FPD Chapter 348

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The Last of the Red Skull Sisters (2)


Marana was a very sexy girl. The way she let herself go while enjoying sex was very enticing.

Her usually serious voice had turned into sweet moans that resounded in the office. In fact, if not that I stopped the sounds in the office from escaping outside, the people nearby would have realized what was happening here.

“Anh…~” Marana moaned, hugging my head while I sucked on her nipples. At the same time, I moved my hands towards her legs.

I first touched her thighs, using my fingers to stroke her beautiful legs. Marana shivered and slowly opened her legs, as though luring me to continue.

But I did not hurry. Instead, I continued stroking her thigs, caressing and pinching them slowly. At the same time, I moved my hand closer and closer to her moist cave, but I made sure of not touching it.

But such caresses stimulated Marana even more. She grunted and twisted her body, trying to rub her cave with my hand, but I continued teasing her, moving my hand away each time it was about to touch her slit.

Marana pouted. She looked at me with a look of exasperation as though asking me what I was doing.

But I just smiled and continued sucking on her right breast. Meanwhile, one of my hands played with her other breast and my other hand teased her legs.

I caressed softly her pubic hair, but I still made sure of not touching Marana’s slit. Such teasing irritated Marana greatly and increased her lust and itch.

It reached the point where Marana tried to use her own hand to touch her cave and relieve the itch she was feeling, but I grabbed her hand and stopped her.

Marana glared at me in anger. I grinned evilly and shook my head.

“No, no. That is my task.”

Then, I used the tip of my finger to touch her clitoris.

Marana shivered, and the thread of mana I put on my finger bought Marana at the edge of an orgasm.

But when she was about to come, I removed my finger.

“Ah?” Marana was stunned. Instinctively, she twisted her waist to search for my finger.

Unfortunately, I was not planning to let her be. Instead, I moved my hand away and caressed her thigs instead.

Marana glared at me in rage. If she was unable to understand what I was planning, then she was an idiot.

Once more, she tried to use her hands to touch her moist cave, but I stopped her again. How could I let her end the game so soon?

Helpless, Marana could only rub her thigs against each other in an attempt to satisfy the cravings of her body, but that was not enough to bring her the orgasm her body was desiring.

She was at the edge of the orgasm. But no matter how much she tried, she could not reach it.

It was like torture for her.

Marana bit her lips and stared at me, but when she saw my teasing expression, she rolled her eyes.

The next second, though, she seemed to think of something.

Then, she put on an aggrieved look and stared at me pleadingly.

“… Please.”

Damn, this expression has such a high killing power.

However, you underestimated me, Marana. This is not enough to bring me down.

I stared at Marana fora few seconds before grinning.

“What do you want?”

“… Please, hurry up.”

“Why should I?” I asked with a smirk. “I think I enjoy your current expression a lot.”

Marana did not reply for a few seconds. Then, she seemed to make up her mind and bit her lips.

One second later, she spoke up with a pitiful expression.

“… Master, please punish this lascivious slave.”

I was startled. This is…

Master and servant play?

I was amused. So you are going to play like this, huh.

However, I like it.

In fact, when I heard she calling me master, I felt all my blood boiling.

Without hesitation, I brought my burning hot weapon and put it against Marana’s wet cave.

Marana shivered. She used her hands to hug my back with an expectant expression while rubbing her slit against my rod.

Watching her like it, I thrusted my spear.

That was everything Marana needed.

As though she was a broken toy, Marana shivered fiercely. Her body spasmed repeatedly and her mouth let out a soft groan.

At the same time, a great amount of love juice gushed out of her moist cave.

I pressed my body against Marana and took a deep breath. The feeling of her tight cave pressing against my rod was amazing.

Each time her body shivered, I felt as though an electric current ran through my entire body.

Moreover, the expression of ecstasy in Marana’s face fed my pride greatly.

When I felt Marana’s orgasm started to fade, I started to move.

I hugged her waist and pierced her small hole fiercely. With each movement, my meat stick was forced deep into Marana’s narrow cave.

“Ah…~” When Marana felt my meat stick inserted inside her, the walls of her hole shivered violently and an intense pleasure swallowed her mind.

“Agn… M-Master… S-Slower… Please…” Marana hugged my body and pleaded in a low voice. She clenched her fist behind my back and whined in pleasure.

Her two legs hanged down weakly, swinging seductively each time my holy sword entered and exited her cave.

I smiled while enjoying her body. With a hand, I gripped one of her breasts while my mouth kissed her neck.

“Should I stop?” I asked teasingly.

Marana bit her lips and looked away in embarrassment. Her body, however, stuck to mine as though she wanted to fuse with me.

I grinned and thrusted vigorously, sending my meat stick deeper inside Marana’s small hole, reaching to her womb.

“M-Master… An… Umm… P-Please…” Marana gasped and groaned,  unable to form a concise sentence.

Her body moved following my movements. Each time I thrusted inside her, her pair of breasts trembled and shook, creating a beautiful image.

“Such a seductive body.” I grinned with a teasing expression. “Marana, are you sure you don’t want to become my lover.”

“Mmm… I’m… W-Wait…”

“Now that I think about it, a servant should follow the desires of her master, right?”

Marana looked at my eyes and nodded.

“… Then, what are you going to do if this master desires your body again?”

“… T-This servant will give… her body to master again…”

“Good answer.”

Grinning, I pressed Marana against the table and thrusted harder and harder.

Love juices flowed out of Marana’s cave, drenching the desk and flowing on my testicles. A part of these love juices even fell on the ground.

Happiness, excitement, embarrassment. Various emotions hit Marana’s body and soul, making her groan repeatedly.

Before long, her slender legs were wrapped around my waist, and her beautiful body was trembling violently.

Marana moaned and gasped without stop. She twisted her body below me, seductively catering to my movements.

Our tongues once more entangled in a long kiss, sharing our saliva with each other.

“M-Master…” Marana whispered softly and hugged my neck. Meanwhile, her little mouth kissed my chest and neck.

I replied kissing her earlobe and accelerating my movements.

At this point, I could feel Marana was close to her orgasm.

I knew she was about to come.



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