FPD Chapter 275

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Midnight Assault (2)


Of my women, Daisy can be considered as the one I spend the most time with.

As my personal servant, Daisy is in charge of my day to day’s needs. Even in the academy, where supposedly there is no distinction between social classes, Daisy still behaves as my servant most of the time.

Due to that, Daisy is also the girl I put the most effort in when it comes to training.

Thus, Daisy’s growth was incredibly fast. In fact, it was so fast that it could be compared to the hero, Rose, and the cat girl whose soul is connected to mine, Raven.

Plus, after the duels of one month ago where she was defeated after she fought Harry, Daisy has trained even harder.

Compared to one month ago when she faced Harry in the arena, today’s Daisy is much stronger. Even although her cultivation still remains in the fifth-layer, her control over mana and her proficiency in lightning spells is much higher.

If back then, Daisy was like a child wielding a powerful hammer, the current Daisy is like a strictly trained soldier. She still lacks a bit of battle experience, but she is almost perfect in the other aspects.

And that was shown as soon as Daisy used [Lightning Goddess’s Armor].

When the armor of lightning covered her body, Daisy waved her hand and a sea of lightning assaulted the two daemons fighting against her.

“Careful!” The two daemons realized the danger and hurriedly retreated. But Daisy’s attack seemed as though it was alive! The lightning sea expanded quickly while several lightning serpents grew out of it, hissing furiously and slithering towards the daemons!

In just a few seconds, the daemons were quickly cornered.

I could see the disbelief and astonishment in the daemons’ eyes. They could not believe that a fifth-layer student was cornering two experienced warriors like them!

Even if Daisy used a technique to boost her strength, the fact that she was overwhelming her opponents was still astonishing. It was something that went beyond simply using her stronger mana to defeat them. Instead, Daisy was using her spells with such finesse that the daemons could not find any opening to counterattack!

“Damn it! Who is this girl!?” One of the daemons cursed.

“Was there a genius like her in the empire’s younger generation?” The other asked in disbelief.

“… We need to do something about this, and fast!”

The second daemon nodded. “At this rate, she is going to defeat us! Udall, use that!”

“Very well, I need a bit of time!”

“Leave it to me!”

One of the daemons then closed his eyes. Instantly, his body started to glow and the mana in the surroundings rushed towards him. You didn’t need to be very smart to realize that he was preparing a powerful technique.

Daisy also understood that and frowned. Without hesitation, she directed her lightning towards him. The sea of lightning and the lightning serpents surged in intensity and attacked.

But before the attack could reach him, the other daemon took a step forward and shouted.


As though his words carried a special power, his body took a deep dark glow. Then, he wielded his sword in a defensive stance and stood against the lightning!

Astonishingly, even when the lightning sea and the lightning serpents clashed and surrounded him, he continued standing, defending stubbornly.

Several injuries appeared on his body, and the lightning burned his limbs completely. But the daemon resisted! He seemed ready to give up his life to allow his companion to succeed.

Five seconds. That was the time he managed to endure before collapsing.

And that was enough time for the daemon behind him.

A powerful presence erupted from the second daemon. He stared at his collapsed companion in sadness while great amounts of mana circled him, creating a vortex around his body.

The mana was so overwhelming that it seemed to devour Daisy’s lightning. It was way beyond the power a sixth-layer daemon was supposed to be able of wielding.

The daemon took a deep breath. Suddenly, his eyes turned ice-cold, and his aura turned incredibly violent.

“Forbidden Technique, [Mana Overload]!”

Then, the daemon kicked the ground.

In an instant, he appeared in front of Daisy and slashed downwards.

Daisy reacted quickly. A shield of lightning formed in front of her, stopping the attack. At the same time, a ring of lightning surrounded her body, creating a powerful magnetic force that pushed the daemons away.

The daemon grunted. Immediately, his aura became more violent and berserk. He then used pure physical strength to resist the power of lightning!

It was the effects of [Mana Overload]. A forbidden technique that forcibly increased the user mana for a brief time.

But as a forbidden technique, its consequences were not small. Each second, streams of blood spurt out of the daemon skin. There was blood flowing out of his ears, eyes, nose, and mouth.

It was obvious this daemon was planning to bring Daisy to the grave with him!

“Die!” The daemon shouted. His sword shone with an ominous red glow and sliced towards Daisy’s neck, cutting her defenses as though they were butter.

But at that moment, Daisy smiled.

Then, a tree of lightning suddenly grew behind her.

The tree of lightning appeared without warning. The daemon was unable to understand when she summoned it.

Its branches extended to the surrounding trees, and its roots covered the ground. As for the daemon’s sword, it was entangled by countless lightning vines, unable to move in the slightest.

[Gungnir Tree]!

The daemon’s expression fell. He instantly understood everything.

It was a trap.

And he had walked straight towards it.

He could see the tree’s branches turning into lightning spears and serpents that pierced towards him mercilessly!

“But I will not die like this!” The daemon bellowed.

Instantly, the mana on his body became several times more powerful. At the same time, his blood and mana boiled. He had directly sacrificed his life in exchange for one last powerful attack!

“Die!” The daemon let go of his sword and gathered his remaining energy in a punch. It was planning to decide everything with this attack!

Daisy wrinkled her brows, but she remained calm. [Lightning Goddess’s Armor] plus [Gungnir Tree] granted her the perfect attack-and-defense combination. Even although the consumption of mana was incredibly high, their power was not something that could be defeated so easily.

But in the next instant, her expression changed.

Because she realized that she was not the target of the attack.

Instead, he was aiming at Iris behind her.

The daemon, who had realized it was unlikely he could hurt Daisy, had changed his target towards the person Daisy was protecting.

“Careful!” Daisy shouted and hurriedly tried to cast defensive spells on Iris, but it was too late. The power in the daemon’s punch was not something that could be stopped by a half-assed defense.

Iris’s expression turned pale. She could see the punch becoming bigger and bigger, filling her entire vision.

But for some reason, she was very calm.

It was as though she knew she was not going to come to harm while I was nearby.

And me? Well, I could not betray the beauty expectations.

With a step across space, I appeared in front of the daemon and extended my palm.

And the punch was stopped.

Under the shaking gaze of the daemon, I curved the corner of my lips up.

“Are you satisfied with our service, dear customer?”

Far away, the corpses of the two daemons that had been fighting against me lay sliced into pieces.


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