FPD Chapter 336

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Akilah’s Fall (2)


“… How am I supposed to do this?” Akilah wondered while looking at my huge weapon.

I just smiled without answering. That, my dear girl, is something you must learn for yourself.

Akilah gritted her teeth when she saw my smile. However, her pride did not allow her to give up so easily.

In the end, she gulped and moved her hand towards my weapon.

When she touched it, it twitched.

Akilah instantly panicked. Instinctively, she pulled her hand back.


“What? Are you afraid?”

“O-Of course not!”

Baring her teeth like a cornered dog, Akilah gathered her courage and moved her hand towards my penis again.

Then, she grabbed it.

I let out a groan. Her cold hand feels very nice.

Akilah, however, does not know what else to do after that. She stared at my erect member, frozen in panic and unable to move.

When I saw her like that, I laughed involuntarily.

“Just give up if you can’t. Of course, we will have to resort to other methods.”

Akilah paled and shook her head before looking at me with tears in her eyes. Although she did not speak, I knew she was asking me for help.

In the end, I was unable to refuse such a beautiful expression.

So, I lifted her chin and moved my mouth towards her, kissing her lips.

Akilah panicked and tried to move back, but I didn’t allow it. Instead, I held her neck and used my tongue to invade her mouth, slowly licking her lips and teeth.

Her body lost strength. Akilah collapsed on my arms with her eyes wide open and looking towards me in disbelief.

Soon, however, she realized what was happening and started to struggle.

I grinned. Slowly, I moved my hands through her body, stimulating her sensitive spots patiently.

Her breast and nipples, her abdomen, her legs.

In the end, I gently rubbed her secret slit.

Akilah shivered. Instinctively, she opened her mouth to shout something.

But using that opportunity, my tongue invaded her mouth.


Then, I chased after her tongue until finally hunting it, entangling with it and sucking Akilah’s sweet saliva.

Akilah’s gaze turned hazy. She struggled fiercely, bot slowly, her struggle became weaker.

In fact, it seemed as though she was enjoying my kiss.

When I separated my mouth from hers, Akilah gasped, inhaling air desperately.

When inhaled enough air, she glared at me with an enraged look.

“You… Shameless! Why did you kiss me!?”

“Hey, calm down,” I said smilingly. “It’s not even the first time anyway. Besides, it was just the payment.”

“… What do you mean?”

I grinned without answering. Instead, I grabbed her hand and moved it towards my member. Finally, I made her grab it.

Under Akilah’s stunned gaze, I moved her hand up and down.

“Do it gently,” I explained with a smile while looking straight to her eyes. “Yes, like that.”

Akilah nodded flustered. She avoided my gaze and tried to focus on the handjob.

Akilah’s hand was a bit rough, most likely due to the many years of wielding a rapier. But despite it, the feeling of her hand caressing my penis was great.

Moreover, the fact that she was doing it reluctantly only made the feeling better.

However, I did not let her work alone. Instead, while one hand guided her, my other hand caressed her body.

Her soft skin shivered each time my nails rubbed against it.

I could not help but enjoy Akilah’s expressions each time my hand rubbed one of her sensitive points.

They were truly funny.

But I was not satisfied with that. Instead, I took it a step beyond.

With a smirk, I pinched her nipples.


Akilah shivered. At the same time, the hand caressing my penis tightened around it.

“W-What are you doing!?”

I grinned. “Well, it’s bad if I’m the only one feeling good.”

Akilah put on a look of disgust. “I don’t want it!”

I raised an eyebrow. “Are you sure? Don’t you want to know how to caress a woman for when you need to do this to Marana.”

Akilah stiffened. I could see a brief expression of struggle pass through her eyes before disappearing.

A few seconds later, she whispered something embarrassed.

“… Don’t go too far.”

After these words, she continued the handjob.

However, she could not help but be distracted by the feeling of my caress on her body.

In part due to that, and in part due to her inexperience, Akilah was unable to make me cum even after twenty minutes.

I could see Akilah’s face of impatience. At some point, she had started to move her hand much faster.

Her fingers rubbed my rod and my lower head; and sometimes, they touched my balls. But no matter how hard she tried, she did not manage to get another reaction but a calm gaze.

Well, I never intended to cum in this way.

This is just the prelude of her fall.

Thus, While Akilah was doing her best trying to make me cum, I continued caressing her soft body.

At some point, I had started to plant kissed around her body. Her neck, and her shoulders mainly.

Akilah wanted to refuse them, but when I tell her the excuse she could use this opportunity to learn how to pleasure a woman, she reluctantly followed my game.

Unfortunately for her, she was not as good at this game as me.

Hence, while she had been unable to make me cum, her body, on the other hand, was at the brink of the collapse.

Her skin had turned so sensitive that she could almost not endure anymore.

In fact, her thigs were filled with love juices that slid down until her calves and her legs were trembling slightly.

“S-Stop…!” Akilah suddenly begged me. She could feel that something was coming from inside her.

But how could I stop now? Quite the opposite, I intentionally moved my hand towards her slit.

Only one finger. All I needed was to use my index finger to stroke Akilah’s slit slightly.

Instantly, she shivered.


Then, her body lost strength and she collapsed seated on the ground.

Once, twice, thrice… Her body spasmed several times in ecstasy before finally stopping.

And by this point, the floor was completely drenched with her love juices.

I grinned with a teasing expression. “Dear Akilah, it looks like you cummed, huh.”

Akilah lowered her head in shame. She could not believe she did something so shameful.

But I was far from done.

With a smile, I spoke up.

“What are we going to do, Akilah? Although you cummed already, you didn’t manage to make me feel good. Look, my little buddy is still as strong as when we started.”

“W-What should I do?” Akilah asked between tears. The current her was so confused that she did not know what to do.

It was the first time she had cummed like this. Although she had masturbated before, the pleasure was never like this.

And when she saw my smile, her face became pale. She was afraid I was going to take her body here and now.

Mm… I still want to play a bit more with her, though.

With a smile of interest, I sat on a chair nearby.

Then, I called her to me.

Akilah walked towards me timidly. The proud and arrogant sub-head of the Red Skull Gang had turned into a timid girl afraid of what was to come.

When she was in front of me, I smiled and let out just one word.


Akilah’s eyes opened wide. Rage, refusal, and humiliation appeared on her beautiful eyes.

But when she saw my smile, she froze.

She had the feeling that if she refused, I was going to take things to the next level.

Therefore, she endured the immense humiliation and forced herself to kneel between my legs.

When I saw her being so obedient, I felt a rush of excitement rushing through my body.

I patted her head softly like she was a tamed kitten instead of the fierce tiger she was.

Then, I grinned.

“This time, use your mouth.”

Ignoring Akilah’s gaze of disbelief, I got ready for the next part of the play.


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