FPD Chapter 274

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Midnight Assault (1)


Midnight marked the start of the daemons’ assault.

Taking advantage of the moment when the students were tired after their first day of difficulties, they started their hunt.

And we were one of their first objectives.

Feeling the four presences approaching our position at great speed, I woke Daisy up.

“… Your highness?”

“Go and wake Iris up. We are under attack.” I said.

Although slightly surprised, Daisy did not hesitate to follow my orders. She rushed towards the tent where Iris was sleeping and woke her up.

Meanwhile, I used my consciousness to check the strength of the coming enemies. Two in the seventh layer, one in the sixth layer, and one in the fifth layer.

I whistled, with this lineup, almost any student would be killed.

You must understand that most fourth-year and fifth-year students hover between the fourth and the fifth layer. In the entire institute, there are only twelve or thirteen students with sixth-layer cultivation (without including me).

And even these students would have a hard time defeating a battle-hardened fifth-layer daemon.

Less than fifteen seconds later, Daisy had returned with Iris.

“W-What is the situation?” Iris asked anxiously. I did not answer and instead waited in silence.

Soon, four shadows appeared in front of us.

“They are…” Iris was surprised.

The shadows also seemed surprised by the fact that we were waiting for them. But they controlled their emotions quickly and took out their weapons.

“So we have three preys here, huh.” One of the shadows said with a strange human accent.

When Iris and Daisy heard that voice, they felt goosebumps in their skin.

“T-T-They are not humans.”

“… Daemons.” I said with a grave expression. “It looks like this expedition is even more complicated than we thought.”

“Oh? You recognized us?” Another shadow seemed surprised. “Mm, you are pretty sharp to be a student. Were you the one who detected us too?”

I didn’t reply.

The daemon was not displeased, though. Instead, he observed me carefully.

Then, his expression changed.

“That hair color, could it be…?”

“A prince?”

“Hahaha, we hit the jackpot!”

“Hey, he is mine! Don’t try to steal him from me!”

“What are you talking about? It’s first come first served.”

“There are two beautiful girls too! We can enjoy them later!”


Hearing the raucous laughter of the daemons, Iris entered in panic.

“W-What are we going to do?”

“Calm down.” I said in a stern tone and told the girls the cultivations of the enemies. “I’ll take care of the strongest two. Daisy, Iris, take care of the other two.”

“Understood, your highness.” Daisy agreed instantly.

Aware that it was the only way, Iris could only nod too.

The daemons stopped laughing when they saw we were getting ready to battle. Instead, they turned serious.

“… Judging by his age and cultivation, he must be Claus Quintin, the fourth prince.”

“A troublesome one, huh.”

“I heard he is a genius, so the two of us will focus on him. Not even the best genius can defeat two seventh-layer practitioners when still in the fifth layer. It will be fine if we are a bit careful.” One of the seventh-layer daemons said.

“So we will take care of the girls then.” The fifth layer and sixth layer daemons nodded in understanding.

“End them quickly and come to support us.” Said the second seventh-layer daemon.

The two weakest daemons nodded.

At that moment, I unsheathed my sword.

Then, my sword intent surged outwards, assaulting the two seventh-layer daemons and forcing them to focus on me.

“Daisy, Iris, be careful.” I said.

“I know, your highness.”


Hearing their answers, I took a step forward.

And my body was shot towards the two seventh-layer daemons.

The daemons snorted. One of them wielded a dagger in each hand and charged towards me while the other disappeared in the shadows.

The next second, the first daemon clashed against me.


And as soon as our weapons clashed, I felt another pair of weapons attacking from behind.

It was the daemon that disappeared!

I narrowed my eyes. Calmly, I ducked down and evaded the sneak attack while at the same time using my knee to deliver a kick on the first daemon’s stomach.

But the daemon was very experienced. He retrieved his daggers and took a step aside, evading my attack. Then, he stabbed his two daggers towards my shoulders.

At the same time, the daemon from behind attacked again!

However, I did not block the attacks this time. Instead, my body flickered briefly before I appeared behind the second daemon.

The daemon was surprised, but he did not panic. Instead, he proceeded to attack me while ignoring my attack.

But before my sword could reach his neck, the first daemon stopped my attack with his daggers, saving his companion. At the same time, the second daemon’s daggers were already in front of my chest.

I narrowed my eyes. Suddenly, the sword intent in my sword surged in strength, easily overpowering the first Daemon and cutting towards the second Daemon’s neck.

The change was so sudden that the daemons were almost unable to react.

But luckily, the second daemon managed to twist his body out of the path of my sword before the two daemons jumped back and distanced themselves from me.

“… Dangerous.” One of the daemons frowned.

“Damn, he is stronger than we thought.” The other said.

Well, it’s obvious. It is just a game for me, after all.

I looked at the daemons with a leisure smile. Then, I took my second step forward.

In an instant, my body appeared in front of the two daemons again.

“Careful.” The first daemon shouted and stepped forward to confront me. At the same time, the second daemon disappeared once more and tried to sneak attack me while I was busy fighting the first.

But just like the first time, it was useless. I used quick and precise movements to evade him before counterattacking at the next instant.

Just like that, the daemons were constantly forced to defend.

It did not take long for the daemons to understand that they were in an inferior position.

At this rate, they would be killed eventually.

Thus, they could only hope that the other two dealt with the girls quickly and came to help them.

But at that moment, they felt a powerful mana fluctuation coming from the other battlefield.

Then, lightning flashed and a powerful aura erupted.

In an instant, Daisy had transformed into a goddess of lightning, and her cultivation had climbed up to the seventh-layer.

[Lightning Goddess’s Armor]!

“Die!” With Daisy’s shout, a sea of lightning assaulted the two daemons fighting her.


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