FPD Chapter 350

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4P (1)


Three women and a man in a room, with one of the women completely naked and smelling of sex and the man wearing a teasing smile.

The current situation could not be clearer.

When Marana, Elene, and Raven saw the strange situation, they froze.

I looked at them with a smile. Mm, as expected, a 4P is a good idea.

I would have liked to bring Akilah too, but the poor girl was deeply asleep and I did not want to wake up her now.

Well, she will have her opportunity soon.

For now, let’s enjoy the current situation.

Marana stared at the two girls that suddenly appeared in the room with a dumbfounded expression. For an instant, she could not understand what was happening.

The same was for Elene. She had her eyes opened wide trying to understand the situation.

To my surprise, Raven was the first one to return to normal. She looked around the room at Elene, then at the naked Marana, and lastly to me before nodding in understanding.

Then, with an expressionless look, the little kitten climbed on the bed and started to remove her clothes.

“R-Raven, what are you d-doing?” Marana asked in surprise.

Raven tilted her head in confusion.

“… Getting ready to have sex with big brother?”

“W-Wait! Y-You can’t! Clark, what is the meaning of this!?”

I did not answer. But instead of me, Raven furrowed her brows and stared at her sister in confusion.

“If you can, why can’t I?”

Marana was speechless. How was she supposed to answer that?

I smiled in amusement and climbed on the bed. I then helped Raven to remove her clothes.

At the same time, I stared at Elene.

“Sister Elene, are you not joining?”

Elene fell silent. After several seconds, she sighed and shook her head.

“… I’m sorry, I don’t think I can accept something like this yet.”

After saying that, she turned around to leave.

Well, I never expected it was going to be so easy.

However, I’m already ready.

When Elene tried to open the door to leave, she found it was locked and no matter how much she tried, she could not open it.

“Claus!” Elene looked at me in anger. How could she don’t understand this was my doing?

She was so angry that she even said my true name, forgetting I was in my other identity.

But I ignored her. Instead, I focused on undressing my little kitten.

At that moment, Marana reacted. Instantly, she stood up and rushed towards us.

“Hey, stop!”

I grinned.

“Raven, can you help me?”

“Yes, big brother.”

With a smile, Raven jumped towards Marana, pinning her sister on the bed.

Marana was stunned. She hurriedly tried to struggle, but her strength was not comparable to Raven.

“R-Raven, what are you doing?”

“Stay quiet, big sis.”

Raven indifferently reproached her sister before looking at me with an expecting look.

I grinned and patted her head, rubbing softly her cat ears.

“Well done.”

Then, I finished taking off her clothes.

“Let’s play a nice game.”

With these words, I activated a technique.

[Hot Breath].

It was the same technique I used in Mrs. Lluvia and Clarice, her daughter-in-law, a while ago. It uses mana combined with a bit of mind manipulation to increase greatly a woman’s sexual desire.

This time, though, I did not activate the technique at the maximum level.

Instead, I only activated it slightly, only enough to increase Elene and Marana’s sexual desire but without making them lose control of their minds.

Now, it’s time to start.

I looked at Raven, who was pining Marana below her and walked behind her.

Then, I positioned my stiff penis in front of her trance.

“C-Clark, stop! R-Raven, what are you doing!?” Marana asked slightly angry. She was enraged at the thought of me sullying her little sister in this way in front of her.

Even although Marana already knew that I was not a faithful man, she never expected I would do something like this.

I grinned at her and passed my head over Raven’s shoulders, kissing Marana’s lips.

“Mmhm!” Marana struggled fiercely, but Raven kept her pressed against the bed. At the same time, Raven stared at me as though asking for her turn.

I smiled at her and kissed her lips softly.

“Help me with your sister, okay?”

“Mm.” Raven nodded having understood my meaning.

Then, I thrusted forward.

“Umgn…” Raven groaned and bit her lips. After that, she kissed Marana’s neck.

While Marana was trying to understand what was happening, my attacks started.

“Ughn… Agn… B-Big brother…” Raven moaned comfortably, receiving my attacks while pining her sister. I grinned and put strength on her waist, thrusting repeatedly.

At the same time, I paid attention to the other two women in the room.

Marana was looking at us stupefied, but her body was becoming hot.

Elene, on the other hand, had her eyes opened wide. She watched fixedly how I entered and exited Raven’s hole.

Involuntarily, the nurse moved her hand towards the place between her legs. But immediately after that, she gritted her teeth and stopped before turning around, trying to ignore the scene in the room.

I grinned inwardly without minding it. With the effects of [Hot Breath], it was just a matter of time before they were unable to endure their desire.

In the meantime, I held Raven’s waist and slammed her buttocks repeatedly, enjoying her small hole as much as I could.

I used my mana to stroke her skin, using it to stimulate Raven’s body and make her shiver.

Each time my fingers caressed a part of her body, Raven quivered involuntarily due to the pleasure.

“Aghn…” Raven let out a loud moan. Her body shivered violently and she collapsed on Marana’s body.

Her loud moans were like an aphrodisiac for Marana and Elene. Each time they heard Raven’s moans, they could not help but tremble.

Raven received my attacks once and again, using her petite body to bear my weight. Each time I penetrated her, Raven groaned and gasped softly, creating a beautiful melody.

My movements became faster and faster, attacking Raven once and again. My meat stick rubbed her fleshy walls and my tip impacted the entrance of her womb.

Soon, the little kitten was unable to resist anymore.

Gripping the arms of her sister strongly, Raven stiffened her body before twitching violently.


Just like that, her first orgasm came.

Marana stared at that scene entranced. She could feel Raven’s love juices gushing out of her cave and drenching her body.

At that moment, I pulled my penis out of Raven.

Then, I put it in front of Marana’s entrance.

As soon as Marana felt my burning hot rod, she immediately reacted.


But I was not going to wait.

With a strong thrust, I slammed her insides hard.

Instantly, a long and loud gasp escaped from Marana’s mouth.



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