FPD Chapter 34

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Reality Render, Weakened Version


[Reality Render, weakened version]

A technique created based on my favorite skill created through countless lives. It uses mana to cut through space and the dimensions, being able to cut through practically everything.

Of course, the version I used just now was many times weaker. The amount of mana I used is far from being enough to cut through space, but it did not have any trouble tearing a weak sixth-layer barrier.

“Impossible!” Louise’s eyes were opened wide. She could not believe her barrier was cut to easily. “Impossible! How can that technique be so strong!”

I smiled and held my sword with a relaxed posture. “Nothing is impossible. Did you think I was called sword fanatic for nothing? Although my speed of cultivation cannot be compared with you, in terms of techniques and skills, I’m far stronger than you.”

Louise’s expression turned ugly. She wanted to refute my words, but the proof was before her eyes. Even although she was two layers stronger than me, she was unable to stop my attack.

“Will you give up now?” I asked calmly. “You did not have any opportunity against me. Or, do you want to use your two bodyguards too?”

Louise gritted her teeth. If she gave up now, then many of her family’s plans would go to the drain. She knew I was a genius in business, so if they can get aunt Dayana’s records and plans that contain many of my ideas, they could use their greater manpower and connections to suppress me.

But after seeing my slash, she was not confident about winning. If I used the slash again against her, she knew she would be unable to stop it.

Her only option was to defeat me before I could use my sword against her, but after witnessing how I evaded her spells before, she was unable to think on a way to make her spells hit.

Of course, she could use her bodyguards to seal my movements, but she did not want to do it. If people learned that she had to rely on numbers to defeat someone two layers below her, then she would not have more face to appear before the public.

I could see her two bodyguards preparing to attack behind her, but she waved her hand and stopped them.

“Stop, I’ll not rely on numbers to defeat him.” She then looked at me with a cold gaze. “Claus, you win this time, but next time will not be so easy. I swear I’ll defeat you, with my honor as the eldest daughter of the Riea family.”

Then, she turned around and left.

“Take that man away.” I said coldly while pointing to Lock who had fainted on the floor. Louise frowned, but she ordered one of her men to carry him.

When they finally were gone, I returned my sword to the sheath.

Aunt Dayana came running from inside the house. She looked at me with a worried expression and hugged me. “Claus, are you alright? Were you injured?”

“I’m not.” I replied with a smile. “She needs to do more than it if she wants to hurt me.”

Aunt Dayana sighed in relief and smiled when she saw my confident expression. But in the next instant, she frowned.

“It looks like the Riea family can’t wait anymore. It’s obvious this time plot was aimed to destroy our businesses.”

I smiled wryly. “Well, I can become a great obstacle if I decide to aim for the throne. They probably want to curb my wings completely.”

To be honest, it’s normal for the Riea family to attack me. I’m more surprised that Louise gave up so easily. After all, she could have ordered her two bodyguards to attack together with her.

She seems to care very much about her honor. If it would have been her brother, Al, he surely would have used them.

Well, I would have won either way, but it would have forced a bit more of my strength.

At that moment, the sound of someone running came from the house.

“Cousin, you were so cool!” Little Charlie exited the house.

I looked at him and shook my head. It looks like he saw the fight from the second floor.

“Cousin, teach me how to fight like that!” Little Charlie looked at me with his eyes shining.

“I will, I will.” I rubbed his head and grinned.

Aunt Dayana smiled seeing it, but she quickly put on an apologetic expression.

“Claus, I think I must go to the auction house now. I don’t know if the Riea family is planning something there.”

I put on a pensive expression before nodding. “You are right. The Riea family will not give up like this. We better are cautious.”

“Mm. But I can’t leave little Charlie alone. Why don’t you stay with him while the nanny comes?” Aunt Dayana said.

I hesitated briefly before nodding. Aunt Dayana made a relieved expression and kissed my cheek.

Quickly, she changed her clothes. She then explained to me a pair of things I had to pay attention to and walked to the door.

“Claus, take care of little Charlie. You can leave when the nanny arrives.”

“Okay. I was thinking of visiting grandpa today.”

Aunt Dayana nodded and left.


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