FPD Chapter 352

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New Home (1)


The next morning.

I woke up wrapped by three naked bodies.

Mm, this is what some men would call heaven.

I did not leave the bed immediately. Instead, I enjoyed the feeling of waking up with tree naked girls around me and waited until one of them wake up.

The first one to wake up was Raven.

Rubbing her eyes, Raven looked at me and smiled. She then kissed my lips softly and lay on my chest again.

… I guess she is not planning to wake up for now.

But Raven’s movements served as a signal. Immediately after that, Marana and Elene opened her eyes.

They looked around the room dazedly, as though trying to understand their situation. And then, they recalled what happened last night.

Marana and Elene could not help but grab their heads dumbfounded.

“What the…”

“Oh no…”

Watching the reactions of the two beautiful women, I could not help but chuckle softly, making them glare at me angrily.

“… I will never do something like this again.” Marana said firmly and Elene nodded.

“Really?” I smiled mysteriously. Seeing my smile, Marana got a bad presentment and Elene rolled her eyes.

“Dream on. What we did last night will be a one-time thing. I’ll never do such a crazy thing.” Elene said.

“We will see.” I grinned at Elene. “Speaking about that, you seemed to be enjoying it last night.”

“… Idiot.” Elene blushed and looked away.

Marana sighed. “… Let’s stop talking about that. I’m ashamed every time I remember I acted like an slut.” After saying that, she went to take a bath.

Perhaps to escape from my gaze, Elene followed Marana to the bathroom, leaving me alone with Raven.

I shrugged and hugged my little kitten, kissing her ears and rubbing her tail while she groaned in her sleep.

Unfortunately, our sleazy time could not last forever. After Marana and Elene finished their bath, I took Raven to the bathroom and helped her to clean up… to end with the two of us making out again.

When the blushing Raven and the satisfied me finally left the bath, Marana and Elene had already dressed up (Marana lent some of her clothes to Elene) and were preparing to leave the room.

I stopped Marana hurriedly and Elene stayed behind too for some reason.

“… A house?” Marana tilted her head in confusion after she heard my request.

“Yes.” I nodded. “A big one, with twenty rooms or so. Do you think you can find one for me today?”

Marana wondered for a moment before asking something.

“Who is going to live there?”

“Of course it’s me. I’m planning to move from my current home. Unfortunately, there are a lot of people that will come to live with me, so I need a lot of rooms.”

“Women, right?” Elene said with cold eyes. She probably was still angry due to what happened last night.

I smiled at her and nodded. “Of course. You can come to live with us too if you want.”

“… Why would I?”

“Well, you are my woman, and it would be great if we can spend more time together.”

Elene fell silent. Finally, after a few seconds, she nodded reluctantly.

“… I’ll consider it.”

Woman, do you think I can’t see the happiness in your eyes?

At that moment, I felt someone pulling my arm.

“… Big brother, can I move there too?” Raven asked.

I hesitated briefly. If Raven comes to live with me, it means exposing my connection to the Red Skull Gang.

But when I saw her upturned gaze, I could not help but nod.

“Very well.”

… I guess I’ll have to think in a way to live with Raven without exposing it.

Well, I already have an idea of how to go about that.

Thinking about it, I should also ask Lina, Andrea, and Aunt Dayana if they are going to live with me.

Iris and Susan too.

Clara is living in the church, so she can’t come, and Hope can’t leave the empress’s side for now. As for saintess Safelia, Marana, and Akilah… I think they will not agree to live with me.

As for Mrs. Lluvia and her daughter-in-law, Clarice, they did not even know about my true identity yet.

… Right, I forgot about Ysnay.

“Then, Marana, can you help me with that?” I asked.

“… I think I can find what you want. Give me two hours.”

“Great. Oh right, I guess it’s a good opportunity to tell you about my true identity. Anyway, you will probably guess it later.”

“Your true identity?” Marana was startled.

I nodded. Then, I waved my hand, deactivating the spell to change my features.

One second later, my red hair turned into a beautiful blue, and my eyes returned to its normal color.

I smiled at Marana and grinned.

“Nice to meet you, my name is Claus Quintin, the fourth prince of this empire.”

“…………… The hell.”



After that, I stepped across space to return to the palace.

While changing my clothes, I told Daisy about my plans to leave the palace. Daisy, as my personal servant, did not hesitate to agree to move with me.

Ysnay also joined us. Well, she was playing the role of my second personal servant and secret master, so it was normal to come to live with us.

After a quick breakfast, we boarded a carriage that took us to the hotel where Louise, Claire, and their mother, Mia, were staying.

They were already waiting for us there, so I took them to the place where Marana and I agreed to meet.

When Marana saw the five girls that came with me, she frowned.

She already knew I was a womanizer, but she did not expect to see me with four different women right away.

In other words, she knew of at least eight women that had a relationship with me, herself included.

And she suspected the number was much higher.

To be honest, she was not happy with that.

Even if she said she did not have plans to become my lover, she was not happy seeing the man she liked together with several other women.

But Marana was a wise woman. Besides the initial frown, she did not show any other sign of dissatisfaction after that.

Instead, she directly took us to the house she chose.

When we arrived, we saw a beautiful three-story mansion located in the noble zone.

Moreover, this was a mansion close to the headquarters of the Red Skull Gang. Apparently, Marana took it into account when she found the mansion.

“This looks like a good place,” I said with a nod.

“It is,” Marana affirmed. “Come with me, I’ll show you how it is inside.”


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