FPD Chapter 357

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Are you Jealous?


After the negotiations ended, Marana, Akilah, Ysnay, Safelia, and I left the private room.

In truth, neither Earl Carlson nor young master Albert or my brother Alan were fully satisfied with the deal, but it was the bare minimum they could agree to.

After all, nobody wanted to offend the church of order if it was not necessary.

Well, almost nobody.

I glanced at my brother Alan and noticed he was deep in thought. He was probably thinking about what he was going to say to my father after this and how to reverse the situation.

Unfortunately, brother, there is nothing you can do about this situation.

There is nothing anyone can do.

While I was lost in my thoughts, Safelia spoke up to me.

“Pri-Mr. Clark, I already did my part. Now, there is a favor I want to ask of you.”

Oh? How unusual coming from her.

“What is it?” I asked curiously.

“… I know that my words in the private room were just an excuse to justify the church’s interference, but… I hope you make these words the truth.”

So it’s that, huh…

“Do you want to put an end to the criminal activities of the underground?” I asked.

“… I’m not so naïve.” Safelia sighed. “I know that no matter how much I try, I can’t stop crime completely. I just hope that the Red Skull Gang can regulate it, and try to stop things like slavery, the kidnapping of children, drugs, and forced prostitution… Things like these harm the believers of the church and the citizens of the empire.”

Well, as expected of a saintess.

Even with her flaws, she still has her sense of justice.

Safelia stared at me fixedly. I could feel her hands shaking slightly. She was probably nervous about my answer.

After all, we were technically enemies. I did not have any obligation to follow her words.

To me, however, this was a good opportunity to increase my points with her.

I could not depend only on sex if I wanted to gain her heart, after all.

“Why not?” I smiled and held her hand. “If my beloved saintess wants that, I’m honored to follow your wishes.”

Safelia was stunned. She could not believe I agreed so easily.

She was so surprised that she did not even deny she was my beloved.

When I saw her expression, I could not help but chuckle before speaking at Marana.

“Marana, you heard our conversation right?”

Marana nodded strangely. She did not feel comfortable watching me flirt with another woman in front of her.

At the same time, she was wondering what in the hell was my relationship with the saintess, someone that supposedly must remain virgin during her entire life.

I ignored the doubts in her gaze and nodded. “You know what to do then. Make sure to clean the underground as soon as possible.”


When Safelia heard my words, her expression turned complicated.

She then stared at me and sighed.

“… Thank you.”

“It’s nothing. Anything for my beautiful saintess.”

“Who is yours?” Safelia glowered softly, but her cheeks were slightly red.

She then glared at me in anger and turned around, leaving without bidding farewell.

I looked at her back and giggled. Mm, I should visit the church soon.

When Safelia was gone, I realized that Marana and Akilah were staring at me strangely and Ysnay was smiling in amusement.

“You… Could it be you have slept with the saintess too?” Marana asked with a shaking tone.

I smiled without answering. My smile, however, was enough of an answer for Marana.

“How!? Did she church allow something like that!? If someone learns of it, she will be burned to the stake and you will become the mortal enemy of the church!”

“I will rescue her then.” I shrugged. “And if the church want to be my enemy, I don’t mind going along with them.”

“You… You are crazy!” Marana stared at me as though I was mad.

I chuckled softly. “Could it be you are jealous?”

“Be serious, Clark!”

“Come come, I’ll give you a kiss.”

Without giving Marana time to react, I hugged her waist and kissed her lips.

Marana struggled out of my arms and glared at me with an angry gaze. But when she realized Akilah was staring at us agape, she blushed.

Stomping the ground in anger, Marana walked away embarrassed.

When Marana was gone, Akilah stared at me dazedly.


“What? Surprised? I told you I was going to do what I promised to you.”

Akilah’s face turned complicated. On one hand, she was not happy with the fact Marana showed me such a girly side, and on the other hand, she was excited by the prospect of finally sleeping together with her sister.

Even if I was also included in the package.

With a sigh, Akilah shook her head and walked away. She needed time to organize her thoughts.

Ysnay giggled slightly and patted my back.

“Well done, young man. By the way, when are you going to include me in your orgies? I’m curious about how these cute little girls taste.”

I rolled my eyes. “Dream on, witch.”

Ysnay giggled again. “C’mon, Willian. Don’t be so cold. Are we not friends? Friends are supposed to share.”

“Just… Stop, okay? I feel tired each time I have to deal with you.”

“You are right. Thinking about it, I would also feel weird if my ex wants to sleep with my current lovers.”

Yeah, pretty weird.

Mainly because I suspect you are planning to kill some of them.

Ignoring Ysnay’s teasing words, I went back to the carriage to return to the headquarters of the Red Skull Gang.

But on our way to the Red Skull Gang, a carriage stopped us.

Then, Alice together with her butler and her knight excited the carriage and looked at me.

“Prince, can we talk for a while?”

I nodded and left the carriage followed by Ysnay.

Before leaving, I told Marana and Akilah to return to the Red Skull Gang. Now that the gang acquired three new territories, there were a lot of things we needed to deal with.

Like that, and under the fed up gazes of Marana and Akilah (they suspected Alice was another one of my lovers), I entered at Alice’s carriage.



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