FPD Chapter 342

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Blue Wings Society’s Destruction (1)


In another part of the city, the headquarters of the Imperial Guards.

Gustav Troy, the captain of the imperial guards and a ninth-layer knight, frowned while the imperial guards prepared themselves for a mission.

Not long ago, he had received orders to stop a battle between gangs occurring in the territory of the Blue Wings Society. According to the information he got, they were fighting against the Red Skull Gang.

Normally, the Imperial Guards do not interfere with fights between gangs. In fact, recently, when the Blood Night Gang was destroyed, the Imperial Guards did not move.

But this time was different.

As the leader of the Imperial Guards, Gustav was aware that the Blue Wings Society was somehow related to the imperial family. He did not know how related exactly, but he knew he could not let them be exterminated.

Thus, as soon as he received the orders, he started to move his men.

No much later, though, he received even more news.

“Are you saying that the Blue Wings Society is not the only gang being attacked?”

“No. The Red Skull Gang attacked the other two gangs too.”

“Are they crazy?” Gustav could not help but exclaim. “Where did they get such guts?”

“Captain, should we send men there too?”

Gustav thought for a few seconds before shaking his head.

“No. Our orders are only to assist the Blue Wings Society. The rest doesn’t matter.”

“Understood. The men are ready to depart, sir.”

“Then move! We don’t have time to lose!”

With Gustav’s orders, the Imperial Guards started to move.

They advanced quickly towards the headquarters of the Blue Wings Society. More than three hundred Imperial Guards, with the weakest being a third-layer soldier, advanced while emanating killing intent.

The scene was incredibly intimidating, and the Imperial Guards seemed undefeatable. In fact, neither Gustav not any of his men thought they were going to lose.

But five minutes after they departed, Gustav stopped abruptly.

A carriage was standing before him, with tens of soldiers standing behind it.

Gustav could feel that each soldier was an elite, no weaker than his own men. In fact, perhaps slightly stronger.

‘The Red Skull Gang? No, they seem like the soldiers of a noble.’

“Who!?” Gustav thundered.

The unknows soldiers stayed silent. But after a few seconds, the doors of the carriage opened.

Then, a beautiful white-haired girl came out, followed by a knight girl and a butler-like middle-aged man.

“Good night, Captain Gustav.” The girl curtsied with a polite smile.

Gustav’s eyes opened wide. After seeing the girl, he recognized her identity instantly.

“… Miss Alice Ferret.”

“It looks like you know about me, captain. Well, it will make things easier. I’m sorry captain, but you can’t continue advancing.”

Captain Gustav’s expression turned grim. Looking at the angel-like girl in front of him, he could not help but feel a sense of dread.

“… What is the meaning of this, Miss Alice? Is it rebellion? Is the Ferret Family going to oppose to the Imperial Family?”

“Rebellion?” Alice tilted her head cutely. “No no no, captain. Nothing like that. Our family doesn’t dare to oppose His Majesty the Emperor.”


“But, it doesn’t mean we will allow the soldiers of the empire to enter our property without an explanation.”

“Huh?” The captain was stunned. Property?

Since when was this place property of the Ferret Family?

As though she was aware of the captain’s confusion, Alice raised her hand. Her butler, Aaron, understood her meaning and took a document from his coat before putting it on her hand.

Alice smiled playfully and then passed the document to the captain.

When the captain received and read the document, his expression turned ugly.

In this document, it expressed that the Ferret Family owned two kilometers of land in the capital. According to this, they were planning to use this land to construct an economic zone.

In other words, they were indeed invading private property.

“… Miss Alice, are you truly going to do this?” Captain Gustav asked while gritting his teeth.

Alice shrugged. “We are just protecting our rights, captain. Who guarantees us that your men are not going to cause damage to our properties. Of course, we don’t mind letting you and your men pass. You only need a written document signed by the relative departments and expressing why you need to invade our property and how the empire will compensate us in case we suffer any damage.”

“… Miss Alice, it’s an emergency. If you want a document, I can bring it to you tomorrow.”

“I fear that is impossible, captain,” Alice said without changing her smiling expression. “But if you are truly in an emergency. You can take a detour. I’m sure it’s just one or two kilometers extra.”

The captain fell silent and stared at Alice fixedly.

He could feel the soldiers behind her getting ready to attack. He knew that if he gave the wrong order, this incident would turn into a bloodbath.

Helpless, he could only around in defeat.

“Turn around. We will take another route.” He commanded.

“But captain! It’s obvious they are–”

“I know, and I hope they are prepared to face us tomorrow before the emperor. But if we don’t want to create more troubles, it’s better if we take another route.”

The Imperial Guards nodded reluctantly and departed.

Before departing, though, the captain glared at Alice one last time.

It was as though he was telling her to expect news of him soon.

When the Imperial Guards were gone, Alice sighed and returned to her carriage together with her butler, Aaron, and her knight, Hannah.

“… Young miss, are you sure it’s alright?” Aaron could not help but ask after several seconds of silence.

“Don’t worry, nothing will happen.”

“But… Is it not too soon to fall out with the Imperial Family?”

“Don’t worry, we are in the right this time. Besides, soon the Imperial Family will not have the time to care about this situation. Right, Prince Claus?”

“… You are right, Miss Alice.” A shadow materialized beside her.

It was a handsome young man with blue hair and blue eyes. He appeared seated in the carriage with a calm look, as though he would have been there the entire while.

Yes, I was present the entire time. More accurately, a clone of mine was here.

“I hope you are satisfied with our help, Prince Claus. Although unfortunately, we were unable to stop them completely.” Alice smiled and said.

I shook my head. “It’s enough. We gained half an hour with this. When the Imperial Guards finally arrive at the Blue Wings Society’s headquarters, not even debris will remain.”

“As expected of you… Sigh, it looks like the capital will be lively for a while. I can already imagine the uproar tomorrow. The Riea Family and the Carmell family will surely try to retaliate.”

“Of course, they will.” I grinned.

But I’m already prepared for this.

In fact, there is a reason that I chose this time to make my move.

“You already saw it, right Alice?”

Alice smiled mysteriously without answering.

This girl…

But thinking about it, this little seer looks much cuter when I compare her to the experienced Ysnay.

And she is also much easier to deal with.

“Right, how is the task I gave you going?” I asked.

Alice’s smile disappeared. Then, her expression turned grim.

“It’s worse than we thought… I found traces of him everywhere. Just in the capital, there are more than two thousand people carrying the seeds. The number in the empire probably reaches to the tens of thousands. Moreover, many of the hosts are not humans, but just common animals.”

“Is it so?” I nodded and fell deep in thoughts.

It looks like his preparations are more throughout than I thought.

Well, he is an Immortal after all.

Should I ask Ysnay for help? Perhaps she will be able to find all his seed and destroy them.

Sigh, with four Immortals interested in this world, I wonder how long it will take before this world is destroyed.

I shook my head and stopped thinking about that.

“Give the names to Headmistress Evelyn. She will take care of the rest.”



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