FPD Chapter 340

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The Underground’s Slaughter (2)


For tonight’s operation, the key was exterminating the three enemy gangs as quickly as possible.

The capital’s gangs can be considered as the limbs of the three great families and the imperial family. Each gang was supported by one of these four factions and owned a portion of the capital underground.

Recently, though, The Blood Night Gang, associated with the Ferret Family (Alice’s Family) had been replaced by my Red Skull Gang. Thus, a fourth of the capital underground was in the Red Skull Gang’s hands.

The thing is, I want the entire underground.

Of course, doing something like that is not easy. Mainly because if the other gangs get wind of our intentions, they will join hands to suppress us.

That is the reason only the most core members of the Red Skull Gang know about our intentions and the reason that I want to wrap everything up tonight.

For this operation, the territories of the three gangs will be attacked simultaneously.

The territory of the gang supported by the Carmell family will be attacked by a team led by Marana and Akilah and containing half of [Eternity’s Fangs]. Moreover, they will have the support of the two powerhouses Evelyn brought.

Of course, they will act only if the situation requires it. Otherwise, they will just spectate.

The territory of the gang supported by the Riea family will be attacked by the team of the Imperial Institute, led by Evelyn.

According to our information, this gang will be the easiest one to deal with. After all, the Riea family has lost a lot of manpower and influence recently, so they will be unable to send too many reinforcements even if they learn about the situation.

By the way, the people of the academy wore a Red Skull mask for tonight’s operation. It was to avoid exposing their identities during the battle.

As for the last battlefield, I’ll lead it personally.

It will be against the gang supported by the Imperial family, Blue Wings Society.

The people attacking this gang with me are Raven, Lina, and half of [Eternity’s Fangs].

Oh right, Daisy is also with me.

And she was glaring at Ysnay as though she was seeing her most hated enemy.

“Your highness, explain! Who is this woman!?”

“Can’t you see? I’m the new personal servant of his highness.” Ysnay smiled teasingly. “Your replacement.”

Daisy’s expression turned ugly. She then stared at me with tears in her eyes as though asking me why I betrayed her.

I did not know whether to laugh or to cry.

Please girls. Are you sure now is the right time for this conversation?

And Ysnay, stop provoking my lovers. Is it so fun?

“It’s fun. They are so innocent.” Ysnay said while giggling.

Everybody is innocent compared to a hundred-thousand-years-old hag.

“Hey! I’m still in my prime!”

I rolled my eyes to Ysnay’s shamelessness before patting Daisy’s head.

“Don’t worry, Daisy. You are my only beloved personal servant. As for this woman… Let’s just say she will be with us for a while due to certain troublesome matters.”



Daisy’s expression brightened instantly. She then shot Ysnay a look of triumph before ignoring her.

Ysnay shook her head in amusement. “Your women this time are very funny.”

“Stop causing problems.”

While we were speaking, our team reached the territory of the Blue Wings Society.

I ordered the group to stop and looked at each one of the men under my command.

“Guys, you already know the plan, so I will not talk about it again. Remember our goal. Be swift and don’t let anyone alive. Anyone you fail to kill can later end killing one of us.”


“Very well. Raven.”

“Yes, big brother.”

“You will take the lead from now.”

“Understood, big brother. I’ll not fail you.”

“I know. Lina, Daisy.”

““Mm.”” The two girls nodded and looked at me.

“Follow Raven. This is a good opportunity for you to gain combat experience.”



“Now, go!”

With my words as the signal, everybody dispersed.

Around 130 people divided themselves into teams of four and five people. Each team chose a street or alley and started to move like ghostly shadows.

Silently, they moved through the roof and alleyways without awakening or alerting the people in the houses. Their only targets were the members of the enemy gang.

Soon, one of the teams met a sentry group of the Blue Wings Society. They were patrolling the streets of the social territory to make sure nothing was wrong.

But suddenly, they heard a faint sound coming towards them.

Before they could react, their heads flew, their hearts were pierced, and their necks were slit open.

When their dead bodies fell on the ground, the shadows were already gone.

Each team advanced in the route we had decided beforehand. They made sure to kill each person of the Blue Wings Society they met as quickly as possible while trying to keep the factor surprise for as long as they could.

No matter if they were robbing citizens, gambling, drinking, or sleeping with prostitutes, the members of the Blue Wings Society were located and then neutralized.

Unfortunately, it was just a matter of time before someone discovered that something was wrong.

The firsts to be discovered were a team composed of four [Eternity’s Fangs]’s members attacking one of the meeting points for the Blue Wings Society.

When they entered the brothel, they were met with twelve members of the Blue Wings Society gathered there to celebrate the birthday of one of them.

The team reacted quickly, throwing themselves to the society members to kill them as quickly as possible.

In just one second, they killed six members!

Unfortunately, they were not quick enough.

When the sixth member fell on the ground, one of the society members filled his throat with mana and hollered as loudly as possible.


Then, a sword pierced his neck.

But the damage had been done.

The scream of the man was heard even one kilometer away.

Instantly, the capital woke up, and the Blue Wings Society realized that something bad was happening.

Similar scenes happened in other parts of the city. When the Blue Wings Society learned of the attack against them, the other two gangs also learned about the terrible situation.

Then, the war for the underground of the capital started.

In future years, tonight was going to be known as ‘The Night of The Underground’s Slaughter’.”


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