FPD Chapter 293

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Nice to the Ears


In the palace–


Empress Lilia threw a vase against the wall in rage.

“What in the hell is happening!?” Lilia stared at her brother, Earl Carson Riea, with a gaze filled with anger. “This is not supposed to happen!”

Earl Riea furrowed his brows in thoughts. In fact, he was not much better than his sister.

The reason? Everything had gotten out of their control.

“Our people in the institute were all killed!” Lilia growled. “And my two sons are in a forest filled with daemons that want to kill them and drink their blood! What is the meaning of this, Carson!?”

“Calm down, Lilia.” Earl Riea said with a stern tone. “The situation is not as bad as you thought.”

“Are you crazy? My two sons are in danger and you are telling me that the situation is not bad? No, I’m going to send my men to the forest. They will rescue my chil–”

“Enough!” Earl Carson Reia bellowed. “Lilia, stop messing around!”


“I said enough! Lilia, your two sons have two thirteenth-layer powerhouses and a fourteenth-layer powerhouse protecting them! Nothing bad will happen to them! On the other hand, if you send your men to the forest now, you will only complicate the situation more than now!”

Lilia was stunned. One second later, she heaved a sigh.

“Sorry… You know how much I care about my children.”

“I know… However, we can’t send our men now. Even in the current situation, there is a big probability of Alan going ahead with the plan. If we send our men and put a stop to the expedition, then we could be helping that bastard out.”

Lilia nodded. Now that she had calmed down, she knew how foolish her idea to send reinforcements to the forest was.

As her brother said, her children were protected by three powerful powerhouses. Even if the daemons sent another beyond-twelfth-layer powerhouse beside the one fighting the headmistress, her children would be alright.

“… Then, we can only wait, huh.”

“Yes. Just wait. In a few days, we will know how everything resulted.” Earl Riea’s voice seemed convinced of his triumph.



Besides the Empress and Earl Riea, there were some other people in the room. Some of them were followers of Earl Riea, and others were followers of the Empress.

One of them, Hope, was hearing everything in silence.

A few minutes later, when she finally had an opportunity to be alone, she activated a communication stone she had hidden below her clothes.

“… The Empress and Earl Riea are not going to send reinforcements.”

[Is it so?] The voice of a woman came from the stone. It was Marana, the once leader of the Red Skull’s Gang. [Very well, thank you for the information.]

“Mm.” Hope hummed in understanding before asking something with a bit of hesitation. “… Miss, is Prince Claus alright?”

[… I’m not sure. To be honest, my boss has not told me much about the current situation. What I know is the same as you.]

“… I see. Thank you.”

After that, Hope cut off the communication.

Looking towards the distance, she prayed for her prince’s safety.



After Iris fell asleep, I was a nice boyfriend and carried her to her tent.

In the process, Iris opened her eyes briefly and hugged my body with a happy smile. But when she realized that I was going to leave her in her tent, her expression turned downcast.

“Can’t you sleep with me tonight?”

I smiled wryly and kissed her forehead. “Don’t be so spoiled… Sigh, okay. I’ll stay here until you fall asleep. But I will leave afterward.”

Although still a bit unsatisfied, Iris nodded. She then grabbed my hand and closed her eyes.

Fortunately, Iris fell asleep quickly due to her tiredness. I smiled gently and combed her violet hair before standing up and returning to my tent.

Once I returned, I waved my hand, creating a hole in space.

Then, a set of chains left the hole, pulling the fat body of Bryan outside the hole.

Bryan’s face was pale, with a mix of terror, hatred, resentment, unwillingness, and begging.

“How are you, little brother?” I smiled gently.

Bryan gritted his teeth in rage. His eyes turned bloodshot, and he glared at me as though he wanted to eat me alive.


But after a few seconds, his gaze turned into one of defeat.

“… Kill me.”

I gazed at Bryan with interest before chuckling. “Oh? How interesting? A coward afraid of death like you is asking for death. Could it be that the fact that Iris slept with me is too much for you to endure?”

“You…” Bryan’s gaze was filled with as much hatred as possible. “Damn it… bastard, bastard, BASTARD! HOW DO YOU DARE TO SLEEP WITH MY WOMAN!?”

Woah, so much hatred.

Well, he just watched powerlessly how I took his fiancée’s virginity after all.

Mm… Actually, Bryan did not ‘see’ anything. Although I showed him the process of me sleeping with Iris, he just saw a blurry scene and heard the sounds. Why should I let him see the naked body of my woman?

But even that was more than enough to turn Bryan crazy.

Bryan could be a trash and useless man, but he, in fact, loved Iris dearly. He was obsessed with her.

She was perhaps the only woman he has loved in his life.

Therefore, the fact that I, his mortal enemy, slept with her and enjoyed her body, was like a nightmare for him.

I endured Bryan’s glare of hatred with a smile. Damn, this feels nice.

Before long, though, Bryan’s gaze lost strength and he gritted his teeth.

“… Just kill me. Otherwise, I’ll kill you once I escape this place!”

But I shook my head.

“Unfortunately, second brother, you are still useful. Although you are an absolute trash, there is someone that would do anything to save you.”

Bryan was startled, and then, his expression changed.

“You… Don’t you dare!!!”

“Yes, I dare.” With a smile, I waved my hand. With that as the signal, the chains started to drag Bryan into the hole again.


Seconds later, the screams disappeared completely.

Sigh, the music of revenge is so nice to the ears.


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