FPD Chapter 326

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A New Personal Servant


“What are you going to do after this?” I asked Ysnay after she finished healing my soul.

Ysnay thought for a moment before putting on a mischievous smile.

“I have a good idea.”

… Why do I have a bad feeling?

Ysnay grinned. She then closed her eyes for a moment before opening them again and meeting my gaze.

“So you are a prince this time, huh. Perfect, I’ll be your personal servant then.”

I could feel a headache coming. “I already have a personal servant.”

“Now you have two,” Ysnay stated while snapping her fingers. “Don’t worry, I already modified fate and created a suitable identity beside you. Since today, I’m Ysnay, one of the two personal servants assigned to you when you were a child. We grew together since we were children and I’m the closest person to you. Even closer than that Daisy girl.”

I wrinkled my brows in displeasure. “Ysnay, I don’t like it when you mess with the lives of the people close to me.”

Ysnay looked at me briefly before rolling her eyes. “Okay, okay. I understand.” She then snapped her fingers again with a grumbling look. “Done. Now I returned the fate of the people close to you to normal. I only modified the fates of the people I needed to fool.”

I stared at Ysnay for a few seconds before moving my gaze away. “These clothes are not suitable for a personal servant.”

Ysnay smiled and waved her hand. Instantly, her clothes changed to the clothes normally used by the servants in the palace.

Ysnay’s ability is incredibly terrifying. To her, fate has already gone beyond just reading the past, understanding the present, and predicting the future.

To her, fate is an almost omnipotent weapon.

If she wants, she can become anyone, she can replace anyone, and she can do anything.

If she wants, she can steal someone’s fate, transforming in that person without anybody noticing anything wrong.

Or just like now, she can insert herself in the life of other people, creating a false identity that everybody will believe it truly exists.

She can even eliminate someone’s fate, killing them and erasing their existence completely.

Of course, her ability has limits. Immortals, for example, had an incomparable powerful fate. Due to that, even someone like Ysnay is unable to mess with their fate directly and can only rely on plots to kill them.

Plus, she must follow the laws of the world every time she changes something.

Besides these, she has several other limitations, such as the range of the fate she can manipulate. But against someone weaker than her, even gods themselves, she can kill them just by snapping her fingers.

Hell, she can erase an entire world with just a thought.

That is the power of The Witch of Unending Fates, the greatest master of fate I know of.

“Where are we going?” Ysnay asked after she changed her clothes.

I glanced at her briefly before stepping across space and returning to the palace.

“Don’t you know already? I’m sure you already saw it in fate.”

“Well, I was just trying to be polite.” Ysnay appeared beside me and replied. She did not have trouble following me across space.

Although she can not manipulate space to move as I do, she can overwrite her own fate, changing her location to the place where she wants to be. The effect of that technique is the same as my teleportation.

After we returned to the palace, I went to change my clothes to get ready to meet Louise and the others. Fortunately, I did not meet Daisy or my sisters in the way, or I would have had to spend a lot of time explaining Ysnay’s identity to them.

During the way, nobody suspected Ysnay. The guards and servants treated her existence as though it was natural. Some of them even greeted them with smiles, as though she was an old acquaintance.

Every time I saw that I could not help but shiver. Ysnay’s abilities are truly terrifying.

At the same time, I thought of a few countermeasures. Ysnay’s ability to control fate means she can easily kill anyone close to me and I would be unable to stop her. Fortunately, I was Ysnay’s enemy for a long while, so I know of a few ways to protect someone against her control of fate.

I must find a way to do it without raising Ysnay’s suspicions.

After I changed my clothes, I left the palace together with Ysnay. We boarded a carriage in direction of the Imperial Institute.

The imperial institute was deserted. Besides a few guards, we did not meet anyone else in the way.

Most of the students had returned to their homes after the incident in the forest of wolves, and the few ones that could not return to their homes were currently living in temporary residents.

As soon as I entered the institute, I went directly to the meeting place, the institute’s cafeteria.

Louise and Mia were already waiting for me. To my surprise, though, they were not the only ones in the cafeteria.

Claire and Al were with them.

I raised an eyebrow. It looks like something happened.

Moreover, judging by their expressions…

Louise and Claire seemed worried, Al seemed angry, and Mia seemed as though her entire world was destroyed.

“Woah, that is a lot of complications in their family,” Ysnay commented in my ear with a smirk. “You should feel proud, Willian. “You are the reason for their family’s problems.”

I frowned. “I told you to call me Claus. Also, stop prying in the private life of others, that is distasteful.”

“Hey! I can’t help it.” Ysnay shrugged helplessly. “Reading fate is already instinctive for me. I can’t stop doing it even if I want. That is what makes mortals boring. When you can know everything about them with just a glance, talking to them stops being fun.”

I rolled my eyes. These are Immortal’s troubles for you.

“By the way Claus, how ambitious… You already have the two sisters in the bag, and you are still aiming for the mother. As expected of my husband.”

I decided to ignore the bothersome immortal beside me and instead, I smiled at Louise’s group and walked towards them.

Louise and Claire’s eyes brightened when they saw me, but as soon as they saw the girl behind me and realized how intimate we seemed, they froze.

I smiled in amusement and gave them a wink before looking at Mia.

“Mother-in-law, it’s good to see you. I was not expecting the entire family, though.”

“… Sorry for bothering you, Claus… And… I need your help.”


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