Claus, that is–” Iris looked at me with an ashen white complexion.

“Do you want to know if that is true?” I asked. “Look at their reactions and you will know.”

The young men quickly tried to control their emotions, but it was already too late.

“T-That is…” Iris staggered unsteadily.

I held her waist and put on a grave look. “Mm, even I did not expect they would dare to do something of this level. The repercussions of something like this are enough to shake the empire.”

“P-Prince, w-what are we going to do?”

“Well, I’ll start by killing these two.” I said while unsheathing my sword.

“T-The barrier!” One of the two young men stuttered in an attempt to gather his courage back, but a swing of my sword was enough to shut him down.


With a sharp sound, the barrier was sliced into two.

And in the next second, the upper body of the young man slid down to the ground in a bloody way.

“M-M-Monster!!!” The other young man screamed in panic and tried to run away. I looked at him coldly and raised my sword.



A voice came from the distance as a teacher rushed towards us with an enraged look.

My lips curved up in a mocking smile. Without stopping, my sword was swung down.

–Cutting everything in front and behind of me.

With a flash of light, the bodies of the student and the teacher were sliced in half, dying instantly while I sheathed my spotless sword back.

Iris’s face turned blue. One second later, she started to vomit.

I sighed and patted her back. “Calm down, calm down. It’s just a bit of blood. There is no need to lose the calm.”

Hearing my words, Iris vomited even more. Probably because she could not help but remember the scene of just now.

When she recovered, she looked at me with an expression of fear.

“C-Claus, h-he was a teacher.”

My eyes flashed with an ice-cold light. “Don’t you understand, Iris? The fact that he appeared here at this moment means that he was an enemy too.”

Iris was startled, but she quickly understood my implications.

“This… This is really happening…”

“Did you think it was a lie?” I smiled amusedly. “No, my dear Iris. My words were the truth. Currently, this expedition has turned into a hunting game, and we are the prey.”

Iris was aghast.

But then, she noticed I was grinning.

“You… You don’t look afraid.”

I smiled. “Should I be?” Then, my gaze pierced space and arrived outside the forest.

It looks like Evelyn has already made her move. I’m sure she will use the information I transmitted to her just now well.


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