FPD Chapter 32

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At the Door


“Deayana, au’m hwere…” A drunken voice spoke.

Aunt Dayana’s expression instantly turned rigid. I also frowned and stared in direction of the door.

The owner of the voice was my aunt’s husband.

Aunt Dayana looked at the door with a nervous and guilty expression. She then looked at me with begging eyes and spoke.

“Claus, what are we going to do?”

I put on a startled expression but then smirked. “Let’s go. I want to see how this uncle of mine is currently.” Then, I stood up and walked towards the door.

“But, what if he discovers something?” Aunt Dayana grabbed my arm and stopped me panickily. “Moreover, you know he doesn’t like you.”

I put my hand over aunt Dayana’s hand and smiled to reassure her. “Don’t worry, he will not discover anything. Besides, you are going to cut your relations with him anyway. If he tried to find trouble with me, I don’t mind teaching him a lesson.”

A complicated expression appeared on Aunt Dayana’s face, but she then sighed and released me. “Okay, but let me speak to him first. In the end, he is the father of my son.”

I looked right into my aunt’s eyes and noticed a gaze filled with determination. Pondering about her words, I nodded. “Very well, but with one condition.”


“You must end your relationship with him now. No matter what he says or even if he begs you, you must not allow him to enter the house.”

“… I understand.” Said Aunt Dayana after thinking for a moment.

“Dawyana, hurry up!”

Aunt Dayana heaved a sigh and looked at her son. “Little Charlie, go to your room. Your mother and father need to talk about important things.”

Little Charlie, who has been looking at the door strangely, nodded and left to his room. Aunt Dayana then took a deep breath and slapped her cheeks softly twice before going to open the door.

I followed after her while activating Akashic Eyes. The situation outside appeared immediately on my mind, making me wrinkle my brows.

However, I did not stop my aunt. I readied myself to interfere and grabbed my sword.

Once she opened the door, four people appeared outside.

The first was Lock Han, the husband of my aunt. He was staggering before the door and his clothes were messed up.

His body was reeking of alcohol, evidence that he was drinking last night. He put on a furious expression when he saw me, but I simply ignored it.

Behind him was standing a young woman. She was wearing a mage robe and looking towards us with a disdainful expression. She had a confident bearing, of someone accustomed to being above others. Her beautiful blond hair waved with the wind, and her green eyes had a smirking expression, like someone ready to watch a good show.

I recognized the young woman with a glance. She was another nephew of my stepmother, and sister of the young master I frightened one day ago. Her name was Louise Riea.

Behind her, two bodyguards were standing. I frowned when I noticed his cultivations, both of them were at the fifth layer of mana.

“What is he doing here!?” Lock, my aunt’s husband, asked while pointing to me. His voice was strangely clear for someone supposedly drunk, completely contrary to his former drunk talk.

I frowned and opened my mouth, but aunt spoke before me. “I invited him. Why, do you have a problem with it?”

Lock stared at my aunt and snorted. His eyes roamed lasciviously around her body, making her frown. I narrowed my eyes and snorted.


A wave of mana impacted Lock’s body. His face changed drastically and he was forced to take a few steps back. But then, Louise snapped her fingers and my wave of mana was extinguished.

Lock looked at me with an expression of rage. Despite having learned mana techniques before, his power was just at the third mana layer. Moreover, because he spends very little time honing his techniques, his strength is just a bit above a normal human.

Due to it, he was completely helpless in front of my warning.

At that moment, my aunt spoke. She looked at her husband with an ice-cold expression. “What are you doing here, and who are they?”

“What, can I not come to my home? As for them, they are some friends.” He replied with a smirk.

Aunt Dayana put on a frigid expression. “Do you think I’m a fool? I already know you went to the Riea family to swear allegiance. This place is not your home anymore!”

“Heh, so you already know. Well, it doesn’t matter, I was planning to divorce you anyway. But now I need to go inside. I’ll take some of my things and leave.”

My aunt’s gaze turned disgusted. She looked at her husband as though she was looking at trash and refused firmly. “I told you, this place is not your home anymore. Get lost now!”

“You…!” Lock’s expression turned ugly. “This my house! I want to see how you stop me from entering!” Saying it, he tried to push aunt Dayana away and enter.

But at that moment, I grabbed his wrist.

“What do you think you are doing?!!!” He looked at me in fury.

I just stared into his eyes and released my killing intent. Lock paled in fright and tried to retreat.

“Heeck! D-Don’t, D-Don’t come!”

I furrowed my eyes in disgust and then kicked him away. His body flew and crashed against the ground under everybody’s astonished gazes.

“Trash! Aunt said you will not enter, then you will not enter!” My voice was frigid, as though coming from the deepest ice. All the people present shivered involuntarily while looking at me.

I then looked at Lilia’s nephew and the two bodyguards coldly. “Louise, what are you doing here? I can’t think of any reason for you to visit my aunt’s home.”

Louise looked at me with an interested gaze. She then smiled mockingly and glared at me with her beautiful green eyes. “Nothing much, dear prince. You see, our Mr. Lock here sold us some of his ideas yesterday, but he told us they were in his home. So we came to retrieve them.”

“Bullshit!” Exclaimed my aunt. “There is nothing like that here. The only important documents in this house are my records and plans for our auction house.”

Louise moved her gaze to my aunt with a playful expression. “That wasn’t what he said. Anyway, we already paid for them, so we must get what we paid no matter how!”

Instantly, an overbearing presence surged from Louise’s body. All the wind in the surroundings stopped flowing, and the world seemed to lose its color.

But when her presence was about to engulf aunt, I took a step forward. A powerful and sharp presence spread with my body as the center, stopping Louise’s aura. I then stared at her calmly. “It looks like you forgot about me, Louise. Do you think I’ll let you do as you like?”

“Haha, very well. I heard you fought against the captain of the imperial guards and forced him to use seventh layer mana. Furthermore, you also humiliated my little brother yesterday. I truly want to see how capable are you.”

Without waiting for me to answer, Louise raised her hand.

Instantly, a magic formation formed above her head.


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