FPD Chapter 284

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A Disappointment


“Now, it’s time for us to speak, brother.” I put on the brightest smile I could and released the seal on Bryan’s mouth. I don’t want to brag, but with my handsomeness, I’m sure this smile can make any woman fall.

Strangely, though, my second brother seemed even more frightened after watching my smile. He even staggered several steps back before falling on his butt.

Could it be due to the killing intent I’m emitting?

And I even controlled it to lengthen the fun…

To cooperate with Bryan, I walked slowly towards him.

“S-Stop! M-Monster! D-Don’t come closer!” Bryan’s face was twisted in fear. He tried to drag his fat body away, but his body was shaking so much that even that was impossible.

“M-Monster, stop! I-I told you s-stop!”

What is with the monster thing? Am I so scary?

I shook my head in disappointment.

“Brother, you look… pathetic. Well, I was not expecting much from trash like you.” I said without hiding my expression of disdain. That is the only thing I feel towards him after all.

To be honest, Bryan is… useless. Compared to his mother and brother, who despite all their flaws are at least outstanding people, Bryan is someone completely bereft of any talent.

Useless for swordsmanship, useless for magic, useless for politics. The only thing he knows to do is to use his status to bully the commoners and harm the women of the capital. He is pure trash that the world is better without.

But even such a trash, when in the body of a prince, can cause so many troubles.

I wonder how many people have suffered under his hand.

Don’t misunderstand me. I’m obviously not a warrior of justice or something like that. Plus, I have probably harmed several millions of times more innocents in my numerous lifetimes. Hell, even in this life, I have done my fair share of evil.

But even so, I can’t help but loathe people like him.

I walked slowly until I was standing before Bryan. I looked down at the pitiful state of my brother and put on an expression of disgust.

I have not done him anything yet, but he is already trembling in fear, with tears and snot in his face.

To make an experiment, I increased slightly the killing intent I was emitting. Instantly, Bryan’s face started to turn paler and paler, until finally, a wet mark appeared on his pants and a sour smell filled the air.

My lips curved up in a contemptuous smile.

“It looks like you had a small accident, brother.”


“Why are you so scared?” I asked amusedly. “Are you perhaps scared of I killing you?”

“W-Will you not?” Bryan asked with a hopeful look.

“Of course, I’ll kill you, idiot. Why do you think I’m here then.”

“I-If you kill me, m-mom will kill you.”

I chuckled. “Your mother huh. Don’t worry, her time will come too. Not yet, though. She still has her uses, and you will help me with that.”

My eyes narrowed in amusement.

Damn Bryan, am I smelling shit?

I thought it was pathetic when you peed your pants. But shitting yourself? That is… very low, even for you.

I sighed. Damn, this is so disgusting that I’m quickly losing the interest.

I retracted my killing intent, to Bryan’s relief. Quickly, his face turned much less pale, but the expression of fear in his face was still as clear as before.

“You see, Bryan, I truly want to kill you,” I said with an indifferent expression. “However, you are my brother after all, so I’ll give you an opportunity.”


“Of course,” I said calmly before waving to Iris.

“You already know Iris, right?” I smiled teasingly. “She was your fiancée before. Unfortunately, you are useless, so she ended becoming my lover.”

Iris blushed, part in embarrassment and part in shame. However, she had agreed to cooperate before, so she did her part and hugged my waist.

Bryan, on the other hand, showed a brief expression of hatred. But he quickly hid it when he remembered that I killed a thirteenth-layer practitioner just now and the killing intent he felt before.

I smiled in satisfaction. Yeah, this is a bit more fun.

“… Now, this is your opportunity. Just like the thirteenth-layer practitioner of before, you will fight for your life. However, you will fight Iris instead of me. Besides, Iris will suppress her cultivation to the first layer. Otherwise, trash like you will not have any opportunity.”

Bryan’s expression twisted in humiliation. But perhaps aware that this was perhaps his only opportunity to survive, he endured.

“… I agree.” He said with gritted teeth.

“What about you, Iris?”

Iris nodded too.

“Perfect. Then, how about a little wager?”

“… Wager?”

“Yeah,” I replied to Bryan. “It’s very simple. Iris is your fiancée, right? However, she doesn’t like you… Literally, she thinks she is too much for you. Thus, let’s see if it’s true in this duel. If you win, not only I’ll let you go, but Iris will agree to marry you. Afterward, no matter what do you want to do, she will agree.

“But if you lose, not only will you lose your life, but you will also prove that you truly are trash no worthy of a woman like her.”

Bryan heard my provocative words with a look of shame. He knew my goal was just to play with him, to make him feel as low as possible, but even so, he was unable to resist.


“Iris?” I looked at her.

“… Let’s do it.”

“Then, let’s start,” I said and clapped animatedly.

As promised, Iris suppressed her cultivation to the first layer. She looked at me a bit nervous, but I nodded to her indicating that everything was going to be alright.

Soon, both Bryan and Iris were in positions.

On a side, Bryan was standing with a pitiful look. His face was filled with dirt, and his pants were filled with shit. He seemed even more disgusting than normal.

On the other side, there was Iris.

Contrary to Bryan, she seemed nervous but determined. To her, this fight was to escape her fate.

To escape the nightmare that her life had become when Bryan became her fiancée.

When I made sure both were ready, I raised my hand.


“Haaaaaaaa!” Bryan was the first to move. He raised his sword and charged towards Iris as quickly as possible.

But then… There was not then.

Iris simply cast a mana arrow that hit him on the chest.


Bryan fell at the ground with an expression of pain. He curled his body briefly, but aware that this was a life and death fight, he quickly tried to stand up again.

Iris, on the other hand, was looking at Bryan stunned.

She never expected this would be so… easy.

Still doubtful, she cast another mana arrow, this time hitting Bryan’s knee.

“Agh!” Bryan kneeled in the ground with a look of desperation. He tried to stand up again, but Iris shot several other arrows, hitting his face and body on repeated occasions.

Finally, Bryan was unable to endure the attacks and collapsed in the ground with a bloody body.

Iris looked at the scene with a complicated expression. Then, she turned around.

“… This was more disappointing than I expected.” She said while gazing at the sky.

Finally, she was free.

Bryan’s face distorted in humiliation and fury.

I looked at Bryan with a smile. In the end, this was the only result possible.

Bryan has never trained in his entire life. He doesn’t know how to hold a sword, nor how to use mana.

His body is fat and wasted by too much sex and alcohol. Even his first layer of cultivation was only gotten due to the mana-filled food we eat in the palace.

But the fact that Bryan is still a first-layer practitioner even with the resources of the empire says how useless he is.

“Even worse than I expected,” I said.

Bryan bit his lips and started to cry. “P-Please, I-I don’t want to die…”

“Don’t worry, you will not die yet.” I put on an indifferent expression and walked towards him. “You still need to help me in my revenge against your mother.”

Then, I waved my hand.

Instantly, a magic circle appeared behind me. The magic circle lit up and turned into countless chains that tied Bryan up.

The next second, a hole appeared in the space behind him.

“Stay there for a while and enjoy your remaining pitiful life, brother.”

When I finished speaking, the chains started to drag him into the hole.


Amidst his pathetic screams, Bryan was dragged to the hole.

Then, this place returned to silence.


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