FPD Chapter 303

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That Doesn’t Make Sense


Dina narrowed her eyes briefly, but soon, she returned to normal.

“Claus, Kathe, I’m glad that you two are alright.”

Katherine smiled. “I’m glad too. There was a bit of trouble during the mission, but your brother helped me.”

Dina narrowed her eyes again, and this time she seemed much more suspicious than before.

“… What about the girls you rescued?” She asked.

“We hid them in a safe place,” I replied. “We will pick them up in the way.”

The two of us then explained at Dina the situation. We told her about the patrols we found in the way and about the daemon camp. When Dina learned that we killed all the daemons in the camp, she was relieved.

“… That is good. I think we will choose that route then.”

“What about the route Rose scouted?” I asked.

“They met trouble.” Dina sighed with a bitter smile. “They were ambushed by a team led by a tenth-layer daemon. Fortunately, Rose had a breakthrough at the last minute and managed to kill that daemon with an unexpected strike. However, the teacher accompanying her was gravely injured, so they were forced to retreat.”

… What can I say? How expected of the hero. To have a breakthrough at the critical moment and kill an enemy three layers stronger than her immediately after that.

Only heroes are so lucky.

I checked on Rose with my consciousness and as expected, she advanced to the seventh layer. That is a terrifying speed of cultivation considering that she broke through to the sixth layer around one month ago.

“It looks like it will be our route then,” Katherine said before looking at me with a smile. “I guess we did well in killing all these daemons.”

At that moment, Dina’s eyes had narrowed into slits.

“Kathe, you look a lot closer to my brother than before.”

“H-Huh? N-No, I-I mean, W-We are n-not close. I-It’s j-just t-that… P-Princess, I j-just remembered I n-need to talk with t-teacher T-Tear.”

Having said that, Katherine ran away as though escaping from something.

When Katherine was gone, Dina looked at me with a pair of chilling eyes.

“Seriously, brother?”

I shrugged indifferently. “What can I say? I underestimated my charm.”

“Heeh…” Dina smiled, but the mana in her body started to leak into the surroundings. Finally, she cast a soundproof barrier around us and hit my chest with a soft punch.

“That doesn’t make sense! It has not been even half a day! How can you be so fast!?”

“You should be happy that your brother is so charming.”

“Charming my *ss! Tell me the truth! Did you use a strange drug or something like that!?”

Hey sister, you are slandering me.

Seeing my smug expression, Dina became even more irritated.

“I should have known it! Dammit, you can’t trust anyone these days!”

“Mm, sister? I don’t think it’s a problem of trust…”

“I even reminded her to be careful of you! What part of ‘he is a wolf in sheep’s clothing’ did she fail to understand!?”

“Sister, you should not talk like that of your brother…”

“Stupid little brother! I can accept three or four women besides me, perhaps five or six, but how many do you have now!? Ten!? Fifteen!? Are you even planning to stop!?”

Err… Nope, not yet.

I smiled amusedly and grabbed Dina’s hand. Unfortunately, we were still in public even with the soundproof barrier around us, otherwise, I would have kissed her soft lips now.

As expected, my big sister is the cutest when she is angry.

When Dina saw my loving expression, she stepped on the ground angrily and grumbled.

“That is unfair! When you use that gaze I’m unable to keep angry…”

“Mm? I remember someone was not going to mind it if I stole Katherine’s heart.”

Dina was speechless.

I smiled and put on a mischievous expression. “Sister, I want to kiss you.”

“Stupid brother.” Dina blushed and turned around before deactivating the barrier. Then, she left as though throwing a tantrum.

By that point, though, half of the people in the camp had been attracted to our commotion. Although none of them could hear what we were speaking about, they could see that Dina seemed angry with me.

Unexpectedly, for many students, that episode served as proof that I was below Dina in the hierarchy. After that, the gazes the students used to look at Dina carried a bit more of respect.

I could only smile wryly in front of that result. To be honest, that was not in my plans.

A few minutes later, the group resumed its march. We were marching at a rather slow speed, but that was unavoidable due to the size of the group.

Our slow speed made Dina anxious, but she did her best to hid her anxiousness. She knew that many students were forcing themselves to keep the pace, and as the leader, showing an anxious look right now would only worsen the situation.

I stayed close to Dina the entire time. Perhaps due to that, Dina was able to keep a calm front. But both of us knew that it was just a matter of time before we were attacked again.

And just like we expected, just two hours after the group resumed its march, we were attacked by another group of daemons. They were just twenty daemons, and their purpose was only to slow us down. Fortunately, I warned the group about the attack in time so we did not suffer many losses.

We received another attack after that, but just like last time, they were repelled. The daemons seemed to have learned their lesson so they stopped attacking after that.

However, an all-out attack was just a matter of time.

At that moment, another commotion occurred in the camp.

Dina frowned and sent a student to ask about the situation.

When that student returned, though, Dina and the students nearby put on strange expressions.

As for me, I was struggling to suppress my laughter.

A wretched-looking group filled with dirt and injuries appeared before us, and that group was led by someone we knew well.

His Highness, Crown Prince Alan.


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