FPD Chapter 272

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Chaos in the Expedition (2)


Iris was a bit slowed than me, so I pulled her in a princess carry and accelerated.

“Hold tight!”

“W-What are you doing!? W-Waaai–”

Due to the sudden speed, Iris could only hold my body tightly and close her eyes.

At this speed, we soon reached the place of the fight.

There, a beautiful brown-haired girl was fighting against three students.

Two males and a female were moving around of her, attacking with their weapons and spells to incapacitate her.

But even in front of such fierce attacks, the girl kept a calm smile.

With her short hair waving in the wind, the girl raised her hand.

“[Lightning Serpents]!”

After her ice-cold command, three lightning serpents formed behind Daisy.

Then, the serpents charged towards the three enemies.

“Careful!” One of the enemies shouted and tried to avoid the attack, but the lightning serpents seemed as though they were alive. With an electricity-filled hiss, they changed their directions and chased after Daisy’s enemies.

“Dammit!” The enemy girl cursed and cast a barrier around each one of them. At the same time, her fifth-layer mana formed two energy wolves that attacked Daisy!

But although the two of them were fifth-layer practitioners, the mage girl was far from being a match against the maid I personally trained.

With a snort, Daisy waved her hand. Instantly, a maelstrom of lightning and thunder formed around her, grinding the two wolves into smoke.

The next instant, the maelstrom turned into a lightning orb that hovered over Daisy’s hand. Daisy smiled and looked at the girl with a confident expression.

“[Lightning Eruption]!”

Then, the orb in her hand turned into a giant vortex of energy that flew towards the girl.


The girl was unable to react! In an instant, the vortex covered the distance between them, impacting the girl!

Fortunately, the protective barrier activated at the last second, protecting her.

Daisy immediately stopped paying attention to the girl. Instead, she focused on the two males.

As though playing a symphony, she controlled the two lightning snakes to chase them. At the same time, another magic circle appeared behind her!

“Lightning Armament! [Ten Thousand Heaven-Shattering Spears]!”

It was a sixth-layer spell! Moreover, she cast it multiple times at the same time!

Then the spears were shot in the direction of the two young men.

The two students were overwhelmed! They tried to avoid and block the lightning spears, but at the same time, the lightning serpents opened their mouths, shooting two balls of supercompressed lightning that assaulted them!

One second later, another two protective barriers appeared.

Daisy sighed and lowered her hand. “That was a bit dangerous. To think three people attacked at the same time! But it’s a bit weird, why have the teacher not appeared yet? The barriers have already been activated.” Daisy tilted her head cutely.

I decided to speak at that moment.

“They will not appear, Daisy.”

Daisy was stunned and hurriedly looked towards me. An instant later, her face turned into an incredibly beautiful smile.

“Your highness!”

Then, she threw herself towards me like a rocket.

Fortunately, I had released Iris a few seconds ago, so I had my arms free to hold her.

I hugged my beloved maid tightly and kissed her lips.

“I was coming to help you, but it looks like you don’t need my help.”

Daisy smiled in pride. “Of course. Your highness taught me personally. I would be ashamed to face you if I can’t defeat even these small fries.”

I grinned. “My beloved Daisy has become someone incredible.”

“Your highness, don’t you think I need a reward?”

I smiled and leaned forward to kiss her lips. Daisy happily hugged my neck and closed her eyes.

But unfortunately–


Startled, Daisy hurriedly separated from me and looked beside me.

“Miss Iris? You were here too?”

Iris’s expression darkened.

“… How shameless.”

Girl, is that a sour tone I’m hearing?

“I-I’m sorry, I didn’t know you were here.” Daisy apologized flusteredly.

Iris snorted. Seeing her crush kissing another woman in front of her was not the most pleasant experience.

I smiled in amusement and caressed Daisy’s head.

“Let’s talk about that later. First, we have to take care of the situation here.”

“Your highness?”

I smiled without explaining anything and walked towards the three students behind the barriers.

Before they could understand what was happening, I unsheathed my sword.

“Rest in peace.”

And in three swift strokes, the three of them were beheaded.

“Y-Your highness! W-What is happening!?”

“I’ll explain it later, Daisy. For now, we need to move.”

“Huh? O-Okay.”



At the same time, in another part of the forest.

Dina was looking at the two bodies in the ground with an indifferent look.

“Are your words true?” She asked the woman behind her.

Tear smiled wryly. “Those are the words of the headmistress. She said that you should know what to do.”

“It’s easy to understand. To rescue the students and become a hero, huh.” Dina smiled with a look of interest. “I like it. How many people will help me?”

“All the teachers in the academy will follow your orders.”

“Great. Hmph! If that slut dared to try to kill us, what is wrong with us killing her sons?”

Tear felt cold sweat on her nape. Could it be that Dina forgot she was speaking about the empress and the two oldest princes?

But when she looked at Dina, she could not help but feel her thirst for blood.

These princes and princesses, each one was more frightening than the last.

“Then, what are your orders, princess?” Tear asked.

“Obviously, let’s rescue some students first and kill a few Daemons. By the way, teacher, where is my little brother?”

“… The headmistress said that he has his own plans. You don’t need to worry about it.”

“His own plans?” Dina narrowed her eyes. “As always, my brother likes to act mysterious.”

Dina curved her lips up in pride.

“Well, I’m sure Claus is working hard. As his big sister, I can’t fall behind. Let’s go, Teacher Tear. I want to give my brother a surprise when we meet him.”


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