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Sign of the End


Hey Guys, Aidka’s here!

July was very hard for me. As I wrote in an announcement, I tested positive in coronavirus. My symptoms were very mild, with the worst being chest pain and slight shortness of breath.

Around the 25th of July, I tested again and this time it was negative. The virus was already gone.

However, I continued feeling chest pain regularly, and a few days ago, I was attacked by a sudden and strong chest pain again at night. I called my doctor the next morning and told him about it. My doctor, slightly concerned, suggested me to take an x-ray and other tests.

One day later, I was diagnosed with acute bronchitis. Apparently, I had it from before I tested positive for corona, but the corona worsened it.

Fortunately, I’m a healthy (mostly) young man, so it’s nothing concerning. But I started treatment with some tablets and inhalers. According to my doctor, I’ll be alright after twenty or thirty days.

In conclusion, I not dying yet. In fact, I’m feeling much better recently (although the pain has not disappeared completely). I miss cold drinks, though. The doctor forbade me from drinking cold drinks and after several days of drinking only warm water and tea, I crave to drink a bottle of soda more than anything.

About the releases. They will return to normal this week, and I’ll start to release the chapters I owe. I owe a lot, so I don’t know how long I’m going to take, though…

I wish you a good August, and I hope my August is better than July. Take care of yourselves, Aidka :p



There are many unknown things in the universe.

Even for immortals, there are things that we don’t know or we don’t understand. After all, the universe is so immense and complex, that even with millions of years of study, understanding everything about it is a pipe dream.

But there are other things that, even if you don’t know exactly how they work, you understand what they mean.

Just like heroes.

Heroes are the most beloved children of the world. They are blessed with extraordinary talents since the moment they are born and protected by a ridiculous amount of luck.

Killing a hero is incredibly difficult (If you are not at the level of an Immortal). It’s because the world is always looking out for them.

If you try to kill them, there is a high probability of them having a breakthrough and surviving, or perhaps they will meet an unknown powerhouse that takes a liking in their talent and saves them, or even more ridiculous things like being swallowed by a sudden spatial storm and then being transported to a safe place.

Heroes are that kind of beings.

But, the existence of a hero is not a good thing.

Because a world only gives born to a hero in a situation.


Only when the world feels it’s threatened, it gives birth to a hero.

A hero is like a defense mechanism.

Sometimes it’s to face a ‘demon king’, sometimes, it’s to face a world-ending disaster, and sometimes, it’s to face invaders from a different dimension.

Thus, since the day I met Rose, I knew it.

This world was being threatened by someone or something.

Back then, I did not pay it too much attention. I thought there was a big possibility of the source of danger being me.

After all, I am literally an immortal soul coming from a different dimension with enough power to destroy this world easily. It was normal if the world feels threatened by my presence.

In fact, the reason I know so much about heroes is that it’s not the first time a world gives birth to a hero to face me.

Hence, I was not too worried. Anyway, it was not as though I had any intention to destroy the world.

But now I have realized the situation is much more complicated than I thought.

According to my knowledge, there are four different Immortals interested in this world, each one with more than enough power to destroy this world.

Obviously, I’m not going to destroy it. Why would I? I lost interest in such troublesome things long ago.

I’m not too worried about Ysnay. I don’t think she will do something as bothersome as destroying a world… Perhaps…

The problem is the last two.

My dad-con fox daughter, Emilia… Yeah, I can imagine her destroying a world… She is the kind of person to do something like that.

And the mysterious Immortal I met in another world.

If I’m not wrong, he is the real reason the hero was born.

From my observations, the laws he wields are related to ‘destruction’. And if I’m not wrong, that guy destroys worlds to observe the process of their destruction and use it to cultivate his laws.

In other words, once he reaches this world, the countdown to this world’s destruction will start.

And that is not something I want.

… I would have not cared about this normally. So what if the world is destroyed? I could just reincarnate again.

Until I met someone.


Raven’s existence has given me hope to complete my long-searched dream.

And if this world gave birth to someone like Raven, there is a slight chance it gave birth to something or someone else similar to her.

In such circumstances, I can’t just watch while this Immortal destroys this world.

I sighed. This is turning troublesome.

After leaving Alice’s carriage, I glanced at Ysnay to ask for her opinion.

Ysnay chuckled and nodded.

“It’s like you think. He is the cause behind this world’s apocalypse. He is probably partly responsible for the chaos this world is undergoing as well.” She said.

I smiled bitterly. So it looks like I’ll be unable to avoid it.

“How long until he arrives at this world?” I asked.

Ysnay shrugged. “I don’t know. I don’t even know what method he is planning to come to this world. You know that it’s hard to see things related to other Immortals. But I think you still have a little bit of time.”

I fell deep in thought. “… I think I have an idea of the method he is going to use.” I then told Ysnay about the seeds.

“… You are probably right.” Ysnay thought for a moment and nodded. “But to be honest, I think that is just one of the many methods he can use. You are aware of how Immortals are, Willian. Once they put their sight on something, they will never stop until accomplishing it.”

Yeah, I know it.

I know enough about Immortals to know that if he is truly decided to destroy this world, the only way I can stop him is killing him.

But even if I destroying the seeds can’t stop him from arriving, It can perhaps delay him.

“… Ysnay, if I ask for your help with this, will you help me?”

It’s impossible for me to find and destroy each seed. I can’t just go around the world checking each person one by one to find each host.

But Ysnay is different. She can use fate to find the link between one seed and the rest of them, locating each seed in literally one second. And once she locates the seeds, she can use fate to kill the hosts of the seeds instantly.

Ysnay fell silent. She stared at me for a few seconds before sighing.

“It looks like you made up your mind to succeed this time, huh. To think you even asked for my help…”


When Ysnay saw I was silent, she chuckled bitterly and nodded.

“… I can help you, but do you truly think it is a good idea?”


“Currently, that Immortal doesn’t know of my existence,” Ysnay said. “But if I destroy his seeds, there is a big chance he can notice me. By then, he will know you are not the only Immortal in this world and make preparations against me.”

That is true.


“It sounds like you are planning to help me to fight him.” I narrowed my eyes and looked at Ysnay.

Ysnay curved her lips up in an elegant smile.

“I told you, didn’t I? It’s my last try. Therefore, I will do everything in my power to gain your recognition again, Willian. If you want my help to fight him, I will help you. I will be your trump card.”

“… That sounds reassuring.” I smiled wryly.

Ysnay’s direct combat strength is not outstanding among Immortals, but her supporting abilities are top class. One of the best I have seen.

If she truly helps me to fight that Immortal, my chances of victory will increase greatly.

“To be honest, Willian. I don’t think that Immortal is your biggest worry.” Ysnay chuckled. “You should instead be thinking about what are you going to do when you met Emilia. If your meeting with her doesn’t go well, then perhaps this world will be destroyed even before that immortal appears.”

I smiled bitterly. Emilia, huh.

That is truly a headache.

Dammit, I was supposed to enjoy this life freely, sleeping with women left and right, and face-slapping young masters every day. How it ended turning into a story about battling crazy, powerful, and troublesome Immortals?



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