FPD Chapter 302

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Multiple Magic Casting


I received news from Dina around four hours later.

I had left Dina a communication stone, a kind of magic tool, before leaving this morning.

Communication stones are uncommon in this world, but you still can find them if you try hard enough. The only problem is that they can be used only in a limited range.

Of course, there are communication stones that can be used for longer distances, but even the best ones only work if the distance is less than two hundred kilometers. To be honest, this world is kinda undeveloped in that sense.

Dina used the communication stone to tell me that the camp was being attacked by daemons. I told her I was going to be back soon, and to wait for me.

When I told Katherine about that, she said she wanted to go to.

The problem was…

“Someone has to stay to protect the unconscious girls,” I said.

Katherine bit her lips.

“Don’t you have a way to hide them or something like that?”

I thought for a moment and shrugged. Anyway, Katherine already saw me teleporting around the forest. Hiding the girls was much less shocking than that.

Thus, I carried the girls to a cave I found nearby and cast a hiding spell in the entrance. Like that, even if a daemon comes, he will be unable to find the girls.

Afterward, Katherine and I departed towards the camp.

I used my ability to move across space after making Katherine promise me she was not going to speak about it to anyone. Of course, I limited the distance I could move to one kilometer each time and lied about having to rest for twenty seconds each time I used it. Katherine did not doubt my words, though. After all, it was already a terrifying-enough ability even with these limitations.

And even like that, Katherine was so surprised by my ability that she was completely agape.

We took less than five minutes to arrive at the camp.

When we arrived, we were greeted by moans of pain and the sound of weapons clashing.

“Rose!” Katherine shouted seeing her fellow disciple fighting against several daemons. Without asking for my opinion, she activated [Sky Dance] and rushed towards her battle, unleashing several wind spells in succession.

I, on the other hand, confirmed the situation of my lovers first before choosing a random part of the battlefield to fight.

Then, I used my sword to cut into pieces any daemon in my way.

I made sure to be as flashy as possible to increase the morale of the students and teachers. And just like I expected, when the students realized that I was fighting beside them, many of them cheered.

“It’s Prince Claus!”

“Prince Claus is here!”

“Kill these bastards!”

Unfortunately, the students were not the only ones attracted by my flashy entrance.

Not long after I started to kill the daemons, several powerhouses rushed towards my location.

One of them, the stronger of the group, was a tenth-layer daemon.

But before he could attack me, he was stopped by Teacher Tear.

“Where do you think you are going!?”

Teacher Tear waved her hands, instantly forming tens of magic circles around her.

It was her signature move, and the reason Teacher Tear was known as a magic genius.

Multiple Magic Casting.

Before Teacher Tear appeared, even casting four spells at the same time was considered a great achievement.

After teacher Tear, though, it was normal to hear of people casting more than ten spells simultaneously.

As for her, she was currently casting thirty-two different spells concurrently.

Furthermore, the spells were not cast at random, but instead, each one worked as part of a whole for a new and more powerful attack.

Several [Ice Icicles], combined with [Lightning Clad], plus [Acceleration], [Rotation], [Mana Breaking], [Penetration], [Impact], [Sub Zero], [Eruption], and many other spells.

Most were first-layer and second-layer spells, with the strongest spell being a sixth-layer spell, but when combined together, they showed a power beyond Tear’s tenth layer of cultivation.

In front of the barrage of icicles, the daemon was forced to take defensive measures. Despite it, however, many icicles broke through his defenses, causing serious injuries just after the fight started!

That was normal, though. Before fighting this daemon, Teacher Tear was fighting an eleven-layer daemon. The fact that she was alone now meant that she had already defeated and killed it.

With Tear taking care of the strongest daemon, I focused on the others. Fortunately, none of them was stronger than the seventh layer, so I was able to defeat them without showing too much of my strength.

Before long, with Teacher Tear overwhelming strength, plus the addition of Katherine and I, we quickly suppressed the daemons.

Hence, I was not surprised when they retreated.

Once the daemons were gone, many of the students collapsed in the ground. The most spoiled ones even started to cry.

At that moment, Dina jumped on a rock and raised her voice.

“Everybody, get up now! We need to continue!”

“But princess! We were just attacked! Several of us are injured or tired and need to rest!” A teacher said.

However, Dina was firm.

“We need to depart right now. The reason the daemons attacked is that they want to stall us! If we don’t leave quickly, soon we will have many more daemons attacking us crazily.”

Nobody refuted this time. Even the students that were unconvinced by Dina’s decision shut up when they heard the determination in her voice.

When Dina saw that nobody refuted her, she nodded.

“If you are injured but can walk by yourself, don’t slow the group! If there is someone too injured to walk by himself, someone strong will carry him! Now, start moving!”

I whistled when I heard Dina’s words. She is sounding more and more like a leader.

At this rate, once she leaves this forest she will be used to the pressure of having other’s lives in her hands.

After Dina finished her speech, Katherine and I walked towards her tor report the situation.

When my sister saw us, she smiled softly and came to receive us.

Soon, however, she stiffened.

Then, her eyes narrowed.


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