FPD Chapter 35

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When aunt Dayana left, I stayed alone with little Charlie.

“Cousin, teach me to be so strong!” I smiled at his innocent words and played for a bit with him. I taught him a bit of swordsmanship and tell him some stories. Little Charlie was spellbound by my words and heard me carefully.

But after playing with him for around one hour, someone knocked on the door.

“Mrs. Dayana, I’m Sara’s daughter!” A sweet and a bit immature voice came from outside the door. I signaled little Charlie to wait and went to open the door.

When the door was opened, I was greeted by the image of a beautiful young girl.

The girl was a bit tall, around 1.7 meters, with a slender body and small breasts. She had short black hair and brown eyes and was wearing a simple white dress.

Although the girl could not be considered stunning, she had a kind of humble beauty. When she saw me open the door she put on a startled expression before blushing a bit. I could see she was a bit timid.

“You are?” I asked once I finished examining her. The girl panicked a bit hearing my question, but she quickly composed herself. “I-Is Mrs. Dayana at home? I-I’m Sara’s daughter, the nanny…”

“Oh! Aunt had to leave early today, but she told me that someone would be coming to take care of little Charlie.”

“Y-Yes, m-mom could no come today s-so she sent me instead…” The young girl lowered her head timidly and grabbed the hem of her dress.

“Is it so? I understand. Come inside then.”

“E-Excuse me…” The girl lowered her head again and entered with a flustered expression.

I could not help but smile seeing it. It looks like it’s her first time dealing with a noble so she is a bit nervous.

Shaking my head, I asked to confirm. “Is this your first time speaking to a noble?”

“Y-Yes, I-I apologize if I did something w-wrong.”

“Don’t worry.” I waved my hand calmly. “It’s not as though I’m going to eat you. Calm down first while I bring little Charlie.”

The girl blushed as an apple and nodded repeatedly. I wanted to give her a bite, but I suppressed the impulse and left.

When I brought Charlie the girl was already calmer. She looked at me with an apologetic expression and bowed slightly.

“I-I’m sorry about before, I was a bit nervous. Mother did not tell me anything about a young master.”

“I could see it. And please don’t call me young master.” I answered and then patted Charlie’s shoulder. “He is Charlie, my aunt’s son.”

“Y-Yes, mom told me about him.”

I nodded. “Can I ask, miss, what is your name?”

“S-Susan.” She stuttered a little. “I’m 16 this year.”

“I see, I’m Claus. Tell me, Susan. Is this your first time taking care of a child?”

Susan put on a hesitant expression before nodding. “I normally take care of my brothers, but it’s my first time as a nanny.”

I frowned once I heard her answer. Susan panicked seeing my expression and put on a flustered expression. “I-Is something wrong?”

“Nothing.” I smiled wryly to relieve her. “It’s just that I’m not sure if it’s alright to leave Charlie with you.”

“D-Don’t worry, young master. Mom explained to me everything so I know what to do!”

“Mmm.” I deliberately put on a doubting expression. Susan panicked even more and was near tears, but she could only stare at me with a pitiful expression. I was smirking inside me, but I did not show it on my face.

“Let’s do it. I’ll stay for a while to see how you work and if I see everything is alright, I’ll leave then.”

“O-Of course! I don’t mind!” Susan nodded frantically and sighed relieved. I could only smile wryly seeing it.

Actually, Susan was pretty good as a nanny. She not only took good care of little Charlie, but also was pretty good at housework. I could see she was pretty experienced doing it.

I’m not sure if her mother was also like this when she comes, but I have to admit that Susan did not commit any mistakes, despite her unreliable first impression.

She looked at me nervously a few times while doing the housework, but I just smile to relieve her. She then would blush and move her gaze away. It was obvious she was a very innocent young girl.

After a few hours, she finished most of the housework. She then looked at me nervously.

“Young master, I’ll cook lunch. Will you eat here?”

“No no, I’m going to visit my grandparents for lunch. Right, I told you not to call me young master. Call me Claus.”

“I’m sorry, young master.”


“C-Claus…” Susan put on a pitiful expression and blushed embarrassed.

I then smiled and kissed her hand. “Well, young lady. I’m going then.”

Susan’s face turned completely red. She nodded repeatedly and went to accompany me to the door. But at that moment, I created a thread of mana near her feet.

The thread was completely invisible, and it was impossible for a commoner without mana to detect it. Susan continued walking without suspecting anything and “accidentally” tripped down.

“Kya!” Susan screamed and grabbed my hand instinctively. I tried to hold her, but I also “tripped down” at that moment and fell while holding her waist.

When Susan opened her eyes, she noticed that she was over me.

“S-Sorry!” She instinctively apologized and tried to stand up. But I was holding her waist. Susan looked at me with a flustered expression. “Y-Young master?”

I just stared at her in a daze. Susan blushed when she noticed my gaze and looked away.

At that moment, I whispered something to her ear.


Susan turned completely red. Although she had been complimented before, she felt shy knowing that the one that was complimenting her was a handsome young noble.

Moreover, she had read some books about young nobles falling in love with a servant, where the development was something like this. She wondered if it was what was happening now.

Seeing her embarrassed expression, I held her waist even tighter and kissed softly her face.


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