FPD Chapter 286

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The One to Lead (1)


When we arrived at the place where Dina and the other students were gathered, it was already almost night.

The place was filled with a gloomy atmosphere. Despite the high number of students gathered, most of them sported disturbed and despairing expressions.

In fact, I could see several injured students and teachers. Moreover, there were also some students crying disconsolately while holding garments or objects that most probably once belonged to a now-dead student.

Other students were holding their weapons with tense expressions while looking at the trees in the surroundings. They were the students in charge of keeping watch in case of a new attack.

Not much later after we arrived, someone recognized us.

“It’s Prince Claus!”

“Prince Claus is here!”

“Thank God he is alright. Now we only need to find Prince Alan and Prince Bryan.”

“… But they have still not appeared even after so long. What if something happened to them?”

“Shhh. Shut up! Do you want to be killed!?”


The news of our arrival quickly spread through the camp. And soon enough, someone I recognized appeared in front of us.

“Cousin, you are alright!”

I opened my arms and received the weight of the girl that threw herself towards me.

“… I missed you too, Andrea.”

“Cousin, I was so worried. We could not find you no matter how much we searched… Even although Dina said that you were alright, I was very worried.”

I petted the hair of my beautiful cousin and smiled. “Don’t worry, I’m alright. But… We are in public, you know?”

Andrea almost instantly jumped away from my arms and blushed completely. She then realized that many of the students around were looking at us with strange gazes.

I smiled wryly. There were already rumors around the institute that I was a player and a womanizer. And now that Andrea threw herself to my arms in public, I guess that the fact that I did not spare even my family will be added to these rumors.

… It’s not like it’s a lie, though.

Andrea did her best to compose herself, but the red hue on her cheeks was still very noticeable. Soon, though, she remembered that Daisy and Iris also arrived with me.

“D-Daisy, I-Iris, I’m happy to know you are alright.”

Daisy narrowed her eyes and smiled.

“What about sisters before misters? I never thought you were of that kind, Andrea. You probably just noticed our existence right now.”

Andrea blushed. “S-Sorry.”

I shook my head in amusement. And what in the hell is with sisters before misters? Is that supposed to be the female version of bros before hoes?

“Stop teasing Andrea, girls. Can’t you see she is embarrassed?”

Andrea looked at me gratefully. Daisy and Iris, on the other hand, snorted in displeasure.

But they quickly giggled at the next instant, as though their expressions of before were a lie.

Well, Andrea, Daisy, and Iris are very good friends, with the three of them working in the student council and all of that.


I stopped myself from sighing and looked at Andrea, finally asking for the person I want to see the most now.

“By the way, where is my sister?”

Almost instantly, Andrea’s expression froze.

“… Right, it’s better if you come with me.”

I frowned. “Did anything happen?” I asked concerned. When I closed my eyes to check, though, I understood the situation.

So, there are people causing trouble huh.

Andrea quickly explained the gist of the situation. When Daisy and Iris heard about it, their faces turned cold in anger.

“These bastards!”

“They are still causing trouble for her highness even at this kind of time!”

Andrea’s expression was not good either. It was obvious she was also angry about the situation.

“Come with me, cousin. Perhaps with you here the situation can be controlled.”

I nodded. The four of us then walked towards the center of the camp.

Before we reached there, though, we were able to hear the heated voices coming from there.

“How are you qualified to lead this group!? I would not mind if the leader is a teacher, but you are just a student like us!”

“I concur. Even if you are a princess, I doubt you are qualified to lead the students and teachers in the current situation.”

Dina’s disdain-filled voice replied at that moment.

“And who is qualified? You?”

The voice of before was stumped. But he quickly found a clever answer.

“Well, I admit I’m unqualified too. But at least, a teacher can do a better job!”

“I’m sorry, but the headmistress was the one that left her highness in charge.” Teacher Tear interrupted. “And all the teachers agreed that she is the most qualified to lead the students the current situation.”

… So it’s it, huh.

I could see a crowd gathered around the discussion. All of them were students talking between themselves about if it was right for Dina to lead the group. Moreover, a portion of them seemed to agree that my sister was not qualified to lead.

Alan, Alan, thinking of ruining my plans?

I snorted. Instantly, my ice-cold killing intent filled the place.

It was as though a basin of cold water was poured in all the people in the camp. Many students shivered, and a few of them paled in fear. At the same time, the students in front of me took several steps to the sides, opening a path towards my sister involuntarily.

I smiled and walked forward, not bothering to pay attention to the gazes filled with admiration, curiosity, and fear directed towards me.

When I arrived in front of my sister, I smiled gently before turning around to face Alan’s henchmen.

“I think I heard that some of you are dissatisfied with my sister.”


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