FPD Chapter 364

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First Night in the New House (2)


“Ugh…” With a long groan, Andrea’s body twitched. Her body was momentarily paralyzed, and her lower body tightened around my penis.

I stopped briefly, feeling the walls of her vagina tightening around me and her love juices flowing out of her womb.

Finally, Andrea breathed out and looked at me with a satisfied expression.

I returned the smile with a playful look. My girl, that orgasm was just the start.

Thus, I started to move again.

I started faster than before. Thrusting quickly once and again.

The sudden stimulation caused Andrea to gasp, opening her eyes widely and gripping my arms tightly.

“Cousiiiinnnnn…. Ughn….”

Andrea shouted. Her recently-climaxed body tried to cope with the sudden stimulation, and her vagina tightened even more my holy sword.

I snorted and moved faster, thrusting inside her fiercely and attacking her womb repeatedly.

I could feel her flesh wrapping around my weapon, hugging it deliciously and adjusting itself to receive my attacks.

At the same time, her legs shivered and stretched out, and her throat let out several incoherent sounds.

Under the constant attacks, it did not take long for Andrea to orgasm again.

But even when she orgasmed, I did not stop. I turned her body around and started a new round of pistoning.

My pelvis hit her buttocks repeatedly, making loud slapping sounds that resounded in the room.

Andrea gasped and moaned. Her hands involuntarily gripped the bedsheets, trying to find a way to endure the incredible pleasure.

But it was useless. With each attack, her mind turned hazier and hazier, and her moans became louder and louder.

Andrea had even forgotten about the other two girls in the room. She did not care if Daisy and Raven heard her loud and lustful moans, and only wanted to find a way to vent the pleasure she was feeling.

I grinned. With a hand on her back, I moved in and out, sliding my member happily inside her cave.

I could feel Andrea’s vagina tightening around my penis again. Her fleshy walls were wrapping around my penis as though they wanted to devour it.

I knew it. Andrea was about to orgasm again.

Excited, I sped up my movements. At the same time, I readied myself to fill her womb with my white-hot stuff.

“Cousin… Cousin… Cousin… Anh…” Andrea moaned repeatedly, calling out at me with a seductive and sweet voice that stimulated my sense of conquest.

Having such a beautiful girl below me filled me with incredible pride.

“Andrea, I’ll cum soon,” I said, but Andrea seemed to be unable of hearing my words. She only moaned, as though giving me permission to cum inside her.

I was more than happy to satisfy her.

With a grunt, I thrust one last time and reached to her deepest part.

“Cousiiiinnnn….” Andrea cried out.

Instantly, my white-hot stuff was shot directly into Andrea’s womb.

Andrea shivered. The sudden rush of pleasure made her crazy.

With her back curved up, she let out a long moan before collapsing on the bed.

I sighed in satisfaction. This was such a good start.

After my twitching member calmed down, I pulled it out. As soon as it left her cave, a bit of semen slid out of her cave and fell on the bed.

I nodded to myself. Mm, what a great scene.

But at that moment, I felt someone hugging me from behind.

Daisy giggled and bit my ear. She then pressed her breast against my back and breathed on my ear.

“Your Highness, don’t forget about us…”

I smiled and looked towards her, kissing her lips softly.

“Of course I will not forget you…”

“That is good.” Daisy nodded with a smile. She then invited Raven to the bed, who by this point was completely naked.

In fact, Daisy was naked too. Apparently, she and Raven had taken off their clothes while I was busy with Andrea.

Daisy smiled. When Raven climbed to the bed, Daisy grabbed her hand and pulled her towards me.

“Miss Raven, I will teach you now how to serve a man.”

This girl…

I shook my head amused.

Daisy winked to me. She then used one of her hands and pushed my chest, throwing me against the bed. After that, she crawled towards the place between her legs with a seductive expression. All while Raven was looking curiously from the side.

When she made sure Raven was paying attention, Daisy grabbed my member and started playing with this, moving her hand up and down.

“Your highness… You are still so hard… Could it be you were not satisfied after playing with Miss Andrea.”

I grinned without answering. My grin was my answer.

Daisy grinned. She then brought her lips towards my penis and kissed the tip gently.

I could hear Raven gasping. Apparently, she was very surprised by Daisy’s actions.

I, on the other hand, decided to enjoy the service comfortably. Closing my eyes, I patted Daisy’s head, encouraging her to continue.

“Look and learn, Miss Raven.” With these words, Daisy smiled and swallowed my penis.

Instantly, I could feel the warmness of her mouth engulfing my meat stick.

I heaved a sigh of satisfaction. This feeling was truly great.

But Daisy was not done. Slowly, she started to move her mouth up and down. At the same time, her tongue started to move around, massaging my penis and licking it as though it was candy.

Her saliva soaked my penis completely, and her tongue wrapped around it like a snake. She first started by licking my rod, slowly advancing towards the head and finally finishing in the tip.

When her tongue reached the tip, she started to suck.

I groaned. This girl has truly become good at this.

Daisy sucked on my penis while looking at me with upturned eyes. Her tongue moved like a little fish, playing with my member once and again.

At the same time, a thread of saliva slid out of her mouth, creating a very lewd scene.

The sucking sounds created by Daisy’s mouth reached Raven’s ears. The little kitten looked at the scene stunned, unable to move her eyes away.

At the same time, one of her hands had moved towards her secret place.

At that moment, I realized something interesting.

For some reason. Lena, Lina, and Claire, who were playing together in Lena’s room, had left the room and were coming towards my room.

But when they were about to knock on my door, they stopped abruptly.

Obviously, they heard the strange sounds coming from the room.

I smiled inwardly. This was turning more and more interesting.

While enjoying Daisy’s blowjob, I wondered if I should find a way to pull the three little girls inside.

In the end, though, I decided not to.

… I wanted to see what are they going to do next.

Daisy looked at me with upturned eyes and a smiling expression. She then took my penis out of her mouth and licked it one last time.

When she was done, she stared at Raven with a smile.

“What do you think, Miss Raven? Do you think you can do it?”

Raven jumped in surprise. She looked at my penis with a frightened look and gulped a mouthful of saliva.

But then, she nodded with a determined expression.

“… I’ll try…”

Slowly, the little kitten moved her mouth towards my penis.



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