FPD Chapter 341

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The Underground’s Slaughter (3)



“What in the hell is happening!?” Hansel, the leader of the Blue Wings Society, growled in rage.

None of the people around him dared to answer. In fact, they were as puzzled as him.

Only after several seconds passed, one of them stepped forward hesitantly.

“Big brother. We don’t know either. We only know that someone is attacking our territory.”

“I know that,” Hansel snarled. “What I need to know is who is behind this!? Who is so daring to attack our territory!?”

The people in the hall looked at each other with doubtful expressions. But at the same time, they felt afraid.

They came here after their men told them about a group killing the people of the Blue Wings Society; but in fact, they knew nothing but that.

Who were the attackers? Why were they being attacked? How many men did the enemy have?

They could not answer these questions.

They were literally fighting blind.

“… I sent several of my men to find information about the situation… Unfortunately, none of them has returned yet.” A man said.

“Same here.” Said another man.

None of them dared to say it, but they were almost one hundred percent sure the men they sent were dead.

Whoever the enemy was, they were killing their men as though they were bugs.

They could not retaliate, and they could not escape.

The leader put on a grim expression. This was the worst possible situation. At this rate, their losses would be immeasurable.

Suddenly, the door of the room was slammed open.


An injured man staggered inside.

Initially, nobody recognized him due to his wounds and the look of fear in his face.

But after another glance, most identified him. At the same time, they were stunned.

He was a relatively famous gang member. One of Hansel’s confidants.

Due to his seventh-layer strength, he had been left in charge of many of the gang matters.

Currently, though, he seemed nothing like one of the gang’s important members. Instead, he seemed like a beggar about to die. His body was bloodied and filled with injuries, and his clothes were ripped in several parts.

“Anderson! What happened!?” Hansel asked hurriedly. But before Anderson could answer, he collapsed on the ground.

Then, he forced himself to open his eyes and look at Hansel.

“R-Run… T-The R-Red S-Skull G-Gang…”

Upon saying that, the gang member drew his last breath.

Hansel’s expression turned ugly. With a look of rage, he slammed the table.

“Bastards! How do they dare to attack us!? Are they not afraid of the consequences!?”

None of the people in the room spoke up. Instead, they clenched their fists in rage and hatred.

“Big brother, what are we going to do?” A man asked.

Hansel hesitated briefly before putting on a determined expression.

In the current situation, he could not afford to be indecisive.

“Order to all the men to return to the headquarters! We will face the enemies here!

“Also, send someone to contact the Imperial Guards. Tell them about the situation. They will know what to do!”

“Understood.” The people in the room nodded. As part of the leadership of the gang, they knew about the gang’s links with the imperial family.

Due to that reason, although they were slightly nervous, they were not afraid.

Destroying the Blue Wings Society was the same as harming the interests of the Imperial Family. That was the reason nobody dared to do something like that.

And if someone tried, the imperial family was not going to stay silent.

“Move now! We will receive these cursed attackers here!”



From the clouds, I observed how the men of Eternity’s Fangs slaughtered the Blue Wings Society’s members.

Since the start, I did not interfere. I just observed and waited to see if a particularly powerful powerhouse appeared.

Tonight’s attack was lightning fast. So fast that the Blued Wings Gang was unable to react properly. By the time they realized something was wrong, the men of Eternity’s Fangs had already killed hundreds of enemies.

And half an hour later, they were already in front of the headquarters of the Blue Wings Society.

In total, not even one hour had passed since the start of the attack.

But although the Blue Wings Society was taken by surprise, they were, in the end, one of the four big gangs of the capital.

By the time we arrived at their headquarters, we met with hundreds of gang members standing protectively in front of us, ready to face us.

There were at least five hundred gang members around the Blue Wings Society’s headquarters. In comparison, our side had only around 130 people.

In terms of numbers, the difference was overwhelming.

But strangely, it was the men of the Blue Wings Society who were afraid.

As for my people, they were staring calmly to their enemies as though they were bugs.

They were just waiting for the signal to attack.

At that moment, someone of the Blue Wings Society stepped forward.

He was a middle-aged man with teal colored hair. He had a grim-looking face, and a small scar adorned his eyebrows.

I had seen him in the information Marana recollected about the Blue Wings Society. The leader of the Blue Wings Society, Hansel Foxeye.

As soon as he appeared, he moved his gaze through [Eternity’s Fangs]’s members and wrinkled his brows.

“Where is your leader? I want to talk to him.”

Mm, it looks like it’s time for me to appear.

With a smile, I stepped across space, appearing a few meters away from Hansel.

Then, ignoring his surprise, I smiled at him.

“Nice to meet you. You can call me Clark, and I’m the leader of the Red Skull Gang.”

“Clark? So you are the mysterious leader that took control of the Red Skull Gang a few months ago, huh?”

“The same in person. Now, Mr. Hansel, speak up quickly. My time is limited.”

Hansel’s eyes flashed with a tinge of anger, but he suppressed it and spoke up calmly.

“… I want to know, why are you doing this?”

I raised an eyebrow and smiled playfully. “Is it not obvious? To destroy you. I want to have the entire underground of the capital in my hands, and you are in the way.”

Hansel was stunned, but soon he started to laugh.

“Ha… Hahahahaha… Are you crazy? The entire underground? That is impossible! Neither the Imperial Family nor the other three families will allow something like that!”

“You are right. But hey, men need to have dreams, right?”

“This is not a dream!” Hansel sneered. “This is suicide! Mr. Clark, stop this stupidity! You can still turn back and I’ll pretend that nothing happened! Otherwise, you will see the destruction of the Red Skull Gang soon.”

I smiled. This man is pretty convincing. Moreover, his argument is sound.

Unfortunately, I already know everything he said.

And I’m already prepared for it.

Shaking my head, I turned around and gave my order.

“Kill everybody. Don’t leave anyone alive.”

“Yes. Big brother.” Raven answered. Then, she unsheathed her daggers.

“Wait! Are you crazy!?” Hansel cried out. “Clark! Stop this! Are you not afraid of the consequences!?”

When Hansel saw I was not answering, he turned his attention to the cat girl walking towards him.

“You are Miss Raven, right? Stop this! That crazy man will cause the destruction of the Red Skull Gang!”

Raven walked forward expressionlessly. And when she was less than five meters away from Hansel, she opened her mouth.


With her delicate voice like the signal, Eternity’s Fangs moved.

And the slaughter started.


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