FPD Chapter 31

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A Bath With Aunt


The next morning, I woke up when it was time for my training.

Aunt Dayana was still asleep beside me. Her warm back was resting against my chest and her breathing was long and even.

I smiled slightly and hugged her body tighter. I moved my lips and kissed her back softly, tasting a slightly salty flavor due to the sweat produced yesterday at night.

Suddenly, though, I felt aunt Dayana’s body shudder.

“Huh?” I was surprised, but in the next instant, I put on a teasing expression. I began to kiss my aunt’s back and to tease her body. My hands groped her breast and my already erect rod touched her ass.

“Hnmm…” Aunt Dayana moaned softly and turned around. She looked at me with a slightly reproachful expression, but her eyes were gleaming seductively.

“Bad boy, where are you moving your hands?”

I grinned and kissed her lips. Aunt Dayana was slightly startled, but she quickly cooperated with me and kissed me back.

We continued savoring each other for a while, but finally, aunt Dayana pushed me away while panting with an ashamed expression. “Stop, now is not the time for it.”

I grinned again but did not continue. Although I knew that aunt would surrender if I continue insisting, she probably will be a bit displeased after it.

“Good morning, aunt.” I stroked her face and moved a strand of black hair away.

Aunt Dayana’s face reddened completely, but she quickly smiled happily and kissed me again.

After frolicking a bit more on the bed, both of us stood up. I admired her beautiful petite body with a grinning expression, causing aunt Dayana to flush and cover herself with the bedsheet.

“We need to talk.” She told me with a serious expression.

I stared at her seriously and nodded. I could imagine what she wanted to tell me, so I was not very nervous.

“… Let me take a bath first.” She said after taking a look at the messy bed and blushing again. She then ran to the bathroom and closed the door.

I smirked and shook my head. Remembering the feeling of her body in my arms, I could not help but turn excited again.

Soon, I heard the noise of the shower. Immediately, I got an idea and walked silently towards the door.

The door was locked, but I just smirked and controlled a strand of mana. The mana followed my will and unlocked the door with a click. I did not give aunt time to react and entered the bathroom.

Aunt stared at me with an astonished expression. Her hands moved to try to cover her breast and slit and her mouth opened and closed repeatedly, too surprised to say anything. I just smiled and walked towards her, hugging her waist and putting my chin on her shoulder.

“My beautiful aunt, do you want to take a bath with me?”

“You… Get out!”

I just smirked and bitted her earlobe. Aunt Dayana twisted her body trying to escape, but I did not release her.

“Did you want to talk to me, aunt?” I whispered in her ear.

Aunt shivered and her body lost strength, but she quickly recovered herself and pouted. “… Smelly boy.”

I laughed enjoying aunt’s shy expression. Aunt Dayana smiled when she heard me laugh and rested her head on me.

After a few seconds, she began to talk.

“Claus, you can’t tell anyone about this.”

I put on a serious expression and nodded. “I know aunt, don’t worry.”

Aunt Dayana stared at me with a complicated expression and sighed. “To be honest, I don’t think what we did is alright. I’m not only a married woman, but also your aunt. If someone learns about this, then both of us we’ll be unable to lift our heads before others.

“Furthermore, with your current situation, you can’t endure a scandal like this.”

I remained silent while holding aunt Dayana on my arms. Seeing it, she let out a deep breath. “Actually, I still think it’s better if we stop here. Claus, you know the consequences.”

I tightened my arms around aunt Dayana’s waist. “Impossible.”

Aunt Dayana looked at me with a surprised expression. I stared right into her eyes and continued. “It was so hard to get my beautiful aunt, how can I give you up now? No matter what, I’ll not abandon aunt. I’ll take care of you forever.”

Aunt Dayana’s eyes turned wet and she lowered her head hurriedly. I could hear her sobbing softly, trying to suppress her tears.

“Don’t worry aunt, I’ll always be with you.”

“Hmm.” Aunt Dayana nodded and rested on my arms. We remained like that for a while, leaving the water from the shower fall on our bodies.

After a while, we finished showering and exited the bathroom. Aunt Dayana then blushed shyly and pushed me out of the room before throwing me my clothes. I smiled wryly and put them on.

I then went to the courtyard and began to train.

When I finished my training, aunt Dayana was already preparing breakfast. I looked entranced to her figure from behind and approached her. When she realized I was in the kitchen, aunt Dayana blushed a bit. I almost threw myself to ravage her body in the kitchen when I saw that expression, but little Charlie appeared at that moment. I could only sigh while thinking that it was a pity I could not do a kitchen play.

Little Charlie tilted his head curiously seeing the strange atmosphere between us, but he quickly returned to normal and greeted both of us.

“Mom, cousin…”

After that, we ate breakfast together.

But when finished eating breakfast, someone knocked on the door.

“Deayana, au’m hwere…” A drunken voice spoke.

Aunt Dayana’s expression turned rigid. I also frowned and stared in direction of the door.

Apparently, my aunt’s husband was here.


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