FPD Chapter 311

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Start of the Ceremony


In the end, Safelia was unable to make me come even after one hour.

I did it to her in each position I could imagine, enjoying her body at the utmost. In one hour, Safelia orgasmed a total of eleven times.

Only when the time of the start of the ceremony was approaching, I decided it was enough.

Thus, I started my final sprint in the missionary position and shot my seed inside her.

When I finished, Safelia was close to fainting.

Her ragged pants and soft breathing resounded in the room. Her body was quivery repeatedly, as though she was having a stroke.

Only after five minutes Safelia recovered enough to open her eyes.

When she looked at me, there were no more tears in her eyes. Instead, there was a complicated and indescribable expression.

Looking down, she saw the white semen leaking from her cave and her expression dimmed.

“You came inside, again…”

“I’m sorry.” I apologized, but my lips were curved up in a smile. “I’m unable to resist when I’m with a girl so beautiful as you.”

“… If I get pregnant, I will have to stop being the saintess…” Safelia whispered softly, perhaps to remind me, or perhaps thinking that it was a way to escape this torture.

That was not going to happen, though. I don’t want to have a child yet, so I always use mana to sterilize my sperm after I shot it. Of course, I’m not going to tell Safelia that.

“Are you not going to put your clothes back?” I asked with a smile. “The ceremony starts in ten minutes.”

Safelia’s expression changed. Quickly, she stood up and grabbed her clothes from the ground.

But almost instantly, she realized her clothes were in a mess, wrinkled, and filled with almost every kind of body fluids.

Sweat, love juice, semen, tears, and even saliva. To be honest, they were unrecognizable.

WHen Safelia saw the state of her clothes, she seemed like she was going to cry.

“… How am I supposed to wear this? These clothes reek of sex, and I don’t have time to change to other clothes…”

I sat in a chair and put a hand under my chin. “If you want, I can help you.”

Safelia was startled. She looked at me as though wondering what I was planning.

Finally, and maybe because she was out of options, Safelia put down her pride and lowered her head.

“… Please… The church is my everything… I can’t lose it…”

I stared at her briefly before sighing and shaking my head.

“Come here.”

Safelia followed my orders and walked towards me hesitantly. When she was in front of me, I extended my hand.

“Your clothes.”

When Safelia handed me her clothes, I cast two spells on them. With the first spell, I eliminated the strange liquids on the clothes, and with the second spell, I eliminated the wrinkles as well.

Except for the slight smell of sex coming from the clothes, you could not find anything wrong with them.

“You will need a way to mask the strange smell on the clothes,” I reminded Safelia and passed her the clothes.

But when she extended her hands to grab them, I pulled her towards me and kissed her lips again.

Safelia was surprised, but perhaps because she knew that resistance was futile, or perhaps because I just helped her, she did not struggle this time.

Quite the opposite, after around five seconds, I had the feeling Safelia’s body was turning hot again.

When the kiss ended, Safelia hurriedly moved away from me and panted heavily.

“P-Please, no more… I really can’t do it anymore, please…”

I laughed softly and waved my hand. “Just put on your clothes.”

Safelia instinctively nodded. Currently, she seemed more like my slave than the saintess of the church of order.

That is precisely what I want. Slowly, Safelia will develop a kind of Stockholm syndrome towards me, until eventually, she will become into my slave in both body and soul.

When that happens, the current saintess of the church of order will be no more.

As soon as Safelia put on her clothes, she looked at me before with a complicated look and turned around, running away from the room. To my surprise, I heard she conversing with someone as soon as she left.

“Saintess! Where did you go? The ceremony will start soon!”

“S-Sorry, I-I was consulting so-something with the goddess and lost the notion of time.”

I chuckled in amusement hearing that excuse. So now I’m the goddess, huh.

I put on my clothes and left the room too. I then returned to the hall where the ceremony was going to be realized.

Coincidentally, Safelia was entering at the same time. When she saw me, her face turned red in shame, but she quickly hid it under a dignified mask.

Then, she proceeded to the altar to start the ceremony.

I could not help but wonder how the people in the hall would react if they learn that the sacred-looking saintess is currently filled with my baby juice.

Mainly the empress. I was curious about her reaction if she learns I was f*cking the woman in charge of directing the funeral of her son just five minutes before she went up the altar.

Unfortunately, that is something I won’t have the pleasure to see.

When I returned to my chair, Dina looked at me with a frown. “Claus, where did you go? Several people asked for you.”

“About that, I was just greeting a friend.”

“A friend?” Dina’s eyes glinted with suspicion. As my sister, she was clear I did not have male friends.

In other words, that friend was a female.

Before she had the chance to ask anything, though, my little sister, Lena, walked towards us.

Then, she jumped into my arms crying.

“Big bro… Bryan… H-He is dead… Uaaahhh…”

Her tears felt like knives stabbing my heart. Seeing her cry for a tragedy I caused made me uncomfortable.

Dina was the same. When she saw Lena, she felt guilty too. Even if she had not been the one to kill Bryan, she never tried to stop me. Quite the opposite, she supported my actions.

Thus, she felt partly responsible for Bryan’s death as well.

Dina sighed. Then, she started to comb her little sister’s hair.

“… I’m sorry, Little Lena…”

Dina’s whisper was so soft that nobody but me heard it.

But I knew the immense weight behind her words.

I’m sorry for hiding the truth from you.

I’m sorry… Because we are going to make you suffer more.


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