FPD Chapter 296

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Prideful Katherine


*Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!*

The sound of arrows piercing through the air filled our ears. Tens of arrows were shot at great speed against us.

Each arrow was shot by a powerful practitioner. When they hit, they created big explosions mixed with wind, fire, and sometimes ice.

“Careful!” Katherine exclaimed, hurriedly casting a spell around me. It was a wind boost spell to increase my agility.

I smiled silently while avoiding the arrows. Although I didn’t need the spell to deal with this kind of attack, the fact that she managed to react so quickly shows Katherine’s battle experience.

The arrows seemed infinite. Even after avoiding more than twenty of them, there were many more coming.

Finally, I moved behind a giant rock, escaping from the arrows momentarily.

However, this was not a lasting measure. I knew the daemons were currently changing their locations, searching for a place from where they could attack us.

“Dammit, where are the attacks coming from?” Katherine asked with a frustrated tone. “I didn’t manage to locate them.”

“Really? But I did.” I said with a smile.

Katherine was startled. When I saw her expression of incredulity, I chuckled and started to explain.

“There are four of them. Two are located 200 meters at our right but they are quickly moving towards us. There is another daemon three-hundred meters at our left. And the last one is even farther away, almost five hundred meters away from us. Most of the arrows came from him.”

“How did you…”

“What can I say?” I shrugged. “I’m awesome… By the way, I saved your life just now. How are you going to repay me? I accept a kiss. But if you want to give me your body, I will reluctantly agree too.”

“Dream on!” Katherine bellowed in irritation. Thanks to that, though, she managed to calm down.

“Are you sure these are their positions?” Katherine asked.

I nodded. “Why should I lie?”

Katherine nodded. If my words were right, then the following part was much easier.

We just needed a plan to counterattack and kill the daemons.

“Any idea?” Katherine asked.

“Just four daemons. Don’t worry, just stay here while I took care of them.” I purposefully said so and smiled.

Now, if I’m not wrong, Katherine is going to…

“Are you saying that I need your protection?”

As expected.

I noticed it before, but Katherine is very proud.

Katherine’s talent is remarkable, and she is very hardworking. But at the same time, she hates when other people underestimate her. Mainly when it’s because she is a commoner or a woman.

And just now, I managed to tick her off.

Amused by her reaction, I put on a provocative expression.

“Well, you would have died if I don’t save you. Besides, I can take care of these daemons for myself. Just rest here while I take care of everything.”

Katherine frowned. Instinctively, she wanted to ignore my words and let it pass.

But when she saw my irritating expression, she gritted her teeth and stood up.

“I can take care of these demons for myself too. I don’t need your help.” She said coldly.

“Oh?” I raised an eyebrow. “Why don’t we made a bet then?”


“Mmm… How about this, if you manage to take care of the four enemies, I will be your servant for one month. But if you fail… I only want a kiss.”

Katherine turned slightly red. “Shameless.”

“What, are you afraid?”

“… Of course not.”

Katherine took a deep breath and calmed down her emotions. She was a smart girl. After she calmed down her initial emotions, she realized I only wanted to rile her up.

However, perhaps out of competitiveness, she finally accepted the bet.

I grinned. “Perfect. Mmm, but as I am a gentleman, I will help you a bit. The daemons moved, these are their new positions.”

Katherine heard my words and nodded. “Thank you.” She then closed her eyes and focused on the coming fight.

One second later, she cast her first spell.

Third-Layer wind and water spell, [Mist Formation]!

The spell was cast instantly. As soon as it appeared, the water in the air quickly turned warmer, forming a cloud of mist that engulfed our location in seconds.

Katherine did not hesitate. As soon as the mist appeared, she jumped out of the rock and rushed towards her first target.

Unfortunately, the mist was unable to block the attackers’ sight completely. One second after she moved, an arrow came flying in her direction.

But this time, Katherine was ready.

[Wind Waltz]!

Using the flow of air to detect, evade, and aid her movements. It was an elegant technique that allowed Katherine to evade attacks with just a slight movement.

Without looking to the arrow, Katherine twisted her body slightly, evading the arrow and continuing towards her target.

Then, she cast her second and third spells.

[Wind Arrows]!

[Sky Dance]!

With the second spell, she shot several arrows of wind in direction of the daemon, forcing him to jump away to evade them. And with the third spell, she created a strong current of wind that took her to the position of the daemon!

In less than five seconds, she closed up a distance of three hundred meters!

The daemon was surprised, but he did not panic. Instead, he threw his bow away and took two daggers from his belt, slashing towards Katherine’s neck.

At the same time, eight arrows arrived at Katherine’s position. The arrows had locked into her and the possible places where she could evade.

But Katherine was not flustered. In an instant, she determined which arrows were more threatening and evaded them, then, she slammed her hands together.


That was the signal for her fourth spell, [Wind Distortion]!

A vortex of wind formed around her, changing the direction several arrows and at the same time pushing the daemon attacking her away.

Strangely, though, some of the arrows remained in their path. These were the arrows Katherine had avoided.

With the threat of the arrows gone, Katherine was free to focus on the enemy in front of her. In one second, she created two balls of wind on her hands, then, she pushed them against the daemon.

The daemon grunted and raised his daggers, stopping Katherine’s attack easily. But the next second, Katherine lifted her left leg.

Around it, a powerful cutting current of wind had formed.

Sixth-layer wind spell, [Sonic Blade]!

This was Katherine’s true attack since the start!

Under the frightened gaze of the daemon, Katherine’s leg moved pass his neck, severing it in one go.

Just like that, she had killed a seventh-layer daemon.

But she was not done. From the distance, the sound of arrows coming towards her could be heard.

Katherine snorted. With a wave of her hand, the same spell of before was cast again.

[Mist Formation]!

The mist hid Katherine’s figure, allowing her to cast several new spells without worrying about the arrows. When she appeared again, she was using [Sky Dance] to move at high speed through the forest, going after the group of two daemons.

But at that moment, her expression changed.

Without her knowing, a magic circle had appeared below her feet.

The next second–


A powerful suppressive force attacked her.


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