FPD Chapter 334

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Not Locking the Door


Sigh, dealing with a manipulating b– No, I’ll be respectful.

Dealing with a manipulating woman like Ysnay is truly hard. More when you are unable to trust her.

Not even an Immortal like me likes to be on guard all the time.

That is the reason I can’t accept Ysnay again. Living a life where you don’t know when the person beside you will betray you is pretty miserable.

Moreover, Ysnay already betrayed once. What is stopping her from betraying me again?

If Ysnay wants to betray me, I’m not confident I’ll be able to notice.

Even if I know the possibility of her betraying me is low, it exists.

My hundreds of thousands of years of life have already been miserable enough, I don’t need to make them worse.

Heaving another sigh, I decided to stop thinking about her.

Instead, I moved across space and teleported to the Red Skull Gang’s infirmary.

As soon as I entered, I saw a red-haired (in disguise) woman on a desk, reading some documents with her back towards me.

I smirked deviously. Should I surprise her?

With a smile, I tiptoed towards her.

Before the woman could notice that something was wrong, I hugged her waist and put my chin in her shoulder.

“Guess who?”

“Wha–” Elene jumped up surprised, but when she recognized my voice, her expression turned bright.


“Long time no see you, Sister Elene.”

Elene smiled. She then turned around and hugged my neck, giving a long kiss that seemed endless.

When our lips finally separated, Elene pouted and looked at me with glistening eyes.

“… I thought you had forgotten about me…”

“Of course not, sister Elene. It’s just that the life of a prince is busy.”

Mainly when the prince has different women in each part of the city.

“… Hmph! Who knows how many girls had you slept with during this time?”

Sister Elene, you know me too well.

With a smile, I kissed Elene’s lips and moved my hands through her back.

“Well, I came to visit you today, don’t I?”

“Idiot, not here… Someone will see us…”

“What is the problem? I’m the boss of this place. Even if someone sees us, they will not dare to say anything.”

Besides, I’ll make sure that nobody approaches at this place for a while, with a few exceptions.

“Even so… At least lock the door.” Elene protested again, but when she felt my fingers running through her skin, she quivered.

I grinned and bit her lips, looking straight to her deep blue eyes.

“Could it be you don’t want it, Sister Elene?” I asked with a smirk.

Elene rolled her eyes in exasperation. “… Pervert.”

Thank you for your praise.

Grinning, I carried Elene and put her on the desk.

Elene’s face turned red. She looked at me with glazy eyes and searched for my mouth with hers.

Meanwhile, I moved my hands through her body. I could feel the warmth of her skin through her clothes, and her soft breathing hitting my nose.

Elene and I entangled our tongues as though we were thirsty for each other. I pressed her body against the desk and moved my hands to her legs, opening them and moving towards her most secret place.

Meanwhile, Elene’s gripped my back strongly.

Her blue eyes stared at me full of love, and her lips caressed mine.

Her body full of desire was incredibly enchanting.

“… Claus…”

“It looks like someone missed me.” I said and kissed her neck, moving to her earlobe.

One of my hands rubbed her breasts. Of my women, Elene had one of the biggest breasts. Playing with them was always enjoyable.

Each time I gripped, pinched, or massaged her breast, Elene moaned softly. She bit her lips and did her best to suppress the moans, but occasionally, she was unable to stop them.

One of my hands started to slid down her clothes. Elene cooperated with me, using her hands to remove my clothes as well. In fact, she did it faster than me.

While I was enjoying the beautiful white skin on her shoulder, Elene had already removed my shirt completely.

I chuckled and kissed her neck, sniffing Elene’s sweet scent and biting her soft skin softly.

“Nng…~” Elene groaned. Feeling my lips rubbing against her skin, her body shivered.

I used one of my hands to move below her skirt, reaching to the place between her legs.

As soon as I touched it, her love juices drenched my hand. The sticky liquid slid down her legs, creating a very lewd image.

I showed my drenched fingers to Elene and smirked.

“How lewd.”

Elene blushed and closed her eyes.

“… Prince, stop teasing me.”

Well, your wishes are my orders.

Curving my lips up, I lifted Elene’s skirt and opened her legs.

I’m ready to start.

But at that moment, I felt someone approaching the infirmary.

I raised an eyebrow. Mm? How interesting…

Normally, I would put a suggestion in that person to make her turn around, but this time, I have a different idea.

With a smile, I continued teasing Elena while I waited for that person to come.

And soon, someone pushed open the door.

“Miss Elene, I came to ask abo–”

And she froze.

Akilah looked at the scene in front of her with her eyes opened wide. I could see her eyes shaking of shame and embarrassment.

And when she recognized our identities, her surprise became even greater.

“T-This… Sorry! I saw nothing!”


Flustered, Akilah slammed the door shut and ran away.

“Wait! Akilah!” Elene paled. She pushed me away and tried to chase after the brown-haired girl, but when she saw the state of her clothes, she stopped abruptly.

Then, she threw a resentful glare to me.

“I told you to lock the door!”

I raised my hands to express my innocence and smiled. “Calm down, Sister Elene.”

“Calm down!? What if she tells the others about what happened here!?”

Looking at Elene’s embarrassed expression, I laughed softly hugged her back.

“Don’t worry, I’ll go to talk with Akilah. Meanwhile… Why don’t you wait for me tonight? I’ll come after I deal with the businesses of the gang.”

Elene shot me an angry glare, but after a few seconds, she just sighed in exasperation and shook her head.

“… Don’t be so late.”


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