FPD Chapter 309

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Unwilling Saintess (2)


Safelia’s tears slid down her cheek. Each and every second, she could not help but remember the shame and humiliation she suffered that time.

My hands moved through her body, removing her clothes skillfully. In just a few seconds, her habit was gone and her naked body was in front of me.

“P-Please…” Safelia begged me with tears in her eyes. “P-Please… Not here… S-Someone will see us.”

I put a finger on her lips and stopped her words. “Don’t worry, I’ll make sure that nobody comes here.”

Safelia’s expression sank in despair. Her body was filled with anxiety, and the strong-willed look in her eyes was slowly replaced by fear.

Meanwhile, my fingers stroked her body, slowly wandering through each corner of her white skin, flicking her nipples and rubbing her breasts.

After her breasts, my hands moved to her waist. I deliberately slowed my movements, focusing on giving Safelia as much pleasure as I could.

Watching how Safelia tried to suppress her pleasure while she cried was truly enjoyable.

“P-Please, p-prince… It’s the f-funeral of y-your brother…”

“Really? Well, I never liked him very much, so I don’t care.” Besides, he is not even dead.

Safelia bit her lips and tried to use her hands to stop my movements.

“B-But, I need to officiate the ceremony later… I-If you do this, then…”

Hehe, girl, do you think that is enough to stop me?

Looking at Safelia’s pitiful expression, my right hand moved towards the place between her legs, feeling a sticky liquid leaking from her cave.

“What should I do?” I said with a smile of amusement. “You need to officiate the ceremony, but your body is already like this… I don’t want to leave you in this state…”

“N-No, it’s alright…” Safelia forced herself to speak while her body trembled due to the finger rubbing her entrance. “I-I don’t mind…”

“But I do,” I said and inserted my index finger in her labia, making Safelia’s legs tremble and almost buckle.

Safelia was between tears, trying her best to escape from this humiliation.

Thus, I brought my mouth close to her ear and whispered something.

“Let’s do something. You still have more than one hour until the start of the ceremony. If you make me come before then, I’ll let you go.”

“P-Please…” Safelia begged one last time, but I replied by removing my clothes entirely.

When Safelia saw my naked body and my weapon ready for action, she understood she could not change my mind.

Thus, she resigned herself to be my plaything for a while.

I smiled and walked towards her, lifting her chin and putting my lips against hers. Safelia resisted, but she was helplessly under my control. Plus, her body was already incredibly sensitive after all the foreplay I had done before.

Soon, her lips opened involuntarily.

“Hnm!” Safelia opened her eyes wide. Her tongue was intertwined with mine, filling her with humiliation. She desperately twisted her charming body to struggle away from me.

My meat stick was already hard and ready. I moved it towards her, rubbing it between the legs of the beautiful saintess and grinding it against her wet lower lips.

Her delicate skin was stimulated by my hot meat stick, making Safelia moan involuntarily. Her eyes, however, were dyed in despair.

I used my left hand to stimulate her clitoris, kneading and stimulating it repeatedly. The constant stimulation was too much for Safelia, and eventually, her body was involuntarily rubbing against me.

At this point, even although she did not want to do this, her body was answering each one of my advances.

I adjusted my body during the kiss, putting the head of my holy weapon against Safelia’s cave. But maybe due to her remaining unwillingness, Safelia moved away each time, avoiding my attacks.

But under my kisses and the movements of my hands, Safelia’s resistance became weaker and weaker, and her honey hole became wetter and wetter.

Eventually, I grabbed Safelia’s thigs with my two hands and lifted her, separating her legs. Then, I moved my behemoth against her promised land, rubbing it up and down.

Safelia had become drowsy under the constant rubbing. Her struggles were becoming weaker and weaker, and groans and moans escaped her lips occasionally.

However, when she felt the hotness of my member against her cave, her last bit of reason awakened.

“Don’t do it… please, no… please…”

Her soft pleas were accompanied by anxious tears. These tears were the only thing she could do to resist.

The truth is, after experiencing sex for the first time, Safelia could not forget it. She hated the fact that I had stolen her purity, but her body could not forget the extreme pleasure she felt that day.

Thus, even although she was unwilling to have my member inside her again, her body was becoming hotter and hotter. She could not resist anymore.

Finally, a soft ‘pa’ sounded, and my proud weapon was inserted inside the beautiful woman.

Just like last time, Safelia’s hole felt incredibly narrow, like a small hand holding my weapon tightly. I was sure that any other men would have been disarmed just after entering her.

But I just savored her hole happily before putting strength on my waist, reaching to her deepest part in a go.

“Ah… Don’t…” Safelia bit her lips and shivered. She felt a lump on her throat, a mix of sadness and despair.

The fact that the body she had dedicated to the goddess had been violated for a man again was like torture to her.

“N-No… S-Stop, please… P-Please, it hurts…” Safelia whispered between groans and sobs, but my face was filled with excitement.

Her cave was juicy and tender, with sticky liquid flowing from her honey hole constantly and lubricating my stick.

Safelia’s tight hole was pierced constantly by my rod, bringing her an incredible pleasure that blurred her consciousness and stopped her resistance.

I held her waist and sprinted harder, piercing her cave once and again, without stop. Safelia’s body shook repeatedly, twisting and struggling instinctively while her mouth let out repeated groans.

“Wo… H-Help…” Safelia’s soft voice sounded again. She looked down and saw how her small hole was stretched out and swallowed my member.

“… How comfortable, saintess.” I whispered excitedly in her ear. “You like it too, huh.”

Tears rolled down Safelia’s eyes, but maybe due to the feeling of humiliation, her lower cave wrapped tighter around my weapon and sucked on it, making me sigh in comfort.

I grunted and thrust inside her wildly, pressing her body against the wall.

“No… P-Please… G-Goddess, S-Save me…” Safelia sobbed again. The mix of pain and pleasure brought by my fierce movements was making Safelia’s crazy. At some point, her mind had turned hazy, and her arms had hugged my back instinctively.

Watching her like that, I decided to be even fiercer. Holding her body firmly, I put strength on my waist and thrust again, reaching even deeper than before.

Instantly, I felt as though I reached a place even deeper than before. It was like a tight and pressurized space that seemed to suck my soul out.

I had broken into her womb!

“So tight…” I grunted and kissed her neck. Safelia, on the other hand, shivered with a mix of pain and pleasure.

“Ahhh…” Safelia screamed. Her head curved backward, and her entire body tensed up suddenly.

Her upper body arched back violently, and her two white legs stretched straight. I felt her cave pressing against my penis, tightening around it more than ever.

When I looked at Safelia’s face, her teeth were clenched, and her eyes were rolled upwards as though she had passed out.

The pain of breaking into her womb had made her cum.


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