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The Limit


A lot of explanations in this chapter…



In the end, just like Ysnay said, the most I can do about the Immortal is to delay his arrival.

Eventually,  I’ll have to fight him.

I think it’s better if I get ready for a difficult battle. At the same time, I should try to accelerate the healing of my injuries.

Fortunately, after Ysnay used her abilities to sew together the crack in my soul, the speed my soul is healing increased greatly. At the current rate, I think it will take at most a few months before my soul is completely healed.

After Ysnay’s help, my cultivation stabilized at the peak of the fifteenth layer. This is literally the peak of this world’s cultivation.

Of course, there is godhood after that, but I’ll obviously not take that path.

In fact, although the fifteenth layer is the peak of this world’s cultivation, it doesn’t mean that your only option after that is godhood. Quite the opposite, you have many, many more options.

The cultivation layers only represent how much mana the creatures in this world can usually carry.

In worlds with mana, the living beings inhabiting these worlds evolve to be able to wield mana. Some of them develop mana cores, others develop mana veins, and others develop meridians.

But in the end, there is a limit to that evolution. In this world, that limit is the fifteenth layer.

That is the limit to this world’s species.

In other words, after the fifteenth layer, you must find another way forward if you want to continue improving.

Godhood is just one of many ways. The easiest one, but also the one with most shackles.

Unfortunately, very few people manage to surpass the limits of their species.

But the very few that succeed become much stronger.

In fact, some people manage to pave their own way even before reaching the limit to their species.

Of course, paving your own way is different than attaining immortality.

The process is similar because both involve the universe’s laws, but attaining immortality is trillions of times harder.

And as an Immortal, I have obviously already surpassed the limitations of my species. In fact, during my many lifetimes, I have found a lot of ways to surpass these limits.

The one I use now is related to the soul and related to my way to Immortality.

That is the reason because my strength fell so much when my soul was injured.

In fact, mana is not indispensable to me. Even if I lost my entire cultivation right now, my true strength will not be affected in the slightest.

The only reason I cultivate mana is that mana is convenient. Mana is the easiest form of energy to use in the entire universe.

Plus, some of my techniques are only usable with mana. Some spells for example.

My soul, however, is the true core of my abilities.

The Immortal Soul. That is my title to other immortals.

And the reason behind that title is that my soul is virtually indestructible. Since I have memory, my soul had never been injured by an external factor.

Until I defied the universe’s laws.

To be honest, although I knew the backlash was going to be bad, I never thought it would be that bad.

The crack in my soul reduced my abilities greatly. Perhaps it was just a very small crack compared to my entire soul, but the fact my soul was injured went against my way to immortality.

With my soul injured, it means I now have a weakness. My soul is no longer indestructible.

In my current state, I can at most show thirty percent of my true strength, and that is after Ysnay helped me to heal my soul.

Sigh, that is very troublesome.

I shook my head and stopped thinking about that. For now, I should focus on the situation before me.

After we met Alice, Ysnay and I returned to the palace. I then went to Lena’s room to ask her if she was ready to leave.

To my surprise, I noticed Lena was a bit depressed.

“What happened?” I asked.

Lena hesitated briefly before telling me she was unable to bid farewell to her parents.

According to her, when she went to see the emperor, the emperor was too busy to talk to her. She was sent back even before she could even explain the reason she was there.

As for the empress, she said she did not have time for that.

“Brother, could it be father and mother do not care about me anymore?” Lena asked with tears in her eyes.

I sighed and patted her head. “Don’t worry about that, cutie. I’m sure they are just busy with something.”

“… Yeah, you are right.” Lena forced a smile and nodded. “Anyway, are we going to our new home now?”

“Yeah, let’s go.” I nodded.

Grabbing Lena’s hand, I took her out of the palace.

We boarded a carriage towards my new mansion. Two carriages were following after us, bringing our luggage.

Ysnay was in one of these carriages.

Lena and I flirted inside our carriage during the entire way. Perhaps because the past few days had been very difficult for her, she acted very spoiled the entire time.

As her older brother, I did not mind it, obviously. I carried her on my lap, hugged her petite body, and kissed her little mouth occasionally.

By the time we arrived at our new home, Lena was thoroughly red.

I smiled playfully and kissed her mouth one last time. Then, the two of us left the carriage.

But as soon as we left the carriage, we were met with a strange scene.

Several women were standing at the entrance of my mansion, looking at each other with wariness.

Lena involuntarily shivered. With a small cry, she jumped and hid behind me.

I did not know whether to laugh or to cry. What in the hell is this situation?

I had the feeling these women just needed a spark to start a shuraba.


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