FPD Chapter 318

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The Empress’s Fall (3)


“W-Wait… Uhgnn…~”

Lilia let out a loud moan. Her body shivered violently while she arched her back.

I held her hips firmly while piercing her from behind. Each second, I moved back and forth invading her insides until her deepest part.

“Ughhn… Ahh… C-Clark… S-Stop…”

Lilia’s ragged voice reached my ears. But I did not stop. Instead, I pressed my body against hers and kissed her back and neck, using my tongue to lick her tender skin.

Lilia’s shivered. When she felt my tongue over her body, she let out a soft hum and put her face against the sheets. Then, she stopped struggling and let her body at my mercy.

I grinned. Without caring about her feelings, I moved faster and faster, enjoying the feeling of her flesh wrapping around my spear, and piercing her womb. Lilia’s could only moan helplessly while suffering my attacks.

I grabbed her two breasts from behind and pulled her body up. Then, My mouth kissed her shoulder before biting hard.

“Ahhnnn…~” Lilia screamed. The pain of the bite made her tighten her vagina around my rod. I sucked a mouthful of blood and continued biting her, leaving my marks all around her body.

Her neck, her shoulders, her back. Lilia was filled with hickeys symbolizing the forbidden love affair she had tonight. For an instant, I could not help but wonder what the emperor would think if he finds these hickeys in his wife’s body.

Lilia was too far gone to worry about that though. Currently, she could only moan and groan under my attacks.

A thread of saliva slid down her lips, and her love juices repeatedly flowed out her vagina, drenching the bed completely.

I released breasts and pulled her arms, using them to hold her body. With each thrust, her body was pulled towards me seductively.

“So good…~” Lilia groaned. Her green eyes full of lust turned towards me and her lustrous lips searched for mine. Soon, our tongues were entangled again in a lustful battle.

Lilia’s mind was completely blank. She could not think of anything but the feeling of our bodies colliding.

I sighed. Hearing her pants and moans was incredibly exciting.

After a while like that, I released her body and let it fall on the bed. Then, I pressed her shoulders against the bed and thrust on her like that.

With her body pinned on the bed, I attacked and attacked, reaching deeper and deeper with each thrust.

Lilia’s mouth opened in a long moan while her body struggled below mine, twisting seductively.

The slapping sounds of my hips colliding against her buttocks filled the room. They were like a percussion of lust that turned Lilia’s crazy.

Eventually, Lilia’s fourth climax was coming. As though anticipating it, her moans became louder, and her hands gripped the sheets of the bed, waiting for the so-desired peak.

But when she was just an instant away from coming, I stopped.

Lilia was surprised. Irritated, she tried to move her hips to reach the peak, but I used my body to immobilize hers.

“… Miss Lilia, it looks like you are about to come, huh.”

Lilia looked at me with a pleading gaze and bit her lips. Her expression was so seductive that I want just to pound her brains out.

However, I endured and curved my lips into a smirk.

“… Don’t you think I’m better than your husband?” I asked. Lilia’s eyes shook momentarily, and an expression of hesitation appeared on her face.

Although she had already betrayed her husband, she still wanted to save his last bit of dignity.

However, I did not allow it. Biting the earlobe of my stepmother, I ground my penis against her womb slowly in such a way that it increased greatly her stimulation, but it was not enough to make her come.

In such a situation, Lilia’s mind turned foggy. She wanted to come. She wanted to continue enjoying this forbidden pleasure.

After several seconds, her lips opened softly.

“… Y-Yes…”

I smirked. “Mm? I’m sorry, I can’t hear you…”

“… Y-Yes…”

“Miss Lilia, try being louder.”

“Dammit, you are better than him, okay!?” Lilia shouted impatiently. She then smiled seductively and kissed my lips.

“… Please, I beg you…”


With a soft laugh, I pressed Lilia’s against the bed again and moved my penis slowly.

“I think I’m cumming again… What should I do?” I asked.

“… Just cum inside. You already did it once anyway…”

Hearing Lilia’s sweet voice, my excitement reached its peak.

“I wonder what your husband would think if he knows you are begging for the cock of another man.”

Before Lilia could answer, I started to sprint again.

Lilia let out a moan. Her body shivered on the bed, and her arms gripped the sheets strongly.

I pierced my penis into her deepest part. I could feel her cervix arching each time I thrust, and her lips letting out intermittent moans.

Once and again, I attacked her like that, slowly approaching to a new climax.

Eventually, Lilia’s body tensed up. Her hips trembled, trying to accelerate her orgasm, and her mouth opened in a long moan.

Finally, her vagina tightened around me and as though sucking my penis.

In front of that incredible stimulus, I shot another round inside her.

Lilia’s shivered. The feeling of my hot liquid filling her made her crazy. Her eyes rolled up, and her body twitched violently.


Eventually, she collapsed after a long and loud scream.

I sighed. Looking at the collapsed body of the empress, I pulled my penis out.

Instantly, semen mixed with love juices overflowed from her vagina.

Lilia’s let out a sigh of satisfaction and closed her eyes. After this crazy round of sex, she was completely fatigued.

She could hardly move a muscle.

However, Lilia was not my lover. Instead, she was my target of revenge. Why should I be gentle with her?

With a smile, I patted her hips.

Lilia opened her eyes in dissatisfaction. But when she saw my weapon standing up fiercely, her words got caught in her throat.

“You… Are you not done?”

Of course not, dear stepmother. The night is just starting.


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