FPD Chapter 36

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The Timid and Shy Young Girl (1)


“Mm… Y-Young master, wh-what are you d–Mmph!”

I stopped Susan’s words with a kiss on her lips. She opened her eyes wide, trying to understand what was happening, but only saw my eyes looking right into hers.

I used my tongue to force Susan’s lips open. Susan was still in a state of shock. She could not believe that her first kiss was lost like this.

When she felt my tongue licking her teeth, she involuntarily opened her mouth. I took advantage of that moment to insert my tongue inside, causing her to moan in surprise.

My hands roamed through her body, groping her ass and hugging her waist. Susan twisted her body uncomfortably, but it only served to rub her breasts on my chest, making her groan in pleasure again.

After a few seconds like that, I separated my lips from hers.

“Huu, huu…” Susan breathed heavily, trying to catch her breath after the long kiss. Her face had turned completely red and her body was strangely hot. It was the first time she felt like this, so she was a bit afraid.

Susan came from a family of commoners, and she never was taught about sex. Her mother just told her the basics and that she would learn the rest the day she marries, but she had not found the right one yet.

But now that she felt my hot breath against her face and my sturdy body hugging her tightly, her body produced a strange feeling of anticipation.

“Y-Young master, p-please…” Susan begged pitifully with tears forming in the corner of her eyes. I smiled mischievously and stroked her face. “You liked it, right?”

“… Mm.” She nodded shyly, like a small deer. I could feel my inner wolf roaring in excitement.

Taking advantage that Susan was still a bit confused, I kissed her lips again.

This time, my tongue did not find any obstruction to enter her mouth. Maybe trying to imitate my actions, Susan welcomed my tongue with hers. Her movements were a bit awkward, but I did not mind guiding her.

Little by little, she got lost in the pleasure. Her thigs rubbed against each other and her body twisted and moved in delight.

Quickly, a wet stain formed in her dress. I continued playing and teasing her body tenderly, teaching her the joys of men and women, and hugging her body gently.

Finally, I moved my mouth and licked her ear.

Instantly, Susan’s entire body shivered.

She let out a groan of pleasure and closed her eyes. Her body twitched a pair of times in my arms while she enjoyed her first orgasm in her life.

I was a bit surprised that she climaxed with just a bit of teasing, but at the same time, I was incredibly excited inside. I could already imagine the feeling of her tight cave wrapping around my dick.

A few seconds later, Susan finally came back to her senses.

She looked at me and put on an ashamed expression. Susan could not believe that she did something so shameful with me.

But at that moment, she felt something hard poking her leg.

“Huh?” Susan tilted her head curiously and moved her hand to grab it. I let out a satisfied groan and looked at her with a smile.

Susan instantly understood what it was.

“I-I’m s-sorry!” She blushed until the ears and released my rod with a flustered expression. I grinned maliciously and patted her head.

“Do you want to do something better?”

“H-Huh? B-But m-mother said that I can only do this with someone I love…”

“Oh? That means you don’t love me?” I grinned with a playful expression. Susan panicked when she heard my words and shook her head furiously.

“T-That is not it! I-I like young master, b-bu-but I don’t k-know… Uhh.” I just laughed and kissed her lips. Susan finally realized I was teasing her and hid her face on my chest embarrassed.

At that moment, someone came running.

Little Charlie stared at us curiously and asked in a childish voice. “Cousin? Sister Susan? Are you alright? What are you doing?”

Susan put a crying expression when she saw little Charlie and turned completely red of shame. I, on the other hand, just thickened my skin and smile.

“Nothing, your sister Susan and I simply fell to the ground. Little Charlie, why don’t you go to practice the sword? I need to speak about something important to Susan.”

“I understand!” Little Charlie nodded innocently and went out. I then helped Susan to stand up while grinning.

Susan, on the other hand, was so ashamed that she wanted to die. She could not believe she kissed with me and let out such shameful sounds.

But while she was panicking, I hugged her by the waist and carried her to a table.

“Y-Young master?” Susan stuttered in doubt.

“I told you, my name is Claus.”

“C-Claus, w-what are you doing?”

“Let me show you.” I grinned and took off her clothes quickly. Susan was so surprised that she only reacted when almost all her clothes were gone. Instantly, she moved her hands to cover her private parts.

“N-No!” She exclaimed with a pitiful expression. I just grinned and removed her hands gently. “Don’t worry, it’ll not hurt.”

Susan looked at me with an expression of panic. She was wondering how things reached this point.

I used my hands to separate her legs. Susan tried to close them instinctively, but I stroke them gently and little by little eased her nervousness.

I then crouched down and brought my face near her crotch.

“Hnfff… How fragrant…” I whispered feeling the smell of Susan’s secret cave. She shivered slightly feeling my breath against her crotch and closed her eyes to escape from the shame.

Then, I stuck out my tongue and licked her clitoris.


A shiver of pleasure passed through Susan’s body. She involuntarily closed her legs, pressing my head against her crotch. I continued licking her crotch gently, using my tongue to separate her lower lips and invade them carefully. Before long, Susan began to pant and groan in pleasure. She grabbed my hair and began to twist her body, trying to escape from the strange sensations she was feeling.

I did not stop and instead intensified my movements. My tongue roamed her cave, licking the entrance gently and invading it by a little bit. I felt something obstructing my tongue each time I invaded her cave, but I did not mind it and simply continue licking her gently.

I could feel Susan’s body twisting and shivering without stop. She let out long moans of pleasure and pressed her thighs against my head, lost in the strange sensations she was feeling for the first time.

But before long, the feeling of pleasure overcame her.

“Y-Young m-master Claus!!!” Susan exclaimed loudly and pulled my hair. A fountain of water flowed from her womb and splashed on my face. I licked her pussy one last time while Susan was still twitching in pleasure.

Finally, when her orgasm ended, I stood up.

Susan’s eyes were completely blank. She was lying on the bed while twitching from time in time due to the sudden pleasure that attacked her.

I smirked and took off my clothes quickly. Instantly, my proud weapon stood erect in all its magnificence.

Then I put it in the entrance of her cave.

Susan’s pussy twitched slightly when she felt my rod, but she did not have any other reaction. Her mind had not recovered from her last orgasm yet.

But I was not going to wait anymore.

Rubbing the entrance a pair of times, I began to invade her moist cave gently.


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