FPD Chapter 281

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I Still Have Some Tricks Left, Eldest Brother


“… It looks like you know a lot about the topic, little brother.”

When they heard Alan’s voice, Daisy and Iris’s expressions changed.

They hurriedly turned around in fright. When they saw the people that just arrived, their expressions turned pale.

There, Alan, Bryan, and Christine were standing with several black-dressed men behind them.

And of these men, three of them felt incredibly powerful.

Two thirteenth-layer powerhouses, and a fourteenth-layer powerhouse.

“You look surprised, little brother.” Alan smiled gloatingly. “Do you truly think you can enter this place without anyone noticing?”

Errr… Actually, I can. The only reason your people noticed us was because I allowed it.

I would not tell it, though. Instead, I feigned a grave expression.

“Alan… As expected, you are the one behind this.”

Alan’s smile became even wider. He could not hide the happiness he was feeling at the current moment.

Seeing me helpless, in a situation where he could kill me or humiliate me as much as he wanted, filled him with excitement.

After all, in this situation, I could not escape, right?

“What do you think of this big guy?” Alan said and looked at the dragon. “The Riea family has invested a lot of resources to grow it secretly. It’s not very obedient, but with enough stimulus, it gets things done.”

“That is so cruel!” Daisy gritted her teeth. “Your highness Alan, do you know what are you doing!?”

Alan frowned. “How dares a mere servant to speak like that to me!? But don’t worry, soon enough I’ll show you how to respect royalty.” Alan then looked at me. “Little brother, you can see it if you want.”

I remained silent. I had to make my act believable, after all.

“The dragon. Did you use it to control the other monsters?” I asked.

Alan nodded smilingly. “Smart. My plan was to release the monster after we located your location. By then, with all the anger the dragon has accumulated through the years, it will turn berserk and attack all the students in the forest, plus lead the other monsters to attack the students too. Of course, it’s impossible for the headmistress not to notice once the monster turns berserk, thus, while she is busy stopping the dragon, we can kill you, and the monsters will receive all the blame.”

I sighed.

A great plan, I have to admit. Without the collar, the dragon will not only turn berserk, but it will not have anything to do with the Riea family or the crown prince anymore. The Riea family can easily say that it’s a wild dragon.

And once the dragon and the other monsters start to rampage, many students will die, I included. Thus, it will turn into an unprecedented disaster in the history of the empire.

At that moment, Alan and their men will appear like a beacon of light, rescuing the students still alive and gaining their trusts, becoming into a hero.

Finally, after everything ends, the Riea family can easily blame the institute for the disaster, spreading the word that it was their negligence what caused this disaster, and thus forcing Evelyn to resign to replace her with someone of their family.

Three birds with a stone. Truly impressive.

Such a shame their enemy was me.

I looked at Alan with a look of pity. Man, you are completely screwed and you don’t know it yet.

Iris, understanding the situation, sighed in disappointment.

“… Prince Alan, Bryan, so it was the two of you behind this disaster after all.”

Alan was surprised and looked at Iris. But before he could speak, Bryan opened his mouth.

“Slut! So you are here!”


“Hehe… I wondered why our men had not located you. So you were with this bastard… Are you still going to deny that you have something with him!”

Man, you look very angry.

But the next scene turned him even angrier.

Iris’s eyes turned ice-cold. She raised her face and looked straight into Bryan’s eyes.

“No, I’m not going to deny it anymore. Claus is the man I love. And you… Trash like you is nothing compared to him.”

Daisy, where are my popcorns!

Iris’s words froze all the people present. I could see Bryan’s face turning into a strange mix of purple, green, and blue.

I truly have to admire how brave Iris is. The fact that she said these words in this situation where we could die easily shows that she is completely on my side.

However, I was not happy with just that. Grabbing Iris’s hand, I leaned forward and kissed her on the lips, in front of all the people present.

And like a lovestruck maiden, Iris lowered her head shyly.

Bryan’s face turned completely pale. He staggered two steps back before falling on the ground. Then, he pointed his finger to us and growled.

“Bastards… Bastards, bastards, bastards! Claus, Iris, I’ll kill you! I’ll cut your skin one thousand times and cut your fingers and tongue! And these girls you like so much. I’ll rape every one of them in front of you! I will make you watch while you are unable to stop me from raping them!!!”

Man, you sure have anger management issues.

Should I recommend you to a therapist?

Alan also gritted his teeth in fury. He closed his eyes and took a deep breath before opening them again.

“Good, good, good. It looks like you want to humiliate us even when facing death, Claus.”

I shrugged. “Well, I don’t think I’m going to die here.”

A frown appeared on Alan’s face. “Could it be your teacher is nearby? But even if your teacher dares to appear, we will kill him too!”

I laughed mockingly and raised my hand. “Sorry, my teacher is busy now. However, I still have a few tricks on my hands.” I then showed them the rock I picked up just now and crushed it.

Alan’s expression changed.

“Stop them!” He bellowed, and one of the thirteenth-layer practitioners attacked us, but a barrier appeared around us and stopped him.

At the same time, the girls and I were enveloped by a space fluctuation. In less than one second, we would be gone.

Seeing the situation, the other two powerhouses behind Alan made their move, but at that moment, their expressions changed.

Behind me, the collar on the dragon’s neck broke–


–And the dragon opened its eyes.



The roar of the dragon shook the forest. It was filled with such fury and hatred that each person that heard it trembled in fear.

“How…” Alan’s eyes were filled with terror. He could not understand what was happening.

But at that moment, my voice reached his ear.

“I still have a few tricks left, eldest brother.”

Then, we disappeared from there.


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