FPD Chapter 289

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Dina is so Cute


After Alan left, the situation finally calmed down. Several students came to congratulate Dina while looking at me strangely.

They probably were still astonished by the oath I made just before.

Dina, though, replied politely towards these students while grabbing my arm.

“Claus, we need to talk… In private.”

I sent an apologetic smile to Louise, Clara, and the other girls that seemed eager to talk to me and followed Dina into a tent.

As soon as we entered, Dina closed the tent before casting a soundproof spell to avoid having our conversation heard by others.

When everything was done, Dina looked at me and bit her lips before rushing towards me and hugging me tightly.

“Little brother… Sorry… Why did you do that?”

I stroke her hair softly and smiled. “What are you speaking about, sister? I promised you I was going to support you as the next emperor. That oath the loyalty is just the proof of that.”

“… Then, were your words true?” Dina asked timidly.

I nodded with a smile. “Of course, I’ll be your sword, sister. The sword that clears your path and the shield that protects you from your enemies.”

“Claus…” Dina looked at me with a moved expression and hugged my neck. Then, she kissed my lips.

I held her waist firmly and answered her kiss.

Dina’s soft lips tasted sweet. Her tongue moved swiftly, invading my mouth while I used my tongue to entangle with hers.

To be honest, Dina was not very good at kissing. She was a bit awkward, and her teeth sometimes clashed softly with mine.

But it did not make the kiss less enjoyable. Instead, I enjoyed the feeling of owning the mouth of my elder sister.

But even after the first kiss ended, we were still not satisfied. Instead, we continued with another kiss, and another, and another.

Dina’s black hair fell on her back like a curtain, giving her a fairy-like beauty. At the same time, her lips glistened due to the saliva we shared, and her deep-black-eyes seemed to see through my soul.

I held her waist and used my tongue to explore her mouth, licking her teeth, tongue, and throat. The kisses quickly became lewder, and my hands stopped being honest.

Soon, it was obvious that Dina started to be overwhelmed by my movements. She had never experienced such a passionate show of love.

Her face turned red, and her breathing turned heavy. Soft moans escaped from her mouth, combined with gasps of surprise every time my hands touched a sensitive part of her body.

“… Brother.” Dina groaned with moist eyes. Her expression was so fragile and defenseless that she seemed nothing like the strong third princess of the empire nor the strict president of the student council.

“… So cute.” I chuckled and kissed her lips again. Dina blushed and answered my kiss while pressing her body against mine.

Quickly, though, our kisses escalated to more intimate contact. At some point, Dina and I were rolling on the ground of the tent. Fortunately, there was a carpet-like blanket on the ground, or our clothes would have turned into a mess.

I pressed Dina below me and kissed her neck, moving my hands through her waist to her legs, and feeling her firm-shaped thigs.

“… Mm~ Claus…~ We need to stop…~” Dina gasped and separated her lips from mine. Only her last bit of reasoning still remained in her eyes, and I knew that if I pressed a bit more, I could own her completely right now, body, and soul.

But in her gaze, I could see she did not want for our first time to be like this.

She probably wanted to have her first time in a more romantic way.

I sighed and bit her lower lips, before sitting beside her and putting her on my lap.

Dina sighed in relief and hid her head on my chest.

“… Sister, I love you.” I said with a smile.


“I want to marry you as my wife.”

“… That is impossible.”

“Really? But I want to do it. If my wife is the Emperor, how cool it will be.”

“… Hmm.”

I chuckled and kissed her head and eyelashes. No matter how I see it, I seemed more like the elder brother and Dina was more like a bullied little sister.

However, Dina seemed pretty happy about this. Her shy and happy expression was so cute that I had to hold myself back to not eat her here and now.

… Damn, I have recently been suffering from blue balls.

I swear that the next girl that dares to tempt me like this, I will eat her regardless of the consequences.

Dina and I remained like that for a while. Occasionally, we shared a kiss, and when we were not kissing, we were talking about different topics.

Finally, Dina asked something she was curious about.

“What happened with Bryan?”

I smiled mysteriously. “He is done for.”

Dina was surprised. She looked at me with a disbelieving gaze and gripped my arm.


“Don’t worry.” I smiled. “I did not leave any clue about my involvement behind. Even if the empress and Alan suspect something, they will not have proof.”

Dina sighed in relief and a complicated expression appeared on her face. It was a mix of gloating, happiness, satisfaction, and regret.

“… I would have liked to see his ugly face of despair at least once.”

“Is it so? Well, you will have your opportunity.”

“What do you mean?” Dina narrowed her eyes.

I just laughed mysteriously without replying.

Seeing that I did not have any intention to answer, Dina rolled her eyes and stop up.

“… Let’s go out. It will look suspicious if we spend too much time inside.”

I put on a spoiled expression. “Already? But I still want to kiss your lips ten or twenty times more.”

Dina blushed and a trace of hesitation appeared on her face, but when she saw my teasing smile, her hesitation turned into embarrassment.

“… Pervert!” She then tidied up her clothes and left the tent flustered.

I shook my head in amusement and remembered the taste of her lips. Dammit, I’m completely turned on.

Looking at my little brother which was suffering in silence, I sighed and stood up.

I need to do something about this.


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