FPD Chapter 330

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Almost One Hundred Thousand Years Old


The rest of the travel was pretty awkward.

Mia, Louise, and Claire did not dare to look at Ysnay directly. When they remembered the ruthless and efficient way she used to kill so many powerhouses, they could not help but shiver.

The worst one was Louise. Just before the carriage was stopped by Earl Carson, she had shown enmity towards Ysnay. When she thought about it know, she could not help but feel like a fool.

The girl she thought was just a servant or another one of my trysts ended being a powerful powerhouse and at the same time my teacher (that is not true).

I shook my head when I saw Louise’s scared expression. With a smile, I caressed her hair softly and kissed her forehead.

“What are you worried about? She will not dare to do anything to my lover.”

Louise looked at me gratefully, but then Ysnay interrupted with a sneer.

“Now that I think about it, I should punish that girl now, right?”

I could see a playful glint in Ysnay’s eyes. This woman was having fun messing with Louise.

I frowned and stared at Ysnay with a cold gaze. Ysnay smiled wryly and raised her hands in surrender.

“Hey, I’m joking! I don’t understand why you take the side of this girl when I have known you for much longer. Are you the kind that forgets the old after getting the new?”

I rolled my eyes in exasperation. Woman, the last time we were in a relationship, we ended killing each other and destroying several worlds in the process. Obviously, I’ll take my cute girlfriend’s side over yours.

Seeing our interaction, Claire showed a curious expression.

“Miss Ysnay… Can I call you like that? A-Are you truly brother-in-law’s teacher? You look very young… Besides, the relationship between you two does not look like a teacher and her student.”

Ysnay put on a teasing smile. “Young? How old do you think I am, little girl?”

“20?” Claire tilted her head cutely. “I know that powerful powerhouses can keep their youth for a very long time, so maybe you are thirty or forty?”

Ysnay laughed amusedly. “Little girl, I’m almost one hundred thousand years old.”

Claire and the others were stunned.

When she finished processing Ysnay’s words, Claire looked at me confused.

“Brother-in-law, your teacher is weird.”

“Just stop paying attention to her. She is crazy. Plus, half of the time she is lying.”

“… Hey! I’m hearing you, okay!?” Ysnay pouted innocently. Unfortunately for her, I knew the truth behind her harmless and innocent mask, so her cute gestures were useless towards me.

At the same time, I could only marvel at Ysnay’s social abilities. She managed to lower Mia, Louise, and Claire’s wariness towards her just by using a few words.

By this point, the freezing atmosphere of before was completely gone.

As expected of someone that achieved immortality by manipulating and controlling other people’s behavior and thoughts.

Twenty minutes later, the carriage finally arrived at the hotel where Mia and the others were going to stay tonight.

Everything in the hotel was already ready to receive them, so we did not meet any other problem. In less than five minutes, Mia, Louise, and Claire had already been shown to their rooms.

“… You will have to stay here tonight.” I said apologetically. “Don’t worry, tomorrow I will bring you to our new home.”

Louise smiled sweetly and kissed my lips.

“… I’m waiting for that.”

“I’ll have to leave now. Be careful.”

“I know.”

“Brother-in-law, brother-in-law, what about my kiss?” Claire suddenly pulled my arm with a teasing expression.

“Claire, stop bothering the boyfriend of your sister!” Mia wrinkled her brows. “Besides, you should not tease him like that.”

I chuckled amusedly and l looked at the smirking Claire. Then, I walked towards her and pecked her lips.

“Your kiss.”

Before any of the women could react, I disappeared from the room.

I must admit that Mia, Louise, and Claire’s stunned faces were very funny.

When I returned to the carriage, Ysnay smirked.

“Got job getting the loli, Willian. She is truly a cute, little mortal.”

I frowned when I heard her sarcasm, but I said nothing.

In the end, mortals and immortals are fundamentally different.

Thus, even if Ysnay shows them the minimum respect in consideration towards me, she will never see them as equals.

Only Immortal or beings at that level can enter the sight of someone like her.

“Let’s go, I have work to do,” I said after a sigh.

Then, we stepped across space.



At the same time, in the palace.

The emperor was reading a report that one of his men just gave to him.

“Are you sure of it?”

“I’m sure.” The man said. “The servant by the name of Ysnay is in truth a powerful powerhouse that hid from the world fifty years ago. She was an expert swordswoman famous thought the continent. As for her strength, it’s rumored that she is close to the level of the gods.”

The emperor’s expression turned ugly.

“How is it possible for this woman to infiltrate the palace for so long without anyone noticing!?”

The man put on a troubled expression. “It’s not our fault, Your Majesty. Ysnay is a very powerful practitioner so nobody in the palace can see through her. To be honest, if not by the fact that she showed her strength today, we would have never learned that she was Prince Claus’s master.

The emperor’s face darkened. How could that bastard be so lucky to get such a master?

After several seconds of silence, he waved his hand.

“You are dismissed.”

After the man bowed and left the hall, the emperor stared at the shadows in a corner with an enraged look.

“Mister, are you truly going to do nothing!?”

“I told you, Grand.” A voice came from the shadows. “We will not interfere anymore.”

“But I’m sure that woman was the one that killed the elder! Are you not going to avenge him!?”

The voice from the shadows sighed. “… It looks like you are misunderstanding something, Grand. Hidden History’s duty is ONLY to protect the empire, not to kill the people you dislike. Elder Faran overstepped his boundaries when he agreed to kill Prince Claus, thus, we don’t avenge him. Now, I hope you stop bothering me with your little troubles. If you truly want to kill your children, get someone else to do your dirty work instead of us.”

With a sneer, the voice coming from the shadows disappeared, leaving the enraged emperor alone.


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