FPD Chapter 347

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The Last of the Red Skull Sisters (1)


I know I said I had plans for tonight, but well, I’m not the kind to reject the food on my plate.

… Well, it’s not like I have forgotten about Elene. I have plans for her too.

Sigh, the difficulties of having a harem.

I held Marana’s body softly and sucked on her lips. Marana closed her eyes and enjoyed the kiss. But soon, she started to move her tongue towards my mouth.

I did not fall behind. As soon as I felt Marana’s intentions, I grinned and stuck out my tongue. Then, our tongues entangled together, like two little fishes playing happily in the water.

I was surprised to find that Marana was quite good at kissing. In fact, she was not much worse than me.

Each movement of her tongue was aimed to stimulate my sexual desire. She sucked and licked my tongue while using her slippery tongue to lick inside my mouth and taste my saliva.

Marana’s soft tongue was very tasty, and the feeling of her slippery organ moving around my mouth was excellent.

But even if Marana was experienced, she could not compare to me.

I sucked on her mouth fiercely, depriving her of oxygen. At the same time, my hands stroke Marana’s body, stimulating her erogenous zones.

“Nn…~” Marana moaned and hugged my neck, pressing herself against me.

The kiss lasted for a long time, almost one minute. We only stopped because Marana’s lack of oxygen impeded her to continue.

When we separated our lips, Marana gasped and took a big mouthful of air.

Once she recovered, she looked at me and smiled seductively.

“… You are good.”

I smirked and moved my hands around Marana’s back, gently caressing her toned muscles.

“… And you are very beautiful. I thought you were not interested in me, though. What changed?”

Marana shrugged with a smile. “… I’m interested, but just a little bit… Mm, consider tonight like our celebration of victory.”

This girl…

Although I’m quite happy celebrating this way.

“You should feel fortunate, boss.” Marana grinned and started to take off her clothes. “You don’t know how many men dream of sleeping with me.”

I can imagine.

Marana has a very seductive body. Big breast, toned body, and a beautiful long red hair.

Moreover, as the ex-leader of the Red Skull Gang, she has an aura of authority around her, making men feel that she is an untouchable rose filled with thorns.

She is the kind of woman that provokes men’s desires to subjugate her.

“I’m fortunate then,” I said and kissed Marana’s lips softly. “Such a beautiful girl like you… Such a shame it’s just for tonight. Hey, are you not interested in becoming my lover?”

Marana was startled, but then, an expression of melancholy flashed through her eyes.

“… I don’t think that is a good idea.”


“… Do you know? Before forming the Red Skull Gang, Akilah, Raven, Cline, and I were slaves… In my case, I was a sex slave… You know what that means, right?”

I fell silent.

I guess I know where this story is going.

“… When I was younger, I dreamed of my first time being with a handsome prince, but instead, my first time was taken by a dirty and fat bandit. He violated me several times until he was tired of me.” Marana said self-deprecatingly. “After that, I was forced to attend several different men each night, one after another.”

I could see the hatred in Marana’s eyes. She hated the people that did that to her; but even more, she hated her former weak self.

However, she was a strong woman.

Thus, she transformed that hatred into strength.

“The day we escaped, I made sure to kill several of these men. Even if I was unable to kill each and every one of them, I killed as many as I could…” Marana smiled savagely. “I stabbed my sword in their hearts and ripped their stomachs open.

“Since then, I have not touched any other man again. Tonight is the first time I take the initiative to sleep with someone.” Marana stared at me with a sad smile.

I sighed after hearing her story.

Stories like that are incredibly common.

But perhaps because she misunderstood my sigh, Marana smiled self-deprecatingly.

“A dirty woman like me is not suitable to be your lover, Boss. Even if I don’t know your true identity, I know you are someone great and powerful. Probably a very powerful noble, right? How can a prostitute like me be the lover of someone like you…?

“I’m satisfied with just tonight. Just for tonight, I’ll give my body to you to repay you for saving Raven and for the help you have given us. That is enough.”

I shook my head and chuckled.

Then, I caressed Marana’s hair and kissed her lips gently.

The kiss was short and sweet and was then followed by another kiss and another kiss.

After our third kiss, I held her cheeks and stared straight to her eyes.

“I’m a very greedy man, you know. once you fall into my hands, I will not let you escape.”

Marana was stunned.

When I saw that expression, I curved my lips up and bit her earlobe.

“Let’s Stop talking about depressing stuff. For now, let’s enjoy tonight’s celebration.”

Marana fell silent, then, she nodded and smiled.

I grinned. Perfect.

I did not take Marana’s words at face value. Although she said she was not worthy enough to be my lover, I was experienced enough to see through her true thoughts.

She is someone that wants to be loved, but she is too afraid of not being worthy of the man she loves.

Ironically, a woman as strong as Marana is still dreaming of having an innocent love. A love she thinks is impossible.

To be honest, I was fascinated by this aspect of her.

With a smile, I removed the rest of her clothes. At the same time, I removed mines.

Then, I put Marana on the desk in the office and started to kiss her.

A woman seated naked on the desk while kissing a naked man. It was the classical secretary sex.

Excited, I moved my hands to her breast and grabbed them. I then started to rub them fiercely, changing their shapes freely.

Marana’s big breast felt like a pair of giant soft marshmallows. I pinched and gripped them like playing with a toy.

“Unh…~” Marana moaned and looked at me with a soft smile. “Do you like them?”

“Of course,” I said while grinning. Then, I brought my mouth to her breast and bit her right nipple.

Marana groaned and shivered. The tingling pain in her nipple was like an aphrodisiac stimulating her body.

Instinctively, she hugged my head and pressed it against her chest. Meanwhile, I stopped biting and started sucking and licking.

I was like a child stuck in the breasts of his mother, enjoying the feeling of her fleshy peaks.

Marana moaned and groaned repeatedly. She closed her eyes and enjoyed the feeling on her breast freely.

At the same time, I started to move my hands.

Calmly, I moved my hands to the place between her legs.


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