FPD Chapter 321

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Incarnation of Power, Writer of Fate (2)


Depths of space.

Two rays of light intersected each other repeatedly. One of them shone with fierce golden-blood-red light, creating explosions and shockwaves repeatedly, and the other shone with pure white light, appearing and disappearing gracefully.

The two rays of light had appeared almost two weeks ago, and since then, they had been clashing fiercely without caring for the damage to the surroundings. Fortunately, they were in space, otherwise, the damage would have been enough to destroy one or several worlds.

After several more hours like that, the golden-red light clashed once more with the white light. This time, though, the white light was sent flying away until crashing against a meteorite!

The impact was so powerful that the stellar body was completely pulverized afterward!

Almost instantly, the golden-red glow tore through space and threw a punch towards the white light. Fortunately, the white light managed to modify fate at the last second, changing her location to thousands of miles away.

When she reappeared, Ysnay wiped off the blood on her lips and looked at the golden-red glow with a serious look.

“Damn it, you are not holding back for old times sake, huh, Emilia.”

A snort came from the golden-red glow. Soon, a beautiful fox-eared little girl appeared. Her blood-red eyes and golden-red hair glowed brightly, as though she was a sun, and her body emitted rays of plasma that circled violently around her.

“Holding back? Against you? Hahaha, don’t make me laugh, bitch. Although you are not very strong, not many are better than you when it comes to running away. I must give my all if I truly want to kill you.”

“Sigh… So troublesome.” Ysnay shook her head gently. “Why do you insist on it, Emilia? Even if you kill me this time, I can easily revive again. It’s just a matter of time. Not even he can truly kill me.”

“I know.” Emilia sneered. Her beautiful blood-red eyes glinting with pure killing intent. “But at the very least, I can get the satisfaction of turning your body into dust once. Besides, if I kill you know, you will need several years to come back. By then, you will be unable to stop me from reuniting with dad.”

Ysnay stared at Emilia with a complicated expression. It was useless, Ysnay knew she could not stop her with just words.

No, nothing could stop her. Her love, her obsession, was not something that could be stopped.

It was the same as Ysnay’s hope.

In the end, the two of them were very similar.

Perhaps, in different circumstances, they would have been very good friends.

Unfortunately, fate was not kind to them.

Ysnay knew it. Emilia was never going to forgive her.

And to be honest, she did not want her forgiveness.

Even if it was not her intention, even if it was just an accident, the truth was that Ysnay was the cause of Emilia’s tragedy.

But Ysnay did not regret it. Perhaps she regretted it at the start, but not anymore.

Because if Emilia becomes his eternal partner, there will never be A place for her.

“… Just stop it, Emilia. Stop chasing after him. If you continue like this, you will only make him hate you.”

“… Hate me? And what do you know? WHAT DO YOU KNOW BITCH!? I simply don’t understand… Why are you here? Why do you continue interfering with OUR lives!? Are you not satisfied after BETRAYING him!? Are you not happy after DESTROYING MY happiness!? All of this… Our suffering is all because of YOU!”

Ysnay fell silent. She looked at the powerful being in front of her and shook her head sadly.

“… I just want to make up for my mistakes.”

“Your mistakes, huh.” Emilia sneered.

She clenched her fists with such a strength that space itself was torn around her hands. Everything around her started to crack, as though reality itself could not endure the immense power in her body.


Then, she started to laugh.

“Hahaha… Hahahaha… Hahahahahahaha!!!

“Do you know what I hate about you, Ysnay!? I hate that you still think you deserve an opportunity! You are still waiting for dad’s forgiveness! You still think you can stay by his side!

“And what about me!? You destroyed my life! Because of you, the ties that connected me to my dad were severed! Because of you, I lost everything! Because of you, dad’s memories of me are gone!

“Because of you, I must compete with puny mortals for the love of my dad!

“Thus, I’ll kill you! Once and again, and again, and again! Whenever you approach dad, I’ll kill you! And all these women too! I’ll kill them! Until dad is mine only as it should have been!”

Ysnay shook her head with a sneer. “You are crazy. That is the reason you have been unable to go back to him until now.”

“Perhaps.” Emilia smiled innocently. “But I’m sure dad will eventually accept my love for him. Now, why don’t you die for me?”

Emilia grinned. Instantly, all the energy inside her body erupted, shining like a small sun in the darkness of space.

“I must thank you, bitch,” Emilia said with a savage grin. “Although you are hard to catch, chasing after you allowed me to break some of dad’s seals. Currently, I can use twenty percent of my strength. Let’s see if you can escape this time too.”

Ysnay stared at Emilia fixedly and suddenly chuckled.

“… Are you not curious, Emilia?” Ysnay spoke up. “Normally, you disdain even to look at my face, but today, you have wasted so many words with me. Don’t you find it strange?”

Emilia was startled. Immediately afterward, her expression changed, but before she could move, several threads of fate materialized around her, sealing her movements completely!

“Fate has many uses,” Ysnay smirked. “Even able to influence others without themselves knowing. I only needed to influence your fate slightly, and you fell straight into my trap.”

“Do you think this can stop me!?” Emilia bellowed and let her energy run wild. In less than one second, half of Ysnay’s threads had been turned into dust.

But Ysnay remained calm. “I know that is not enough to stop you, Emilia. But my purpose was only to gain time. And the time is… Now.”

As soon as her word’s sounded, a ray of energy appeared from the depths of space, engulfing Emilia completely!

It was a ray of pure, wild, and unaltered cosmic energy. Uncontrollable, but incredibly powerful.

Ysnay, however, did not need to control it.

She only needed to calculate the place where it was going to pass by and make sure that Emilia was there.

“BITCH!!!” Emilia screamed in rage. All the power in her body surged out, clashing against the ray of cosmic energy and stopping it from harming her. “THIS IS NOT ENOUGH TO KILL ME!!!”

“I know.” Ysnay nodded again. “But it will be enough to allow me to escape from you.”

With a gentle smile, Ysnay disappeared from space.

And this time, Emilia could not chase after her.

When the cosmic ray finally disappeared. Emilia was looking at the place where Ysnay disappeared with a dark face.

“Damn bitch.”

Clicking her tongue, she tore through space and returned to the palace.

There was no point in thinking about that bitch anymore.

Every second, more of her powers were being unsealed.

Soon, her entire strength would be back.

And when that happened, nobody would be able to stop her from finding her dad.

Not that bitch.

Not even her dad himself.


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