FPD Chapter 339

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The Underground’s Slaughter (1)


“… Are you happy now?” Akilah asked grudgingly while putting on her clothes again.

“Very happy. I enjoyed it a lot.” I chuckled.

“Bastard…” Akilah bit her lips and glared at me as though I was her worst enemy.

I smiled. I then walked towards her and extended my hand.

Akilah panicked instinctively and stepped back.

“W-What do you want?”

Well, it looks like this girl is a bit afraid of me.

I smiled and shook my head. Then, I touched her forehead.

Instantly, a refreshing sensation filled Akilah’s body.

And as though they a lie, the pain and tiredness in her body disappeared completely.

Akilah was startled.

“T-This is…”

“You need to fight a battle tonight, right? I don’t want to see my woman dying because she is too tired to fight.”

“Who is your woman!?”

I smirked and did not answer. Girl, now that you have fallen once, you will definitively fall again.

“Bastard…” Akilah bared her teeth in rage. Suddenly, she threw a punch towards my chest.

I received her punch with a hand and pulled her towards me, planting a kiss of her soft lips. Akilah struggled briefly, but when she saw she could not fight against me, she resigned herself and just waited until the kiss ended.

Once I separated my lips from her, she wiped off her lips and stormed out of the room angrily.

Before leaving, though, her lips opened in a small whisper.

“… Don’t forget your promise…”

I grinned. I will not.

In fact, I’ll upgrade it a level.

Mm, having the three sisters of the gang in the same bed sure looks interesting.

Well, that can wait. Now, it’s time to start tonight’s operation.

A few seconds after I left the room, a figure materialized beside me.

“Are you done?” Ysnay asked with a smirk. I did not bother to answer her, and instead, I continued walking towards the meeting point.

“Heh…” Ysnay’s lips curved in a strange smile. “By the way, I already found the soul mark you left in my soul. Should I get rid of it?”

… It was pretty fast.


I shrugged indifferently. “Do as you want.”

Ysnay narrowed her eyes and stared at me as though trying to gauge my intentions. When she did not find any reaction, she smiled.

“I will leave it there. You can consider it a way of showing you my stance.”

As though I’m going to believe it.

I’m pretty sure you have several ways to fool the soul mark in you if you want.

But well, that is something I expected. Due to that, I left several countermeasures for when you find it.

I’m sure Ysnay has already noticed several of the countermeasures, but with a bit of luck, one or two will go unnoticed.

These will be my true weapon against Ysnay in our battle of wits.

Of course, if Ysnay discovers all my countermeasures, I’ll be the one at a disadvantage.

… Sigh, what happened to my wish of living a simple life of debauchery?

I’m pretty sure my immortal ex-lover was not included in that.

I shook my head to get rid of these tiresome thoughts.

We arrived at the meeting point a few minutes later.

Several people were already there, including Marana, Raven, Lina, Cline (Marana, Raven, and Akilah’s little brother), plus all the members of [Eternity’s Fangs].

When they saw me appear, they greeted me respectfully.


I nodded towards them and walked where Marana was.

“It looks like everything is ready.”

“Yes.” Marana nodded. “The departure is one hour later. When it’s time, we will start our attack according to the plan.”

I nodded. “Great. Today, we will get the entire underground of the capital under the Red Skull Gang’s control.”

An excited smile appeared on Marana’s face. It was as though she was anticipating the moment when the underground is in her hands.

But then, her expression turned to one of concern.

“But… Are you sure it’s enough? Fighting the three other gangs at the same time will be hard, and I’m sure the noble houses associated with the gangs will send reinforcements… Moreover, I heard the Blue Wings Society is associated with the imperial family.”

“Just trust me, Marana.” I grinned while looking at the night sky of the capital. “Besides, we also have our own reinforcements.”

As though these words were a signal, a group of people suddenly appeared inside the building, teleported by someone.

Marana and the others were shocked, but before they could attack the newcomers, I raised my hand, indicating them to wait.

Then, I walked towards the black-haired and blood-eyed woman leading the group.

“Welcome, headmistress.”

Evelyn smiled. “Mr. Clark. I came as I promised.”

“Great. I knew I could trust you.”

Evelyn rolled her eyes with a smile and whispered something on my ear.

“I hope to receive a suitable reward for this later.”

I grinned and bit Evelyn’s earlobe, causing her to jump away in panic.

As expected, I love this woman.

But she was not the only acquittance in the group. Besides Evelyn, I also saw Teacher Tear, Katherine, Rose, and even Daisy. Plus several other teachers I had met before.

Each one of them came here aware of the reason behind this operation.

But the two people that attracted my attention were an old man and an old woman walking just behind Evelyn.

The old woman was a thirteenth-layer powerhouse, a transcendent.

As for the old man, he was a fifteenth-layer powerhouse. A demigod.

He was just one step away from attaining godhood.

I raised an eyebrow. This is… surprising.

A few days ago, Evelyn agreed to participate in tonight’s operation to pave Dina’s way to the throne. Back then, she told me she was going to bring a pair of friends to help.

But I was not expecting such powerful friends.

“Allow me to introduce you to them,” Evelyn said with a smug look. “They are Lee and Natasha. Two of the hidden powerhouses of the Imperial Institute. They usually don’t interfere with the affairs of the academy and instead go around the continent wandering it and trying to find ways to advance to higher levels of cultivation. Fortunately, they were nearby when you told me about tonight and I managed to contact them. When they learned of the situation, they agreed to help us.”

I was a bit surprised. I did not know the institute had others beyond-twelfth-layer powerhouses besides the headmistress.

But thinking about it now, it’s not weird. In the empire, the Imperial Institute is an organization that not even the three biggest families dare to rashly offend. But the three families have several beyond-twelfth-layer powerhouses; this, if they don’t dare to offend the institute, it means the institute’s strength must be similar.

I was not sure how Evelyn managed to convince these two powerhouses to support us, but they seemed pretty enthusiastic when they met me.

… Only later I learned she told them I was a supreme powerhouse that could help them to make greater breakthroughs in their cultivation.

Well, there was no problem giving them a pointer or two.

After the people of the Imperial Institute arrived, they took a while to heard about the plan.

Just like that, it was almost time for the operation to start.

However, one person had not arrived yet.

Marana furrowed her brows. “Cline, Raven, do you know where Akilah is? She should have arrived long ago!”

“I-I’m here!” Akilah came running into the room with a flustered expression. “S-Sorry, big sister, I-I was busy with something.”


It looks like Akilah took a bath and changed her clothes before coming. That is likely the reason she was late.

Well, she was smelling of sex after our little play.

I chuckled softly and shook my head, but that made Akilah glare at me as though she wanted to kill me.

In reply, I grinned and ogled at her body.

I wanted to continue teasing Akilah, but unfortunately, it was already time to start the operation.

Thus, I put on a serious expression and waved my hand.

“Everybody! Set off!”


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