FPD Chapter 362

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Settling in the New House


After the conversation with my aunts, we entered the mansion.

Ysnay and Daisy were helping Lina and Lena to move their things to the rooms they chose. And perhaps because they were feeling a bit guilty, Louise, Claire, and Mia helped them too.

To my surprise, the two groups did not take too long to get along with each other.

It was mainly thanks to Lena serving like a bridge to connect both groups.

With Lena doing her best to make the two groups closer, their relationship quickly became better.

At the same time, Aunt Sera and Aunt Dayana did their best to hide their hostility. Of course, they kept their distance from Mia and her daughters, but that was much better than when they were looking at each other coldly.

I explained to Louise, Claire, and Mia that my aunts and cousins would come to live with us. Louise and Claire accepted it easily, but Mia was a bit awkward.

She did not feel comfortable facing my two aunts.

The person that showed the most happiness with the news was Andrea. She was looking at me with a shy and happy expression, like a newly-wedded wife anticipating her life with her husband.

Of course, I was also satisfied with that arrangement. It has been a long time since the last time I was intimate with Andrea, so I wanted to spend a bit of quality time with her.

Before that, though, there were some things I needed to resolve.

The first one was related to Raven.

While the others were busy selecting their rooms, I went to the third floor and chose a room for me. At the same time, I chose a room for Raven next to mine.

It would be troublesome if someone sees Raven entering and exiting my mansion. If that happens, some sharp people would start to question my relationship with the Red Skull Gang.

I would like to keep that relationship a secret for a bit more.

Thus, I need to think of a way Raven can come to the mansion without raising suspicion.

The answer? A teleportation circle.

Calmly, I started to arrange a teleportation magic circle in Raven’s room. Because this magic circle was rather simple (to someone like me), I needed less than ten minutes to complete it.

When I was done with that, I moved across space and appeared in Raven’s room in the Red Skull Gang.

Raven was in the room at the moment when I teleported there, so she was surprised when I appeared.

But as soon as she learned of my purpose, her expression brightened.

The little kitten jumped into my arms and kissed my lips with her tail wagging happily.

Seeing her like that, I thought she seemed more like a dog than a cat

I was tempted to throw her to the bed and make out with her a few times, but work was first.

Thus, after rubbing her ears and kissing her little mouth a pair of times, I continued to work in the teleportation circle.

When I was done, I looked at Raven and smiled.

“Should we try it?”

“Mm.” Raven nodded. She then grabbed my hand and walked towards the magic circle with me.

One second later, we appeared inside her room in the mansion.

“It looks like it worked,” I said. “Now, you should move your things here.”

“Mm…” Raven nodded shyly. “Big brother, can I visit your room tonight?”

“Of course.” I did not hesitate to agree and kissed her forehead. “You can come whenever you want.”

There is no way I will refuse a little lamb coming towards the big bad wolf.

Raven blushed slightly and nodded. Then, she used the teleportation circle to return to her room in the Red Skull Gang as though she was escaping from me.

I chuckled softly and shook my head.

Well, it looks like I already find someone to spend the night with.

With an amused smile, I decided to explain the others about Raven’s situation.

Mm… I should also plant a suggestion in them so none of them leak the secret accidentally.

When I returned from arranging the magic circle, Lina and Lena had already finished moving their things, and the two girls plus Claire were chatting happily.

At the same time, Ysnay lived up to her fake identity as my second personal servant and prepared some snacks for them. Daisy did not want to fall behind her and decided to prepare dinner.

In that friendly atmosphere, we ate dinner.

After dinner, Aunt Dayana and Aunt Sera decided to leave.

“We will move our things tomorrow, Claus.” Aunt Dayana said with a smile. “Besides, I’ll still have some things to resolve in the auction house, so I don’t think I can truly move here in the next few days.”

“Don’t work too much, aunt. To be honest, I would prefer to have you here as soon as possible.” I said with a gentle smile.

Aunt Dayana blushed and rolled her eyes. “Sweet talker.” She then looked around and pecked my lips when she realized nobody was looking at us.

Unfortunately, Aunt Sera and the others were nearby, so we could not be too obvious with our flirting.

Well, we will have many more opportunities to flirt soon.

By the way, Andrea decided to spend the night here. Aunt Sera would bring her things tomorrow anyway.

Thus, with my aunts leaving, the night arrived.

I lay on the bed of my room with a happy smile. This bed was pretty big, by the way. Only the bed alone occupied half of the room.

It was enough for more than fifteen people to sleep comfortably on it at the same time.

And tonight, I was going to use it for the first time.

Lina, Lena, and Claire decided to sleep tonight in the same room, so it was unlikely they would bother me tonight.

Mia… She went to sleep with Louise. And Louise had a difficult week, so she probably will not visit me tonight either.

Thus, there are three candidates that can come tonight.

Daisy, Andrea, and Raven.

And as expected, it did not take long for one of them to knock on my door.

“Come in.”

Hearing my words, a red-haired girl opened the door timidly and looked at me with her blue and shy eyes.


I smiled. So Andrea was the first one to come, huh.

I patted the side of my bed and smiled at her. Understanding my intention, my beautiful cousin entered shyly to my room and seated beside me.

But almost at the same time, another person entered the room.

The petite cat girl pushed the door open without knocking on it. But when she was that Andrea was already here, she was startled.

“Big brother?” Raven tilted her head.

Andrea was surprised to see Raven and tried to ran away embarrassed, but I hugged her before she could escape.

And at that moment, the last person tonight entered the room.

Daisy was stunned when she saw Raven and Andrea, but not even one second later, she smiled amusedly.

“It looks like I’m the last, your highness.”

“You are just in time, Daisy. Can you help me to hold that kitten?”

“Of course, your highness.”



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