FPD Chapter 344

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Blue Wings Society’s Destruction (3)


Following Ysnay’s suggestion, we went to see the situation in the other battlefields.

On the battlefield in charge of Evelyn, the gang under the Riea family was being heavily suppressed.

Teacher Tear was floating in the sky, unleashing spell after spell flashily and killing one gang member after another. At the same time, the other teachers were attacking the gang members that escaped Tear’s attacks.

Unfortunately for the gang members, although they were strong, there was no way they could compare to the elite of the Imperial Institute. No matter how much they tried, they could not retaliate.

After checking the general situation of the battlefield, I focused on the battles of two people.

The first was Katherine.

She was doing pretty well. Katherine was using her wind magic smoothly to kill as many gang members as she could.

Her movements were elegant, like a fairy dancing in the wind. If not for the flesh and blood scattered around her, the scene would have been very beautiful.

Rose’s performance, on the other hand, was completely the opposite.

In fact, her situation was even worse than Lina.

She was literally frozen.

“… So she is that kind of hero, huh.” Ysnay said with a chuckle.

Evelyn, who heard her words, raised an eyebrow confused. Hero? Rose?

At the same time, he glared at Ysnay warily. She could not help but find Ysnay’s identity suspicious.

Moreover, Evelyn’s instincts were shouting out Ysnay was dangerous. Very dangerous.

When I saw Evelyn’s wariness, I coughed.

“What happened to Rose?” I asked to shift the topic.

“… She has been like that since the battle started. I think seeing humans killing each other like that was a shock for her.” Evelyn said with a sigh

“You told her they are bad guys?”

“I did, but it did not help much.” Evelyn shook her head helplessly. “Don’t worry about her. Rose is a strong girl. I’m sure she will understand soon.”

“Mm… You are right.” I nodded after thinking for a moment.

Rose is a hero. And as a hero, she received the world’s blessings in the form of godlike talents and a powerful fate.

She is like the dearest child of the world.

But from my observations, heroes usually have a flaw.

They tend to be very particular about justice.

I’m not sure of the reason, but I suspect it’s a failsafe the world puts on them to avoid the situation where the hero him/herself tries to destroy the world.

Of course, some heroes are different. Occasionally, you can find lazy heroes, cruel heroes, vengeful heroes, etc.

The vast majority, though, follows the same template.

A warrior of justice.

Rose is also like that. For someone like her, this kind of slaughter is not something that can be called justice.

But for the same reason, it’s something she must overcome.

She must leave behind the template of a hero.

Otherwise, her growth as a hero will be limited.

After observing Rose a bit more and confirming everything was alright here, I looked towards Evelin.

“It looks like you will not need my help.”

“Yeah… I think the Riea family will not send reinforcements after all.” Evelyn agreed with me.

Well, the Riea family has suffered several heavy blows recently due to me. Even if they want to send reinforcements, they probably don’t have much leeway for it.

And without reinforcements, this gang doesn’t stand a chance against Evelyn and the others.

Should I leave for the next battlefield then?

Before leaving, though, I told Evelyn about Alice. Evelyn knows about the Immortal, so she understood the gravity of the situation instantly.

“Don’t worry, I’ll take care of that starting tomorrow.”

“I love it when you are so assertive.” I teased.

“Idiot.” Evelyn rolled her eyes and tried to punch me. By that point, though, I had already disappeared.

Then, I arrived at the last battlefield.

Contrary to the situation in the other two battlefields, the situation here was a bit worse.

The members of Eternity’s Fangs, led by Marana and Akilah, were having a fierce fight against the gang supported by the Carmell family.

Eternity’s Fangs was winning, but they had suffered several casualties.

The main reason behind it was the reinforcements sent by the Carmell family.

Surprisingly, they sent an elite team led by an eleventh-layer powerhouse!

Normally, this situation would have been very dangerous, but Natasha, the thirteenth-layer powerhouse of the Institute, had interfered and stopped the eleventh-layer powerhouse.

However, she did not use her entire strength against him. Instead, she suppressed her cultivation to the eleventh-layer…

… Yeah, she seemed like she was having fun.

Lee, the other powerhouse of the institute and a fifteenth-layer practitioner, smiled bitterly when he saw my speechless look.

“Sorry about that. Natasha is always like that… Besides, it has been a while since the last time she had a good fight.”

“What about you then, old man?” I asked.

“It’s the same for me. Sigh, how I miss the days when I could fight at my heart content.”

I stared at the old man briefly and grinned.

“You are lucky then.”

Following my words, two presences appeared in the distance, rushing in our direction.

They were two flying powerhouses

From a glance, I determined their cultivation.

Twelfth layer and thirteenth layer.

The old man’s eyes lit up. From his gaze, I could see he was eager to stretch his muscles.

Before intercepting the enemies, though, he glanced at me and Ysnay with hesitation.

He was probably hesitating about fighting the new enemies or leaving them to us.

I waved my hand with a speechless look and told the old man to go.

Seriously, are you a battle maniac?

When the old man saw my expression, he grinned and unsheathed his sword, charging towards his enemies valiantly.

I let out a heavy sigh.

It looks like the situation here is under control too.

With Natasha and Lee participating in the battle, the situation was wrapped up quickly. In less than five minutes, everything was finished.

The battles in the headquarters of the other two gangs finished almost simultaneously.

“It can be considered as a successful operation, huh,” I nodded to myself.

Ysnay shook her head “I don’t understand how you can enjoy playing like this, Willian. This was a game impossible to lose. With the two of us here, any enemy can be easily defeated.”

“Well, you are right.” I nodded. “But hey, they won without needing my help. Don’t you think that is great? I’m pretty satisfied with my subordinates’ growth.”

Ysnay rolled her eyes. “Only you can be satisfied when playing a game in easy difficulty.”

I decided to ignore Ysnay’s sarcasm.

Instead, I gazed in direction of the Imperial Palace.

In the end, they did not move.

Hidden History.

I thought they were going to move this time, but apparently, they didn’t consider the destruction of the Blue Wings Society as something worthy of their attention.

Perhaps, only when the empire is truly at the edge of destruction they will move.

Well, I don’t need to worry too much about that.

Now, it’s time to start the last part of the plan.

It’s time to put an end to this night.


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