FPD Chapter 310

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Unwilling Saintess (3)


Only after several seconds, Safelia started to recover.

“… It hurts…” Safelia whispered while tears escaped her eyes. Meanwhile, her body shivered softly and leaned towards me as though it was boneless.

“… W-Why…” Safelia cried softly and bit her provocative lips. Unfortunately, even her cries were mixed with moans of pleasure provoked by the movements of my lower body.

I grabbed her slender waist with both hands, slamming it down vigorously, inserting again and again, and creating loud slapping sounds.

Safelia’s entire body swayed and trembled, like a lonely boat in the middle of a storm. Her body could not resist the pleasure after having just experienced an orgasm.

“Ahhh…~ I beg, beg you… P-Please, slower…”

Safelia’s tears were incredibly beautiful to my eyes. I could not help but lick them while thrusting inside her most sacred place. Her blurred eyes and ashamed look felt like an aphrodisiac to me.

Each time she moaned and sobbed, I felt my desire burning more vigorously.

I carried Safelia body and put her on the ground over her clothes, using my hands to grab her thigs and pressing them against her breast. In this position, Safelia’s private place was completely exposed, showing the softly twitching entrance where my weapon was pierced.

I raised my waist before slamming it down as though I was nailing her. The strong force of my attack made the beautiful Safelia groan mournfully, sweetly, and uncontrollably.

Her body shook violently with each impact of my waist. Her hands grabbed the clothes below, trying to find some support, but it was useless.

At this point, Safelia was unable to keep her reasoning. Her resistance had completely evaporated, and besides some occasional sobs, the only thing I could hear were moans.

“No… Ummm… Ah… Ah…”

With a soft voice, Safelia closed her eyes and let her tears fall to the ground. With each thrust, she felt how her cave adapted to cater to my invasion, the walls of her secret place enclosed my holy weapon and secreted more liquid to lubricate it.

It was as though my meat stick was being wrapped and sucked by countless small mouths, and licked by countless tender tongues. The feeling was so incredible that I could not help but increase the frequency of my thrusts.

At this point, Safelia’s pain and sadness had been replaced by pure ecstasy. Each time my rod touched her womb, her delicate body shivered, and each time I pulled out, it was as though her honey hole was pulling my penis again, begging it to fill Safelia again.

Such pleasure was so great that Safelia could not help but desire more of that.

When Safelia realized her own thoughts, she could not stop her tears from flowing out.

“I’m sorry, goddess… I’m sorry…”

Safelia’s mind was filled with countless thoughts. Why did she have to suffer this? Why was she so weak? Why was she enjoying this

Perhaps, the fact that she was enjoying the intercourse was more torturous to Safelia that the act in itself.

I thrust again, piercing Safelia mercilessly and messing her insides repeatedly. Safelia moaned and let out a long groan. At the same time, she involuntarily hugged my back and tensed her body.

The next second, I felt her cave tightening around me again.

“Ah… a… a… a…”

Safelia opened her eyes wide and let out a strained cry. Her body shivered fiercely, and her mind turned blank.

This was Safelia’s second orgasm, and this one had been even fiercer than the one before.

Safelia was hugging so fiercely that it felt as though she was not going to let me go. During her orgasm, she had wrapped her legs around my waist, holding me tightly as though I was her most precious treasure.

Under such a strong stimulation, I almost ejaculated.

I snorted and controlled my body, forcing my ejaculation back. This time, I was planning to punish Safelia until she becomes obedient.

Looking at the expression of ecstasy on her face, I bit her lips and started to sprint again, violently invading her insides.

*Papapapa!* My pelvis slammed against Safelia’s buttocks repeatedly, creating loud slapping sounds. At this point, each time I invaded Safelia it felt incredibly smooth. It was though her insides were adjusting to my body to bring me the greatest pleasure possible.

I decided to change our position, putting my hands around Safelia waist and lifting her body before putting it on my lap. This way, Safelia and I were face to face.

Safelia blushed in shame and humiliation, trying to hide her face, but her pants and moans had replaced her words of rejection.

She closed her eyes trying not to look at me. Soon, however, the incredible waves of pleasure hit her body overwhelmingly, making her let out a loud cry and arch her body back.

After her third orgasm, Safelia put her hand around my neck and panted erotically, her eyes were blurred and her body was completely lost in the forbidden pleasure.

“Umm…” A whimper escaped Safelia’s fragrant lips, making me move my lips towards her, entangling our tongues and letting Safelia enjoy the afterglow of her third orgasm.

This time, Safelia did not resist my kiss. She was so lost in the pleasure of sex that she could not think anymore.

I was incredibly excited. Looking at the transformation of Safelia was incredibly satisfying, mainly because I knew I was the reason behind it.

I caressed Safelia soft and shapely body gently, enjoying her curves and feeling her smooth skin against my fingers.

Half a minute later, Safelia finally recovered from the afterglow of sex. When she found her arms and legs wrapped around my body, she was startled before becoming ashamed of herself.

I moved my penis softly inside her cave, making Safelia let out a soft moan. When I was done, I looked at her face and smiled. “Did it feel good?”

Safelia’s body trembled. Hearing my words, tears started to overflow her eyes again. Her expression was so pitiful that anyone would have compassion for her.

“P-Please, it’s enough…” Safelia begged.

I smiled and combed her hair gently.

“Miss Saintess, you came three times, but I have not come yet.”

When Safelia’s heard these, her face was dyed with despair.

Her punishment had not ended yet.



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