FPD Chapter 328

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After we finished our discussion, we departed towards a luxurious inn in the capital. This inn is one of the properties under the Red Skull Gang, and I already sent instructions to prepare a room for Mia, Louise, and Claire.

As for Al? Well, I’m sure he will not need it.

Inside a carriage, Mia’s group plus Ysnay and I were seated while talking about the future.

“Brother-in-law, are you truly going to live with us?” Claire asked excitedly. I nodded with a smile. “That is my plan. Why? You don’t like it?”

“Of course I like it!” Claire was very excited. “We will be like husband and wife living together in our nest of love!”

“… Claire, remember you are talking to my boyfriend.” Louise said with a sullen tone.

Claire giggled and stuck out her tongue to her sister before sitting beside me and hugging my arm.

“Brother-in-law, you must protect me or my sister will bully me.”

I did not know whether to laugh or to cry.

Girl, are you no afraid I’ll bully you instead?

But Claire sure is daring. She dares to say something like this in front of her sister, my current girlfriend, and her mother, my mother-in-law.

In fact, Mia was looking at us with a stiffened expression, and the eyes she was directing towards me seemed like the eyes of a bloodthirsty wolf.

This is the first time I’m seeing an expression like this in her face.

“Right, brother-in-law.” Claire suddenly looked at Ysnay curiously. “Who is her?”

“Her name is Ysnay.” I said without betraying anything in my expression. “Due to certain circumstances, she will be my second personal servant.”

“Huh?” Louise was surprised. “What about Daisy? Does she know about this?”

I smiled bitterly. That is my greatest worry now.

Well, Daisy is a very gentle girl. I’m sure she will forgive me after grumbling for a while.

Louise seemed to understand the situation when she saw my expression. But then, Claire smiled mischievously.

“Brother-in-law, is she also your lover?”

“Yes.” “No.” Both Ysnay and I replied simultaneously.

Louise narrowed her eyes while Ysnay just giggled.

I twitched my lips while looking at Claire and Ysnay. Girls, can you stop causing trouble?

“She is not my lover,” I said with a firm expression and pacifying my mother-in-law whose eyes were already narrowed into slits. “She is just a friend I’m helping.”

Ysnay giggled and stared at Louise playfully. “Don’t worry, don’t worry, I will not steal Prince Claus from you. I have enough being a little concubine.”

Louise scowled. “I don’t like you.”

Ysnay shrugged. “The feeling is mutual. To be honest, I don’t know why Willian spends so much time playing with mortals like you.”

I was the only one who heard the last part of her sentence.

Ysnay shook her head, speaking directly into my mind. “I don’t understand why you waste so much effort in this. You can just kill the emperor, massacre the people that oppose you, and then put your sister on the throne. Is it not easier that way? There is no need to play such boring political games with mortals.”

… Perhaps you are right, Ysnay. But–

“That is the reason I have been able to endure two hundred thousand years without falling into madness or erasing my existence, and you, Ysnay, are already unable to endure when you are not even one hundred thousand years old.”

Ysnay smiled wryly and smiled. “I guess you are right.”

Nobody else in the carriage was able to hear our conversation, but Louise and Claire were sharp enough to realize that something was wrong with Ysnay.

In fact, Louise and Claire seated one in each side of me, pushing Ysnay away. It seemed like they did not want to see Ysnay too close to me.

Ysnay just smiled without caring. Someone like her did not need to lower herself to compete with a pair of mortals.

At that moment, Mia looked at her son. She had realized Al was strangely silent.

“… Son, is anything wrong?”

Al gritted his teeth and stared at his mother with a look of rage.

“… Traitor.”

His words reverberated in the carriage, freezing Mia and stunning Louise and Claire. The leisure atmosphere inside the carriage was instantly broken.

“Al, what are you saying!?” Louise exclaimed in rage. “How do you dare to call mother that!?”

“Shut up, you too!” Al snarled. “The three of you are traitors! Sluts that sold yourselves to the enemy of our family! I don’t want to stay in the same place as you!”

The faces of the girls paled. Only Ysnay was looking at Al with an amused expression.

“What are you going to do then, boy?” Ysnay asked playfully. “If you want, you can return with your father, nobody here will stop you.”

“What are you saying!?” Mia exclaimed in surprise. “Son, wait a moment. Don’t hea–”

“I will do it,” Al said.


“I will return with father.” Al expression was serious. “I already asked him to come for me!”

So it’s finally here, huh.

I was waiting for this for a while. They took longer than I expected, in fact.

However, this is necessary. This way, I’ll completely separate Mia, Louise, and Claire from Earl Riea.

While Mia and the others were trying to understand the meaning of Al’s words, our carriage stopped abruptly.

Then, a powerful pressure assaulted it.

“Mia, Louise, Claire. Get out here! You too, Prince Claus. Come and face me like a man!”

The Riea girls paled, and Mia’s expression turned ugly. Only Al was looking at us with a smug expression.

But Ysnay and I were calm. The two of us were expecting this.

With a smile, we left the carriage followed by Mia and the others. Once outside, we saw a group of black-dressed men surrounding our carriage.

And leading them was a middle-aged man with a strong resemblance to Al.

Earl Carlson Riea, one of the leaders of the empire’s military.

Mia’s husband, and Louise, Claire, and Al’s father.


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