FPD Chapter 343

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Blue Wings Society’s Destruction (2)


It looks like Alice complied with her part of the deal, huh.

I must say, she had been very cooperative since the time we talked about Immortals. That is good for me, though.

I truly hope she can stop her ambitions. Alice is a good girl, so I don’t want to have her as my enemy.

But as though reading my thoughts, Ysnay beside me shook her head.

“She is a seer, Willian. You should not hope anything from people like her. Seers are not trustworthy.”

I raised an eyebrow. Woman, I don’t think you have the right to speak like that of another seer.

“No all the seers are like you, Ysnay. Also, how long are you going to keep calling me Willian?”

Ysnay smiled wryly, ignoring the question about the name.

“You don’t understand. We seers are born with the power to control fate directly, and in consequence, we become obsessed with the feeling of controlling it.

“Do you know how it feels when you control the fate of something or someone? The first time I controlled fate, I used it to stop the death of a kitty. It was something simple, but after that, I felt an incredible satisfaction, an incredible thrill.

“Since then, I felt the same thrill each time fate was manipulated according to my will. It’s like drugs, Willian. Once you have a taste of it, you can’t stop.”

Like drugs, huh.

“However, there are some people that are able to leave drugs.”

“There are, but I’m sure nobody is able to resist the temptation of fate.” Ysnay shook her head. “That girl is like me, Willian. I can see my young self in her. Do you know what a seer feels when he finds something he or she can’t control?”

I did not reply. But Ysnay continued regardless.

“They feel fear and anxiety, and they feel excitement. Fear and anxiety due to the fear of being unable to control something, and excitement because they found a very difficult game. It’s just like when I met you. Do you know? I have always loved you, even back when that happened, I loved you. However, I could not tolerate the existence of something I could not control.

“I was like a drug addict unable to get his dose. Every time I saw you, I could not control my desire of putting you below my thumb.”

“… That is good to know.”

“In the end, I was unable to control myself.” Ysnay smiled bitterly. “That girl is the same. Even if she looks obedient now, she will eventually be unable to resist her desire to put you under her control. When that happens, she will betray you, just like I did.”

I could see the bitter emotions in Ysnay’s voice. Regret, shame, self-loathing.

Every word she said was true. In fact, I knew it already. Ysnay and Alice are not the only seers I have met.

Every seer I met was a tyrant or a megalomaniac that wished to put the entire world under their thumbs.

Otherwise, they were self-centered bastard that believed everything they did was alright.

Many of them caused millions of deaths just to accomplish their goals. Betraying even their most loved ones just to get more power.

But even so–

“Not every seer is like you, Ysnay. Perhaps, she will prove you wrong.”

I did not want to accept Ysnay’s words.

Because that was the same as me admitting that her betrayal was not her fault.

Ysnay’s expression turned complicated.

Few people in the universe understand me as well as she does, so she surely has an idea of my thoughts.

But I don’t care. Even if that was something childish, I don’t mind.

I want to prove Ysnay wrong.

Heaving a long sigh, I decided to stop worrying about that. Instead, I paid attention to the battle below.

Currently, the battle was already reaching its end. The members of Eternity’s Fangs were moving through the battlefield killing the remaining members of the Blue Wings Society.

Raven was fighting Hansel, the leader of the society. She was wielding her daggers at a quick speed and moving around the middle-aged man trying to deliver the final hit.

Actually, Raven’s cultivation was one layer below than her opponent. Hansel was a tenth-layer swordsman, and in normal circumstances, he should have been able to quickly suppress the ninth-layer Raven.

But surprisingly, Raven was holding well against him. In fact, she had an overwhelming advantage.

Judging by their battle, she could kill her enemy at any time.

Well, Raven has gotten a lot of benefices from her soul connection with me. Besides techniques, her mana has become purer, and she has gotten a glimpse of some of the laws I understand.

With these advantages, it was normal if Hansel couldn’t defeat her despite his cultivation advantage.

Daisy’s situation was similar to Raven. She was moving around the Blue Wings Society’s members, unleashing lightning strikes and smiting enemy after enemy.

Several gang members had tried to attack and kill her, but the maid has come on top each time, killing her opponents easily.

I could not help but feel proud of her. Daisy has progressed a lot since the day I started to teach her.

The situation of Lina, though, was the complete opposite.

Even although her cultivation was not low, her contributions to the battle were very small.

The reason? Her inexperience.

Currently, she was enduring the attacks of an enemy with a pale face. She was obviously overwhelmed by the enormous amount of blood and death she has seen tonight.

Fortunately, the members of Eternity’s Fangs were around to help her. Every time she was about to be defeated, someone would come to help her.

That is good, though. The reason I brought Lina here was to help her to gain combat experience and polish her will. This situation is perfect for her.

“It looks like everything is alright here, huh,” I muttered to myself. At the same time, I looked in the direction of the palace. “Are they not going to come?”

I thought they would send someone, but it looks like they will not.

Could it be that they don’t consider this gang important enough to make a move?

“Should we check the other battlefields?” Ysnay asked at that moment.

I shrugged and nodded. There was nothing else to do here anyway.


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