FPD Chapter 338

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Akilah’s Fall (4)


“I-It hurts…” Akilah cried with tears in her face. The feeling of losing her virginity assaulted her.

I looked at the thread of blood sliding on her legs and feel an incredible pride inside me. Finally, this girl is mine.

Now, it’s time to enjoy her to my heart content.

Hugging her waist, I started to move. Thrusting inside her once and again.

“S-Stop… Please…” Akilah begged, but soon, a moan left her mouth.

Her body was so sensitive that the pain of losing her hymen did not last longer than a few seconds.

I grinned and kissed her neck, moving to her shoulders and licking her sweet skin.

Then, I moved towards her ear, breathing on it and bitting her earlobe softly.

“Ugh…” Akilah groaned, unable to endure the stimulus.

Her entire body was without strength. If not that I was hugging her waist, she would have fallen to the ground long ago.

Instead, though, she was moving up and down like a boat in the sea, constantly enduring the waves’ attacks.

But instead of a boat, it was her body. And instead of waves, it was my little friend.

Each time I moved forward, I reached her deepest part, touching the entrance of her womb.

The feeling of her body was incredible. Her lower cave tightened around my penis as though it wanted to swallow it.

“Ugh… Ann…” Akilah panted and groaned, lowering her face in shame. She could not believe she was feeling like this.

“W-Why… S-Sister Marana… S-Save me…”

I breathed on her ear and used a hand to grab her breast.

“Don’t worry, I promise you we will do this with her soon.”

Akilah snorted and tried to ignore me. But the feeling of my weapon moving inside her was too much for her to bear.

Her legs were trembling, and her arms were unable to exert strength. She was completely helpless against my attacks.

“N-No… Ahnn… H-How…”

“So tight…” I snorted and started to move faster, piercing her deeper and deeper.


Akilah’s groans were like music for my ears. The sound of her moans stimulated me greatly.

Moreover, the lewd sounds of our organs combining were the best accompaniment.

“Ahnn… Stop…”

“That will not happen,” I said and grinned, kissing and biting her neck.

Akilah raised her head, letting out a soft snort. She closed her eyes and tried to ignore the inhuman pleasure.

But she could not help but groan and moan each time my penis rubbed against her inner walls.

Her soft and beautiful body twisted under my attacks, perhaps trying to escape, perhaps due to the incredible pleasure.

At the same time, her lower cave responded to my attacks, producing even more love juice and tightening around me.

“Umm.” I groaned and pinched her nipples causing Akilah to shiver.

I could feel how her lower body sucked my penis, as though it wanted to devour it. The feeling was heavenly.

Unable to endure, I pressed her against the wall and moved faster.

Once and again, the sounds of my pelvis hitting her butt and my rod invading her resounded in the room.

“Ummm, ahhh, S-Stop…”

I grinned and continued like that, moving faster and faster, as though I wanted to make her crazy.

And in fact, Akilah was becoming crazy. Her eyes had turned hazy, and her protests were slowly being replaced by groans.

By this point, her mind was almost completely lost.

I enjoyed her body, her groans, and her expression, enjoying everything of her.

Slowly, I marked all her body with my marks. My smell, my saliva, and my bites filled each inch of her body.

Suddenly, I felt Akilah shiver. A long and loud moan resounded in the room.


The moan was like a signal. Her body spasmed and twitched, and her body arched backward.

I could feel her love juices flooding her cave and escaping outside, proof of her orgasm.

Seeing her like that, my lips curved into a smirk.

“N-No…” Akilah panted with tears in her eyes. Her body was still shivering and twitching slowly.

Before she could recover, though, she felt I was moving.

I pulled back my penis from inside her and lifted her, before turning her around.

Then, I used my arms to hold her ass and hugged her.

Akilah involuntarily used her arms to hug my neck, and then, she felt my weapon again pressed against her cave.

“P-Please, stop…”

“I’m sorry…” I whispered in her ear and invaded her once more.

“Uuuu…” Akilah let out a deep moan and wrapped her legs around me. I carried her like that and started to thrust.

I used my entire strength to move inside her, thrusting once and again.

With each thrust, Akilah moaned and groaned, Her blank mind only able to feel the immense pleasure.

I thrusted and thrusted, using my penis to feel the walls of her fleshy hole and the tip of my spear to poke her uterus.

Each time I poked it, Akilah would groan pleasurably, tightening her arms and legs around me.

It was as though she was a koala, she hugged my body tightly, receiving each one of my attacks without resisting.

“Ann… P-Please…”

Like that, several minutes passed. Akilah cummed again, and then again. With each cumming, her mind turned blanker, until eventually, it was completely empty.

Only the sweet and soft groans coming out of her throat showed she was still awake.

“So nice…” I muttered and kissed her neck gently, sniffing the scent of her body.

When I finally felt I was satisfied, I decided to end this.

Thus, I pressed Akilah against a table and started my last sprint.

Akilah moaned loudly, twisting her body and catering to my movements.

Meanwhile, I felt that my weapon ready to fire its second shot.

My movements accelerated, and my penis became even bigger, reaching even deeper than before.

Then, with one last thrust, I shot everything inside her womb.

At the same time, Akilah’s body spasmed with a new orgasm.

Her half-opened eyes looked at me with a hazy expression, and her mouth opened slightly.

Then, she closed her eyes with a soft sigh.


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